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Managing flu and cough with your mind

 | January 19, 2014

If you have flu or a cold now, it would be helpful if you visualise soothing positive imaging to help you to be healthy again


2014 has started with many challenging issues for Malaysians. We have all those crazy price hikes that’s making inflation soar to the skies; the ‘Allah’ issue that’s raising brows and religious concern everywhere and, on the lighter side the comical ‘kangkung’ outburst that is making our PM a headline sensation with netizens.

But what is currently attacking many Malaysians is that horrid cough and cold that just would not end. Yes the flu bug is here. It’s cough, cough and sneeze, sneeze everywhere! I had one that leaves your chest aching from coughing spasms and a bad sore throat. This flu state disrupts your daily work and well-being.

Even a round of antibiotic or sinsih medication does seem to alleviate the phlegm and coughing. This time, the flu virus has been very nagging and is taking a longer time to heal as it attacks our immune system.

I was speaking to someone the other day about it. It’s interesting that this flu is about the same time with the yearly American hay fever. With all the months of festive season where we have been popping all kinds of meat, food and mouth-watering indulgence, liquor, etc.

The body has become a toxic farm and is now healing itself via cold, flu and cough to normalise itself. The saying ‘diseases are the way the body heals itself’ is quite true in this case. Keep this in mind when you celebrate the festive season so that your immune system is not messed up by excessive eating and drinking or smoking.

Having a good positive mental attitude that you will heal soon

There is nothing much one can do but to weather out this flu with medication, proper rest, drinking a lot of warm water and good levels of vitamin C supplementation. Make sure you eat a good amount and nutrition of warm food. My grandma use to say ‘always feed the flu to make it go away’.

Apart from that, what is also necessary is a good positive outlook in your mind that this cough and cold is going to end soon. If you have flu or a cold now, it is helpful that you visualise soothing positive imaging to help you, to be healthy again.

The common cold is an infection of the upper respiratory tract, including infection of the mucus membranes of the nose. It can spread by air, or by direct contact with someone who is infected. A virus causes influenza or flu symptoms. It is an infectious disease and can be seasonal. Flu usually makes people more susceptible to sinus and ear problems, bronchitis and pneumonia.

It usually lasts from three to seven days, and a period of weakness and depression usually follows. Bed rest and fluids are the best treatment. Keeping the immune system strong and healthy is the best way to fight cold and flu. Proper diet, vitamin and nutritional supplement, adequate rest and a bit of exercise boost the immune system to work at peak performance.

Taking medication to heal your cough and flu

Millions of ringgit is spent on cold remedies yearly. Decongestants relieve swelling and congestion of the nasal passage, while analgesics relieve fever, aches and pain. Cough medicines are available but remember that coughing is the body’s way to clear the lungs.

When you get a cold, it is best to remain active to loosen up mucus and fluids in the body. With flu, liquids and bed rest are recommended. Natural methods to fight cold and flu are herbal therapy, vitamin therapy, homeopathy, and aromatherapy.

Self hypnosis to increase your immune system

Self-hypnosis brings wonderful benefits if used in the morning and at night to help eliminate cold and flu symptoms along with your cold medical remedies. Here is script for you to use:

“Imagine that you are in a very modern kitchen. Look over to your right and you see a covered pot on the stove. Take off the cover of the pot.

There is a warm, golden soup broth that smells so good in the pot that is bubbling gently. The pot seems to be filled with energy. Smell the aroma and feel the energy. Take a bowl nearby and put some of the golden soup in it. Take the bowl and sit down at the kitchen table that faces a window that has a beautiful view.

Everything is clear and you know that this is how you see your life. Feeling a surge of power going through you, look down at the soup. Start to eat the soup and feel the warmth as it goes down into your stomach. This warmth radiates through your body, going into your throat and you feel your throat begin to heal. Feel the warmth spreading into your respiratory tract, healing you, soothing you.

Feel the warmth absorbing the virus and take it away from your body. Feel the warmth of the soup healing you. You are able to breathe easier and this is helping you heal right now. Take another spoonful of the soup and feel the warmth going into your nose and other places in your body that need healing. Eat as much as you need, and feel the warmth heal you.

When you are filled, you feel healthy, happy and rested. You are full of energy and purpose. You are calm and centered and feel well. This feeling will stay with you.”

Probably the best way to avoid flu is to take necessary precautions not to get expose to it or if you have it, to be considerate and to not spread around and rest till you heal. Take care and get better soon Malaysia.

Julian Leicester is a London-trained subconscious specialist with Hypno-Station. He can be contacted at [email protected] or www.hypno-station.com


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