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Highway concessionaire Plus only good for collecting tolls

August 12, 2017

Plus should monitor the roads better and respond faster when road mishaps occur instead of allowing a traffic crawl at 11am because of an accident eight hours earlier.


plusBy TK Chua

This morning I started my journey southbound from Kuala Lumpur at around 9.15am. At around 10.30am, I was caught in a massive traffic jam about a kilometre long from Seremban. After more than one hour, I managed to reach the Seremban/Port Dickson exit. Since the traffic jam was not easing up, many, including me, decided to exit the highway. My troubles did not end there. I was subsequently caught in yet another traffic crawl.

Later I discovered that the traffic jam on the North-South Highway was due to an accident near the Senawang toll at 3am in the morning.

As a toll-paying user, I felt short-changed by Plus.

I understand accidents are unpredictable. But there is eight long hours between 3am and 11am. What was Plus doing during those hours? Waiting for all the emergency workers to get up from their beds and have breakfast before attending to the accident?

I expect better monitoring and faster response time by Plus when road mishaps happen. The inconvenience caused and the time and money wasted by motorists are just too enormous to ignore.

I think Plus is too insensitive to cater to the needs of road users. Sometimes even normal road repairs and resurfacing work have caused unnecessary delays to motorists.

As for accidents, of course it is convenient for us to blame careless motorists. But what about highway authorities and enforcement officers? Are they not responsible too?

There are blatant violations of speed limits and safety rules on our highways  every minute of the day. Why is it that we have to wait for fatal accidents to take place before we are prompted to take action?

It is time for Plus to act more responsibly. One way is to hold erring motorists accountable.

When a traffic crawl lasts for more than one hour, motorists should be refunded the toll collected. When the traffic jam lasts for more than two hours, there should be compensation paid. This is the only way to jolt Plus from its slumber.

Plus just completely ruined my day today. I wasted time and paying toll and failed to get to my destination.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

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