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PAS in Selangor govt is akin to sleeping with the enemy

May 16, 2017

It is for the benefit of the Islamist party to make a clear stand or risk incurring the wrath of Malaysians who are fed-up with its antics.



By Charles Santiago

US president Donald Trump’s erratic ways, little to no knowledge about how the world works and other shortcomings have left political leaders and pretty much everyone else, shocked and worried.

Closer to home, Islamist party PAS’ adamancy to not quit the Selangor leadership despite officially cutting ties with PKR is embarrassing, at least to those who are not so thick-skinned.

And citing a weak argument such as maintaining a presence just to ensure the DAP doesn’t do any evil is ludicrous.

When the DAP secretary-general decided to sever ties with PAS, he had a valid reason as the Islamist party was rallying for hudud law, a policy that went against a common manifesto agreed to by all opposition political parties including PAS, who made up the now-defunct Pakatan Rakyat.

Lim Guan Eng’s suspicion does hold water, especially now that PAS is canoodling with its once sworn enemy, Umno and using that as a platform to lobby for state legislation to have the power to increase punishments for shariah law offences.

And this close association raises uneasy questions as to whether PAS will continue to stay in the Selangor state government just to advance Umno’s political interests.

Will PAS do the dirty for Umno?

Will PAS be Umno’s mouthpiece and work in favour of the ruling party, using the Selangor state government apparatus?

We can’t afford to take chances with PAS, especially now that the general election is around the corner.

And PAS has, rather frequently, shown that it lacks principles and will sway in any direction to entrench its own political agenda.

It’s therefore the responsibility of PAS to make a clear stand on who it is working for from within the opposition-led state government.

And it’s also for the benefit of the Islamist party to do so or risk incurring the wrath of Malaysians who are fed-up with its antics.

Charles Santiago is MP for Klang.

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