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Psychopath on the loose?

 | August 10, 2013

Visit Malaysia Year 2014 which proclaims Malaysia as a paradise of exotic cuisine and endless shopping would fail to attract tourists if the crime rate continues to soar.


No one knows who is the mastermind behind the recent shooting spree. The victims are too diverse in background and location to qualify as the work of a serial killer.

In every crime case, three vital issues that need to be looked into and investigated are: motive, means and opportunity.

The killers have the means and opportunity but what about the motive? Could it be business rivalry or personal vendetta? Those who got shot seems to have no enemies but then they must have enemies unknown to them or it may be a case of mistaken identity.

Nevertheless, these killings have got to stop before the nation becomes known as a crime capital or crime hub. In our era of instant news, this news will spread instantly across the world.

“The ease with which these criminals obtain guns is a very worrying factor indeed. The police must quickly identify the source of weapons in order to cut off their supply,” said Ustaz Idris Ahmad the PAS MP for Bukit Gantang in Perak.

One has to take note that all these shootings except for the one involving the high-ranking customs officer occurred after the 13th general election which has again been won by BN.

What impression does this give of BN then? Do the criminals think that they should do everything now as Pakatan Rakyat may win the 14th general election? There is definitely something wrong somewhere when this crime wave surfaced only after GE13.

Another point is that after GE13, many people in this country seem to think that using a gun is a suitable way to settle their grouses. Either that or there is one superior mastermind planning the whole thing by awaking his sleeper agents/assassins in the whole country as a form of sabotage against the nation.

Whether the shootings are the work of individuals with personal grudges or the work of a single mastermind, the whole nation has taken a knock as people are now living in fear of being the next victim as they go about their daily errands.

This columnist though is of the view that there is an insane psychopath masterminding this mayhem and his intention is to sabotage the nation’s economy just for the thrill of it.

This psychopath character is not unusual in the genre of spy thrillers in books or in movies but this time it is happening for real in this country.

Public enemy No 1

PAS state assemblyman for Changkat Jering in Perak, Nizar Jamaluddin also opines that the shootings are the work of a psychopath.

“These shootings are planned by this psychopath for reasons best known to himself but I am worried that the government will use this as an excuse to bring back the Emergency Ordinance (EO). However I believe that our police especially the Special Branch is smart and efficient enough to nail this mastermind,” said Nizar.

Definitely this psychopath is shrewd and cunning and so far he or she has managed to outwit the police. It must be said that all psychopaths have extraordinary intelligence and are experts in planning and execution.

The police have their work cut out for them and all manner of intelligence gathering must be employed to nab the mastermind. Certainly this person intends to notch up many killings as a form of taunting the police.

He must be stopped at all cost as each successful killing will only embolden him.

Nizar’s PAS colleague, Khalid Samad the MP for Shah Alam urged “the police to catch this psychopath fast as he is striking fear into the hearts of citizens.”

Therefore the police could be dealing with someone who can be labelled as ‘public enemy No 1’ or the ‘enemy of the state’ in which case all the resources of the Special Branch should be called upon to put an end to the shootings before it jeopardises Malaysia’s standing on the world stage as a tourist haven.

Visit Malaysia Year 2014 which proclaims Malaysia as a paradise of exotic cuisine and endless shopping would fail to attract tourists if the crime rate continues to soar and top the headlines.

A local English daily dated Aug 6, 2013 has the front page headline as: ‘IGP: We’re on it’ with the Inspector-General of Police assuring us that they are working round the clock to nab the criminals.

This is good to hear and hopefully results will be forthcoming very soon with all the assassins and their mastermind being nabbed. As everyone knows, time lapse will cause the trail to go cold and the longer it takes to nab the rogues, the better their chances of escape.

We therefore wish the best to our men in blue. The Royal Malaysian Police Force is one of the best in this region and we trust them to do a good job of it.

The crime situation should be contained before it escalates further and spreads like a virus if the confidence of the criminals increase when they see that they can get away with murder.

The police must thus work very hard to ensure that this does not happen and the citizens can feel safe once again.

Let us pray that everything will turn out well and the good forces will triumph over evil.

Selena Tay is a DAP member and a FMT columnist.


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