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Mr PM, over to you

 | May 14, 2014

Najib should begin by chastising anyone or any organisation who attempts to cause racial ill-feeling.


najib razak newThere is quite a list of problems besieging the nation lately: a missing airplane, bus accidents, water ration in KL and Selangor, kidnappings off the coast of Sabah, crime and epidemics (dengue and tuberculosis), besides the usual cases of wastages and leakages in administration as detailed in the annual Audit Report.

However the latest problem that threatens to tear apart the fabric of a civil and harmonious Malaysian society is the venomous comments aimed at the Chinese community which has been spewed forth by a particular NGO.

Everyone has a right to freedom of speech but this freedom definitely does not include insulting another race or community by calling them ‘trespassers’ when the Chinese have contributed much towards nation-building.

One must remember that it was the Chinese who mined the tin ore and started off the banking system in this country and they had done a lot to prosper the fields of industry and commerce.

Therefore it is only right for this columnist and all decent and civic-minded Malaysians to expect our Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to come out strongly to chastise this said NGO.

After all, the PM is well-known for his famous talks on the values of moderation and because he has proclaimed that the 1Malaysia concept is his brainchild, it is only fitting that he should go all out to see that no one jeopardises his concept by sowing the seeds of racial strife.

Right now, though, the PM seems overwhelmed.

We the citizens of Malaysia hope that he will quickly pull up his socks and start putting things in order for surely he is aware that all these problems mentioned above do not put the nation in a good light.

With the exception of the missing airplane which is unprecedented, all other problems are within Najib’s control and he should see to putting things right in the quickest time possible.

Therefore he should begin by chastising anyone or any organisation who attempts to cause racial ill-feeling. To allow such a person ororganisation to continue speaking is to allow them to plant the seeds of racial disharmony.

Thus Najib’s 1Malaysia concept, although excellent in theory, fails in the application. He must strive to enforce his concept by seeing to it that all races are fairly treated and equally respected.

Evil rantings

In a multi-racial country such as ours, one has to practice patience and understanding. It is thus fortunate that we Malaysians are an easy-going lot, rational and level-headed which everyone, even Najib has to be thankful for.

If not for our very high level of tolerance, racial conflict would have already been the order of the day.

Still that does not mean that Najib must remain silent. In fact, more so now than ever he should speak up to quell the rantings and ravings of those who spew racial or religious hatred.

He must not let things just continue because these people who sow the seeds of disharmony are agents of hate and they are being emboldened by his silence. Certainly Najib as the PM of the nation must make a stand instead of letting things slide.

PM Najib has to speak up fast in order to put an end to all those evil rantings by irresponsible people.

We the rakyat have the right to urge him or prompt him into issuing a statement to stop anyone or any organisation from sowing the seeds of hatred, discord and division.

It is extremely futile and useless to talk about Malaysia being a model of racial harmony when any race or community is being insulted. It shows up those who praise the nation as a role model for racial harmony as being false.

The nation’s leaders must see to it that those who make racist comments realise that the Federal Constitution protects everyone and no one is above the Federal Constitution. Therefore anyone who makes racist comments is attacking the Federal Constitution, the supreme law of the land.

So, Mr Prime Minister, it is now over to you. The ball is in your court and at your feet. It is up to you to speak up as a fair, just and moderate leader, the leader of 1Malaysia.

We the rakyat of Malaysia place all our hope in you. Please do not let us hope in vain, Mr Prime Minister

Selena Tay is a DAP member and an FMT columnist.


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