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Guruji a prophet?

February 6, 2014

FMT LETTER: From Shekar, via e-mail

I have been following the articles about Guluji or guruji on FMT. Let me narrate my experience for the benefit of everyone. I’m a highly educated professional from a university in London and would consider myself quite successful in my career.

One fine day, my wife came and told me about a certain guruji and his meditation. In fact I have studied Hinduism quite deeply and I have religious knowledgable. Nevertheless since my wife was required to attend the course, I did not resist. She was forced to attend the meditation course by a couple whom I had also met and who talked about the guruji’s powers.

The husband told me that he attained certain powers from this guruji. One day he was slashed with a knife on his arms and body by some robbers but nothing happened to him because of the powers given by the guruji.

My wife paid RM730 and attended the course. When she returned, she told me that it is the guruji’s divine command that all who attended the course are not to reveal what went on throughout the course.

She then did meditation everyday for about 30 minutes, twice daily. There were many types: one for protection, one for wealth, health, career progression and so on.

My wife was so happy that she decided to have a potrait of the guruji and pray to him. Then she requested our two daughters and I to attend the same meditation course. So a total fee of RM2,920 has been paid to the guruji without receipts.

When I attended the meditation course, I found it to be just another course. Guruji appears for about 20 minutes and then disappears. The rest of the day is taken up by some invited persons who talked about motivation which we can read in books.

Subsequently the so called leaders or agents of the guruji forced my family to take a mega meditation course. After a period of time, one of my friends, a medical doctor who had attended the guruji’s meditation course started to have gatherings. I happened to attend one such talk.

The speaker spoke about the miracles of the guruji and how he witnessed those miracles. I couldn’t help but wonder why we only hear guruji’s miracles but not allowed to witness them although he is still alive.

One of the most shocking statements in the talk I heard is that this guruji is sent by God as a prophet and a saviour for this world. The speaker mentioned that this guruji is the true prophet now in this world and in a matter of time the whole population in this world would be his followers!

Looks like the whole thing is well planned. These leaders (agents) are poorly educated and some are factory workers who can’t speak proper English. I did the meditation as taught by the guruji but saw no progress. Later my wife began to develop problems and we frequently quarrelled until our marriage ended with a separation. All because she prefers guruji to me.

My eldest daughter ended up with a lot of serious psychological problems due to the meditation she did. She almost ended up in a mental hospital. If the guruji is so powerful and if he has given his followers some power, why did all these happen?

One of the guruji’s front line leaders (agent) is my ex-colleague. I told him that I needed to meet to guruji to discuss the problems my family had after joining his meditation course. To my dismay, he said the guruji won’t allow that. He said I just need to meditate and say guruji’s ‘namam’ (name) and he would appear.

The various articles in FMT confirmed my doubts that this is a scam. I decided that enough is enough. I have come forward to share my experience with the hope that others will not fall victim to this guruji.


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