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It’s a matter of principle, Wong Chen

 | April 9, 2015

Offering excuses for the missing 26 Pakatan Rakyat MPs is unacceptable because it is the process, not the outcome that matters most.


Wong-Chen1_600I came across the Facebook status update of Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen of PKR, regarding the 26 missing Pakatan Rakyat MPs during the tabling of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) 2015 at the Dewan Rakyat Monday.

This is what he had to say:

“Every MP is responsible and answerable to his constituents and the nation. Some were overseas and one had very serious health issues. Two were Menteri Besars and probably had official duties, but I am not sure what functions they have at 2.30 am.”

“Could we have defeated BN if all 86 Pakatan MPs turned up? No, simply because UMNO BN will delay the process and call more of their MPs to attend Parliament. This is what they did in the 2012 budget bill. If we got all 86 Pakatan MPs to attend BN would delay the process and bring in 87.”

Wong Chen goes on to explain that only 59% of BN MPs attended the Dewan Rakyat that night compared to 70% from PR (92% of DAP, 64% of PKR and 48% of PAS). According to him, the number of PR MPs who attended was immaterial because (and I quote) “ultimately we would have lost”.

In that case, Wong Chen, why turn up at all? If all laws will be passed regardless of how many PR MPs attend – why waste time making headlines gearing up the entire nation to fight this so-called draconian act? Why bother staying up until 2.25am when all 60 Pakatan Rakyat MPs sitting in the Dewan Rakyat could very well have gone home to sleep?

Because it is a matter of principle.

Because when we believe in something, we should have the guts to fight for it.

Remember the time when the people stood still against the water cannons and tear gas? Remember when the people walked the streets of Kuala Lumpur despite having to face FRU personnel and police squads? Remember when people continued to express their stand although they were dragged to lockups and charged with sedition?

It is a matter of principle.

When we believe in something with every cell in our body, we will give it everything we have, we will push and keep pushing for it until the last breath. It is the process and not the outcome which matters.

I’m sorry, Wong Chen, but your reasoning is totally unacceptable.

Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang made a promise to the people of Malaysia – they promised PR would be better than Barisan Nasional. They promised not to let us down if we placed our trust in them and voted for PR.

Personally, the betrayal I felt Monday was painful but reading Wong Chen’s reasoning made me feel naive for trusting PR.

Will I be able to trust PR ever again?

That depends on the action taken against the 26 MPs.


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