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Why is MIC silent on Jais fiasco?

January 8, 2014

FMT LETTER: From Concerned Malaysian, via e-mail

It is shocking that MIC leadership continues to be silent and in slumber. The whole country is alarmed by the Jais raid on the Bible Society of Malaysia. Every political party or politician with the right frame of mind have spoken or issued statements except for MIC. Not a peep from the whole line up of the new office bearers. Have they forgotten who founded MIC? Aren’t they perturbed by this outrageous act?

There is so much talk on persevering the status quo of the Selangor Non-Islamic Religion enactment 1988. Is there any law or enactment to stop non-Muslims from being converted into Islam. Shouldn’t the laws be equal and without bias? I wonder why there is no law or enactment in Malaysia to protect the minority from being converted into Islam or any other religion from their birth religion, since it is the minority that needs protection from the majority and not the other way around.

If the Muslims want an enactment protect themselves from being converted into other religion, isn’t the duty of the law and government to provide a just and fair one to defend the defenseless? Why so much of safeguards for Islam when much have already been provided for in the federal constitution? Such laws will surely protect minor from being converted when one of the parents conveniently converts and hides it from his/her spouse.


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