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Educating Vivian Lee and Alvin Tan

July 16, 2013

FMT LETTER: From Visnu Natesan, via e-mail

The recent fiasco by Vivian Lee and Alvin Tan with their sex-blogging, the so-called sex education videos on Alvin’s Facebook page and the video of eating ‘bah ku teh’, insulting the holy Ramadan month has caused controversy. Their actions are a great insult to Asian culture and history and clearly demonstrates their ignorance and narrow mindedness.

Asian society has explored sex in depth and classic sex literature has been available for thousand years. In Taoist doctrine, the men and women are divided into yin and yang. The doctrine provides information on sex topics and provides guidance for male and female on sex. In Kama Sutra, the text provides information on sexual behaviour, sex techniques, etc.

Asian do not need your sex insights, views, opinions, photos and your two cents worth of knowledge on sex. The Western community might look at you as a liberated couple but in reality Westerners learned from Asians on sex. All the classic literature on sex has been translated by the Western world.

Relating to your FB comments, there is no such thing as uptight Christians, only imbeciles known as Vivian Lee and Alvin Tee with limited understanding on the topic of nudity and religion. Based on history, the early Christians viewed nudity as acceptable. For example, the Gospel of John 21:7 describes that Simon Peter is naked while fishing from a boat, but then gets dressed in order to meet Christ.

Your comments certainly reflects your lack of understanding on nudity. Most religions have explored on topic of nudity. The sadhus in India practice nudity in context of religion for extreme ascetism. The early Gymnosophists (naked philosophers) from India intrigued Alexander the Great and the term gymnosophist was given by the Greek. The nudist culture in Western world was influenced by the gymnosophist and were appreciated in context of purity and virtue.

And among the Indians, there is the class of the gymnosophists, who, in addition to natural philosophy, take great pains in the study of moral science likewise, and thus make their whole existence a sort of lesson in virtue. – Philo Judaeus, Every Good Man is Free, 74

Your attempt to liberate the Asian community on nudity is a way of life traveled from India to Europe. Save your borrowed ideology on Western culture and save your energy on liberating the Asian community. We do not need your two cents worth of knowledge on nudity. Spare you effort on educating yourselves on concept of nudity from a religious perspective before condemning Asians as narrow minded.

There are better ways to get attention. Andy Warhol quoted, ‘In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.’ You had your 15 minutes of fame and do not mock any religions. Save you erotic adventure, stories, practices, etc. for the Western media.

The ‘bah kuh teh’ video is reflection of your stupidity and immaturity. There are many means to become famous but the ‘bah kuh teh’ video would go down in history as the dumbest idea ever. It is a dark day for Malaysia because the education system has certainly failed in context of Alvin and Vivian. The authorities should investigate and charge them in court for their derogatory remarks. In a multiracial and multi-religious society, their behavior should not be tolerated.

The duo should be sent to do voluntary services in churches, mosques, AIDS center, charity homes, helping sex workers, orphanages and old folks homes. They should be enrolled in religious classes to educate them on religions. The punishment should humble their arrogance and set as an example for other Malaysians.

There are many other means to be ‘cool’. The tool deployed by Alvin and Vivian to look ‘cool’ reflects their sheer stupidity. Using the same strategy by Kim Karadashian for cheap publicity makes them look like the biggest joke in the town.

A person is stupid if they cause damage to another person or group of people without experiencing personal gain, or even worse causing damage to themselves in the process. – Carlo M. Cipolla (Historian)

The above quote reflects the stupidity of Alvin and Vivian. Enough said.


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