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The hypnosis in cruelty

 | March 24, 2013

Are we truly free in this world?


Without awareness of how hypnotic influence works and of how to counter its influence in oneself and others, even people living in supposedly free societies will become increasingly enslaved to influences largely invisible to them—while simultaneously being hypnotized to regard themselves as free and in charge of their own lives.

This week, I just came back from a trip from Cambodia filled with great holiday memories of Siem Reap, with all its Angkor Wat beauty of vast history of temple civilization and ancient structures. However, this is not my first trip to Cambodia.

Many years ago, at the end of Khemer Rouge regime, when UNTAC was busy rebuilding this nation back, I had an opportunity to work in Phnom Pehn. It was there that I visited the killing field then, and had to walk on its ground that had bone fragments and cloth sticking out of it.

This was many years ago, yet it’s a moment I will never forget. The tremendous genocide of the Pol Pot regime had transformed evil terror on the Cambodian people. It’s something no one would ever want to experience such cruelty.

Today, it’s good to see that the Cambodian people are picking up and many of the victims of war have become old, while their children today build the nation. Today’s modern  progress has slowly overshadowed the grim past of their bloody history, just 30 years ago.

Cruelty is a powerful tool for change

There are many ways cruelty can happen. Cruelty can be used to produce the hypnotic emotion of resentment (in bystanders as well as direct victims of the cruelty).

Once this resentment is induced, it can be used make anyone slaves and keep them slaves, without their even realizing it. Until you escape out of the resentment trap, you will remain helplessly susceptible to it, thinking that your only choices are to be a bully, or submit to one.

Let me explain further.

The entire purpose behind cruelty is to enslave.

Here is its principle in a nutshell. The entire purpose behind cruelty is to enslave. Cruelty throws a person into a psychotic state through the victim’s own resentment, representing as it does an inherent weakness of the soul.

The inability to cope with the horror of stress signifies lack of grace. Without the response of grace; which is no response at all, one is left with the response of pride that enslaves one to any tease.

Slaves are created and imprisoned by the inherent weakness of their own pride. Resentment sustains pride in its animal form as irritation sustains resentment. The slave surrenders in order to spoil his master into being a greater object of hate—on which the slave can model himself.

Just look around and see how much cruelty there is in factories, homes and schools, and observe the various psychotic states and emotional problems of young and old. All this is a direct result of the overlord parent, teacher or feudal boss playing god, projecting a psychotic state in order to establish and maintain power over the victim.

To expand the concept of enslavement through cruelty, let me say that cruelty hypnotically triggers the psychotic state of fear and resentment where the ego of the little sinner feels served by the greater weakness of the bigger sinner. Pride must be served tease in order to grow.

Notice how we can become cruel our self without understanding it source.

I love my dad but I must admit his temper and mood swings had always a cruel impact on me and my siblings as we grow. When I was young, I always remember my core personality was someone who was kind and understanding. But as the more my dad got to me in his tough ways, the resentment and the anger towards him piled up. I told him I will never be like him, and how wrong that statement was.

As my dad was with me, I was with others – weak before the strong, strong before the weak. I never knew this until one day I realize I was just like him, a walking Hiroshima with people. I became much stressed easily with people, hurting them and fight them. I eventually realized, I had become like him.

I lost my home, my friends and more because of this devastating hypnotic conditioning.

Life is a wretched dog-eat-dog chain gang of victims. We are all weakening before the strong, and strong before the weak. Because we are weak before the strong, we acquire, through failing, the character of those who corrupt us.

The worst kind of taskmaster

Through failing we learn about our weakness, but instead of conquering it, we turn around and do unto others as was done to us. We learn to lord it over people by using their weakness against them.

I have often notice how some people speak to a rich person and how they speak to a poor person. These people may not be rich themselves, but they sure know how to give hell to someone poorer and less educated then themselves.

Few people know much about the nature of their own enslavement because they are so distracted, busily becoming what they like hating. The psychotic move towards the forbidden and prevents the Truth from entering and awakening the self.

The sheer agony, the horror of what we have become through responding to cruelty and becoming cruel, makes the light of reality seem crueler than cruelty itself. Shame and guilt then compels us to stay emotionally unconcerned in our psychotic dream state and it subconsciously takes up residence and we become unto others as others were to us.

You must go through experience; experience must not go through you. You must not collect your nature from experience with tease and temptation, or else you will be filled with its nature. People must be awakened from the psychotic state in which the various forms of temptation have placed them.

Take a look at Malaysia today. What an absurd thing Malaysians have made of freedom. People walking around in various psychotic states each imagining—in their drugged state of booze, sex, drugs, music, whatever—that they are ‘free’.

In such a psychotic state of slavery, they can be made to believe that they are ‘free,’ but are free only from the Truth that they are slaves in a psychotic state of hell.

We enslave one another with subtle cruelties and drive one another to seek answers in religion, culture, politics or view points. Each of us lives within a miniature feudal system as either a king or a slave, provoking tease and being provoked by tease.

We do not know how to deal with the system, under which we suffer—the boss, the federal government, the all-powerful incumbent of Putra jaya, whatever—each projecting their own form of cruelty and frustration and inducing their own psychotic addiction. It’s a vicious system.

Upset at work, we each go home as the ‘lord’ of our own habitat, if we are lucky. We lay down our own unreasonable rules and do our own exploiting and aggravating through them. And soon home becomes a hell for others.

I remember then, when I came home after a frustrating day at work, I could not understand why I just had to ‘cook up’ an argument at home and just had that punishing vengeance to get even with love ones.

It was very stressful then, and today as I reflect on this,   at work I was weak before the strong, and at home strong before the weak (my thinking only). This turmoil ended eventually bitterly and with loads of regrets.

Today, having become aware and wiser on such ‘cruelty impact’, I have learned to let go on a daily basis, diffusing the strong energy of being weak and leveraging on it positively.

We must truly learn the meaning of suffering

There is only a hope, one way we can be free from the tyrannies that are engulfing us all, and that is to find a way to change our human nature. We must truly learn the meaning of suffering. We must awaken from our suffering to deal with the source of that suffering—the emotional obligation to respond to the pressure and persuasion of our peers.

We are not ourselves. We are projections of someone else’s psychosis. Every dog becomes a god to others down the line. With others, we can remember that we are lords and forget we are slaves.

We pass this evil on down the chain and through succeeding generations until a few of us awaken to what we are doing, is happening, and make happen.

We are not ourselves. We are projections of someone else’s psychosis.

There is no length, no breadth or depth to which we will not sink for the pleasure of harming and the enjoyment of being harmed. Think of it: we can actually enjoy being corrupted because we feel that we are becoming and acquiring the secrets of power.

Trauma is growing and evolving for the pride; we need trauma to grow and to forget what grew. To forget what grew is to grow even more corrupted.

Modern life today has become increasingly complicated. Emotional problems are on the rise.

That’s why it is important for all of us to understand why we must be alert and aware of our own debilitating, enslaving, emotional response. The ‘love need’ works against you, and so does the resentment you need.

Julian is a London trained subconscious specialist with Hypno-Station. He is Malaysia’s most renowned clinical hypnotherapist, media personality, columnist, event host and book author. He can be contacted at Julian at julianleicester@gmail.com


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