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Guluji’s ex-follower speaks

December 6, 2013

FMT LETTER: From Geetha Devi, via e-mail

I read the article, ‘Kisah Datuk Guluji’ (FMT, Dec 2, 2013) and I would like to share the experience that my husband and I had. About two years ago, we were facing some financial difficulties due to business. We were looking for a turning point so that our situation would change.

That was when a member of a certain meditation group approached us, saying we’ll experience miracles and all. My husband wasn’t a believer but her persuasion was so effective that she managed to convince my husband.

Finally, we went after paying RM730 each. At this point of time, my husband and I were still not doing well in our business but we managed to fork out the money to pay for the course conducted by a certain “Datuk Guluji” (not actual name).

The day we attended the one day course at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, we were stunned to see so many Indians. I immediately thought it must be something powerful. So we went on and also started doing all the practices diligently.

After two weeks, my husband said that he thinks Datuk Guluji is a scammer and the practices aren’t that great because he has read the same meditation techniques in other books.

We confronted the person who took us but as expected they managed to convince us by saying that Datuk Guluji’s teaching and power is true, etc. We said okay and continued to go for the so-called meditation.

After a few months, we were told that there’s another course we should attend and this time it was only RM370 each. It is apparently a “mega meditation” and our meditation will be more powerful once we attend the course.

At this point, my husband and I were still financially down, since no miracle happened so far. Anyway, we attended the second course and continued with the sessions. It was as if we were under some mind control and couldn’t think by ourselves.

Next came the part where we had to recruit people. All in the name of doing “guru sevai” or service to the master/teacher. We still did as told and managed to bring in the highest number of people to join the group.

The “leaders” were very happy with us and told us that we could get a space to meditate in the main centre which was supposed to be a very powerful place. We would be closer to Datuk Guluji.

We followed blindly. After a few months, my husband began to analyse the whole thing again and it finally hit us that Datuk Guluji’s group is surely a scam. They only talk about the same thing over and over again.

I personally began to feel that what they were practising is only mind level and not subconscious level meditation as what they claimed. The whole organisation was nothing more that a multi level marketing (MLM) scam to cheat money from the innocent.

It was a complete waste of time, money and energy for eight months. My husband and I never felt that stupid and idiotic before. We still could not believe that we were brainwashed so easily to follow Datuk Guluji blindly for such a long time.

So people out there, please be very careful. Work your way out if you need something. Don’t expect miracles to happen especially through these fake gurus who are very cunning and would take you for a ride.

Today, since abandoning Datuk Guluji and his cult, my husband and I are doing well in business and life. I must say that it was a blessing to be safely and completely out of the cult organisation.

Hopefully, many others would have the same realisation and have the courage to leave such cults. Do not let yourself to be taken for a ride by scammers who use religion as a bait.

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