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Create the right mindset for 2014

 | December 30, 2013

The faster we change our thought process from individualism and start focusing on nationalism, the better we will progress as a nation


It’s in the air. It’s just hours to New Year 2014. Many of you may be busy at this moment clearing all your annual work leave or setting new goals and resolutions with what you must have and achieve next year.

I talked to some of my close friends and many of them said their lives and lifestyle is going to get better. Yes, that’s the right thinking towards the New Year. It’s that time of the year when it becomes an auto inspiration that you need to achieve something you desire, rid a habit, overcome some challenges now faced or just to complete some dream project left outstanding.

Thinking is the creative force

It’s my favourite statement: “Thought’s becomes things, acting in a certain way, we collect and receive those things”. Desired thoughts are the vital ingredient to anything that had been created by man in this planet.

Being the FMT therapist writer on this weekly column, I would like to give my viewpoint on how Malaysians should project in their minds for a better 2014. I believe that goal setting only works when it is clear, felt good, and firmly embedded in your mind.

Focus on what you want

Every day we hear that price of consumer goods soaring. It is an indication that inflation has set in. What can the ordinary person do? What can you do about it right this moment? Nothing really, no matter how much you make a fuss about it.

Here is what you can do instead. Stop focusing on what’s not happening and the current outcome of not having it. Instead start a new 2014 ‘mindset’ focus on knowing and feeling what you can have better.

It’s a strange natural law of the mind and the universe that negativity negates abundance creation. When you position in your mind and heart that, you are grateful and all will be fine, more will come your way. Imagine that you are one of the 5% population who continuously feel good in any trying and challenging moments. You will be sure to thrive instead of striving and struggling in life.

Stop negative talk

Yes for whatever reason, whether political, corporate, home or nation mismanagement or, mere devastating market forces and factors that many items in the supermarket, gas station or food outlet has soared sky high. I still urge you to keep silence. Silence always gives a ground to grow upwards. Even God doesn’t speak out during human trouble times so why must you open your mouth and complain?

Please bear with me here, I am teaching you something good and valuable to understand and implement. Learn the secret to be ‘mindset’ better. Hard times are when a tough mind soars. Every problem will solve somehow one day so don’t fret. Having a resilient and positive mindset create outstanding attitude, aptitude, creativity and results orientated in you.

A positive theme for 2014

If there was a theme for Malaysia for 2014, it should be “Stop complaining”. Instead start “Thinking solutions”. The more we talk problems, the more problems start to emerge and manifest. It’s quite obvious that social media is a media for bickering and venting but be careful of what these ‘negative thought creation” is going to create in your life. Instead inspire more to be better citizens, better families and better individual as you use your Facebook status update the next time. People always love positivity and caring.

Some years ago, I lived in absolute poverty and I remembered then everyone was complaining that the price of petrol had gone up. I was laughing so much because I was so poor that I couldn’t even feel that pinch.

Many people think that poor people suffer badly, but I tell you sincerely that there is a more sincere smile in a poor person than a middle income earner or a rich man. The smile of freedom from cumbersome is a lovely one. There are advantages being poor believe it or not.

Learning to let go will liberate you of all the cumbersome of getting involved with political agendas and the negative elements of society, crime and safety standards of Malaysia.

Keep talking crime and you will get a higher crime rate. I challenge any newspaper to not report a murder for a month, and you will notice the murder crime rate can drop.

Stop complaining about your spouse and children and you will see more of their support. Stop complaining about your finances. Keep quiet, reflect and act with trust you will achieve a solution soon. Learning to be calm and centered in any crisis must involve learning to be a better listener than a talker.

Today, Malaysia and Malaysians have transformed tremendously. While we are a tourist destination for food, we don’t share our food as in the old days. The old world is fading. Get over it. It’s all over the world, that religious debate and retaliation are common, greed and bribery are everywhere, political missions are seeping and contaminating culture, religion, social media, and national unity.

Malaysia is today like an egg. The shell represents Malaysian society and its years of cultural identity. Inside, that mission is now different. It may be empty, rotten or just something else. We need to be aware that all of us are in that shell and the faster we change our mindset of individualism and start improving nationalism, the better we will progress as a nation.

Whatever I have written, I am neither a society expert nor the political analyst. But what I am an expert is the manifestation process of the subconscious mind.

Having worked with many Malaysian clients over the years, hearing their feedback, it is quite obvious that we are no longer the same Malaysia and its integration and tolerance levels.

We must stop this mindset and start revamping and rebounding our thoughts for a nation with good stability to challenge the future.

It’s your Malaysia

I urge you, be a better citizen to make better what’s available around you. How can you help society today? Picking that rubbish paper on the pavement even when your local municipal workers are not doing their job well. Help the poor and needy when our government cannot do so for everyone.

