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Deconstructing Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

May 14, 2014

FMT LETTER: From The Silent Saint, via e-mail

In the past several months we have seen racist salvos fired by some irresponsible Malaysians. It started with Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa then moved on to Uztaz Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman of Isma and now with Ridhuan Tee Abdullah. Of the three, the most shallow, childish yet very damaging remarks have come from Ridhuan Tee who is a professor with the Defense University. What a shame for all those well-read and intellectually sound professors.

First he claims that there are five million foreigners who are ready to come to Malaysia, in case the non-Malays are ready to abandon ship. Firstly is he privy to some highly classified information about foreign labour import which we are not? Secondly, is he also talking about the Tan Sri Vincent Tans, the Ananda Krishnans, the Lim Goh Tongs and scores of other non-Malay entrepreneurs? The foreigners from Myanmar, Indonesia and India will not come to defend Malaysia our motherland in case of a foreign invasion like we would, Ridhuan TEE Abdullah!

He has also blatantly suggested that the non-Malays leave the country if they are not happy. Who is he to suggest this? What he should understand is that there are millions of us non-Malays who are willing to lay our lives down for this nation.

Ridhuan Tee also goes on to talk about the Olympic achievements of Lee Chong Wei, and Pandelela Rinong. We have always seen every athlete and sports personality as a “anak jati Malaysia” a true Malaysian and not from any ethnic group. In the past no political leader from either side of the political divide has ever made such damaging racist remarks.

Mokhtar Dahari had been a legend to all Malaysian football fans, so was P Ramlee the iconic film star. No one has ever belittled the contributions of the Malays in any field for the matter. We have seen excellent academics, professionals and corporate figures from the Malay world.

The Malays (except for a few rotten apples like Ibrahim Ali) by nature are a gentle and accommodating people. I have known of single Indian and Chinese families living in kampungs in Negeri Sembilan and Malacca peacefully for ages. The Malay neighbours have never treated these non-Malays as “pendatangs” but as a part of their own community.

If we carefully examine Ridhuan Tee’s rhetoric’s, it is evident that this man is only trying to work up Malay sentiments to a frenzy and spark racial tensions in the country. He is merely attempting to show one community that they are the majority and yet their contributions are not recognised. He is merely stroking racial pressure in the country to create more disunity.

As a responsible citizen he should be highlighting the unity in diversity of Malaysian society. If you cannot do anything positive, at least refrain from making the situation worse. Is this the role to be played by an academic from the defense university? In all fairness the university should take disciplinary action against this man for making inflammatory statements in the media.


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