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Ideas on how to dethrone the Lizard King

November 29, 2013

FMT LETTER: From Francis Lye, via e-mail

It’s been nearly two weeks since 101 East aired the ‘Return of the Lizard King’. Is anyone surprised that no action has been taken since the 101 East reported of Anson Wong’s continued involvement in wildlife trade?

I believe that the programme has provided many hints on where to look for answers:

– Invite the Malagasy woman back to Malaysia and take a new statement from her.

– Detain all Rona Wildlife employees featured in the news report to “assist in investigation.”

– Raid Rona Wildlife premises and Bukit Jambul Reptile Sanctuary.

– Interrogate and investigate the DG, the Deputy DG and Penang Director separately.

– Seal the Penang State Office so that no one can destroy evidence of the invisible hand behind Anson Wong.

The longer the NRE stays mum on this issue, the more Malaysians will believe its employees are also complicit with Anson Wong.

The NRE must take action or the cancer of distrust will spread and its reputation will be affected. Is the NRE not serious about tackling this total embarrassment? Otherwise, Inaction = Cover Up!


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