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Victims of Guluji must come forward

December 7, 2013

FMT LETTER: From Kumar, via e-mail

The article ‘Kisah Datuk Guluji’ (FMT, Dec 2, 2013) must be congratulated for highlighting ‘the truth as it is’. There are actually more such scenarios in this land where politicians and pseudo gurus are taking advantage of the Malaysian Indians’ socio-economical status.

Several friends and I came from another pseudo guru’s camp. In the beginning, we thought our guru was from the lineage of Kundalini Yoga Exponent Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan (GPM), but he was not.

After 18 years and hundred thousands of ringgits gone into ashes in the name of ‘service to guru’ and spiritual upliftment, my friends and I decided to quit.

Three years before we left the pseudo guru and his organisation, a brother disciple-fellow friend volunteered himself to go to India on behalf of everyone to the original organisation of Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan, to seek for the truth and explanation.

He came in contact with GPM’s family and got exposed to the real teachings of GPM. There is no money involved at all, no courses or programmes and so called ‘surrender to guru’ theory whatsoever.

He was utterly shocked, pissed off and committed to expose and help others who were still serving and spending money to a number gurus right here in Malaysia.

Hereafter this friend of mine spent a few years in these original teachings with GPM’s family, perfecting the wisdom. Myself, him and several more senior disciples started gathering information and evidence on how GPM’s name and teachings have been misused to make money and gather large number of followers.

It is just like how Shirdi Sai Baba and other gurus have been misinterpreted and made use wrongly here in Malaysia. My friends and I were commited to help more people from being deceived.

After GPM’s passing in 1981, there is actually no official branch of the original organisation (India) in Malaysia to monitor the growth of the teachings.

Thus all kind of gurus popped up, building empires of their own, using GPM’s photo as a platform for their money making agenda. Hypnotism, mesmerism, group dynamics and western mind therapies were the tools they used on ignorant Indians, to lock them down.

Amidst all these pseudo gurus, there are a few genuine centres as well, teaching GPM’s philosophy, but they are minding their own business and doing nothing about the downfall on the other side.

GPM’s family initiated my friend to be a guru and gave birth to an official branch in Malaysia. The centre was opened to spread the real teachings of GPM. No courses, no fees/money, but only complete service to mankind.

As my friends and I started preaching the truth on a weekly basis in our centre and also through Facebook pages, we came across all sort of threats, including death threats, from every money making guru and their devoted disciples.

After making a few reports to the authorities, we are glad now that this particular pseudo guru and his organisation are on the authority’s radar 24/7. A few officials have gone undercover to investigate deeper right to their so-called ‘advanced courses’.

On Nov 11, 2013, a sister disciple released a book about her deceitful journey titled “What Good are Gurus, When the Truth is Absent”. We reveived overwhelming response from the public.

I am happy to report that more questions are being rised, and more people are quietly leaving the organisation run by a certain “Datuk Guluji” (not real name).

People don’t want to be associated with this particular guru and the organisation as they know things are getting exposed. People are now brave enough to question they are being issued official receipts for the advanced courses which cost thousand of ringgit.

Is the guru running away from paying income-tax to the Malaysian Government? Is he a certified psychotherapist? Has he duped everyone? What is he using to make a person submit their intellect just like that? And many more questions are being asked openly.

I can safely say that Malaysian Indians don’t need motivation. Instead, what they need is education. They need to be educated about hypnotism, mesmerism, suggestions, power of group dynamics.

People need to know why there is always a background music when “Datuk Guluji” speaks, what else could be done towards the guru’s advantage in a regression therapy, and what could happen when you are inducted to an emotional state.

We need to educate people on these matters. Indians are basically very much ignorant about the power of mind therapy. They mistake all these exercises as ‘spiritual experiences’, thus stay committed to serve the gurus by introducing more and more people.

It’s about time all this nonsense stop. People need to be brough back o their senses.

To all the victims of “Datuk Guluji” and other similar spiritual, motivational centres, please don’t keep quiet. Come upfront or anonymously to expose their atrocities.

Make police reports, report to authorities like Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS), the Home Ministry etc. You coming forward would help many other Malaysian Indian to safe their hard-earned money and dignity.

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