Talking and sharing with someone who has poor self esteem instead of them having to pop medication pills every day. Perhaps they will pull us and become better soon.

There is so much to do rather than to say. Imagine, if you start becoming such a person and that everyone will be doing their bit to improve the standard of living and lifestyles of others. I will be sure that your mind will not be troubled and overblown that this nation is in a delima.

Don’t ever allow your mind to paint a grim picture of anything. Take charge and create the real pictures you want to see. It all starts by designing your thoughts with positive mental pictures and feelings.

Don’t worry about religious issues in the newspapers or social media; keep focus on God and what he needs you to contribute in love and giving to everyone on earth.

I love the recent Christmas message of Khairy and it was a great starting point to tell everyone that nothing should shake your faith. I have many lovely friends of  many religions and the love and friendship we have nurtured has increased our own commitment to our religion. Different religions should always teach us to grow us stronger in our own faith and showcase our love for each other.

I agree with Khairy that our mindset and mission must change to keep the peace and spread the love of your religious values instead.

The general public knows its commitment to God and as we watch all the issue blowing up in the media, perhaps it’s a good time to reflect that this is a nation that is God fearing despite some debates.

Every mission of religion is to bring peace and let this 2014 be a great mission of peace and unity in the nation.

Be guardians of our natural resources

Malaysia has seen many great infrastructure and technology development. It came with a price tag. Foreigners have come and invested in this nation’s plentiful resources. We have seen our hills removed, historical sites and buildings demolished, and many issues of “heritage” questioned.

Let’s not bicker while our country’s resources are being siphoned out by such foreign parties and their mega attractive projects. We must keep the heart of Malaysia and its environment sacred from losing its existence.

The people of Malaysia should stick together to ensure that our natural resources are our ‘golden goose’ and needs to be protected from enterprising local and foreigners who can invest in the name of development.

It’s time to stop damage to the soil of Malaysia and start rejuvenating where possible for the sake of our children and their future. Think “Green Malaysia” for 2014.

Helping stressed individuals gain focus and purpose

Each time I meet a depressed client, a broken marriage or some addiction, I always ask them how their relationship with God is. Almost everyone said it is either not there or lapsed. I am quite a scientific person, yet the typical human being is always focused on the body and the mind.

However, the spiritual nature of man is what guides the human results. Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Our thoughts are invisible, yet when we act on those thoughts it materialises into the visible.

Likewise the quantum physic energy, the subconscious, our soul are all the unseen and learning to tap on it, create the very wisdom to live your life in abundance and happiness.

Building a better government administration

And finally about our current government activities, it is the residual impact of its party actions and thinking years ago. What we see today are results with the heart of the people and management of the country. Whether it is satisfactory or not, it was all about ‘some leadership thoughts’ acted previously.

2014 is a time for a revival of effective thinking with our country’s leaders. Yes, there are many constrains now, complexity that is reported in the news desk each day.

It is now a crucial time to start thinking different and positive in every area of leadership. By working on these thoughts with honesty and sincerity, these thoughts will manifest.

I am not a leadership guru, but I believe that a good leader is an effective thinker rather than a talker. To succeed in this changing times, think tanks, forums and recognising leadership qualities is very important to make changes for success. Learning to empower with openness and integrity is the way forward.

Here are some tips for a great start into the New Year

1 Keep positive and have value building thoughts only.
2 Make time for family and friends. Make it a point on your daily priority list.
3 Be an active and energised person. Don’t drag your feet and walk. Get moving and accomplish every task given on time..
4 Dress well and pleasant. Show that you take care of yourself.
5 Greet people ‘good morning” even when you don’t know them. That’s Malaysia!
6 Stop talking negative or mixing with negative people. Run away from them.
7 Contribute more. What you give, God multiplies. Try it and be surprised.
8 Strive to promote honesty and integrity in yourself. Others will follow.
9 Increase your knowledge standard. Read more. If nothing goes in your mind, nothing will flow out of your mouth.
10 Talk to your children. Yelling doesn’t work anymore. Be creative.
11 Have a pet. Learn from the animals how nature is loving and disciplined.
12 Learn to share. Nothing you own today will follow you when you die.
13 Pray for everyone, not just your family or your clan or religious sect. God loves us all and will listen to your prayers.
b Stay healthy in body and financially. Be hard working in these areas.
15 Stop bickering. Do something about it else put up with it.
16 This is your life, make choices that grow you.

Remember always that “when you change your mind, you will change any results you now encounter”. Believe and act on it Malaysia. I wish you a wonderful New Year 2014 with all its promises and that you can create in your thoughts now.

Julian Leicester is a London-trained subconscious specialist. He can be contacted at [email protected] or www.hypno-station.com


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