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Don’t harm the king’s subjects

July 3, 2012

The government, a creature of the people, has forgotten that the citizens are also under the protection of the monarchy.

Politicians in the country are setting a dangerous trend when they use the institution of the monarchy to try and cow their opponents into submission. Every time someone speaks out against the government, the flag of treason is waved. It appears that an attack on the government is an attack on the monarchy. Waging war against the king is punishable by death. But this scare tactic will not work because no one is fighting to bury the throne.

The monarchy is above politics and it must be seen to be outside the political arena. The ring inside is dirty and only political animals are found rolling in the mud as they struggle for lucre, spoils, filthy glory. This unwelcome scene can only fill people with disgust and hatred and eventually fuel the fire of revolt. When people rise up and chant incessantly against the government, their white-hot anger is focused on the political leaders. Treason does not enter into the calculation.

When the king’s subjects are dissatisfied with the elected representatives, there must be something wrong with the national direction. Malaysians vented their resentment in the open because they did not like what they saw: rampant corruption, powers abused, electoral fraud. A cancer is gnawing at the vitals of the body politics which, if left unchallenged, could strike at the very heart of democracy and poison the wellspring of human existence. The country could turn into one vast graveyard where the light of freedom will forever be extinguished.

In the face of a morally corrupted and politically diseased government, can the king’s subjects keep mum? No. They must speak out and stand up in defence of all that is sacred and inviolate. They must do their duty because to stay silent and meek is not helping the cause of democracy at all. Democracy requires a robust defence of the state against the enemies of the people in and outside Parliament.

Enemies inside Parliament are the most dangerous species because they are lawmakers who can pass any laws they please and make any inflammatory speeches they fancy. More so when they belong to the dominant party that rules the country. When a backbencher said the leader of a NGO responsible for organising the mammoth rally for free and fair elections should face the hangman’s noose for treason, he is playing a dangerous game.

By implication, the woolly-headed backbencher has dragged in the monarchy because he has equated the rally to an attempt to overthrow the government and indirectly wage war against the king. An attack on the government has become an attack on the monarchy. This is crude, ignorant twaddle. The king does not rule the country. It is the politicians who call the shots because they were elected to do the job. When they failed to carry out their mission proper, the people shook the barricades of freedom square to demand justice. They did not shake the gates of the palace to start an insurrection against the royal institution.

One suspects these politicians in power are making use of the monarchy as a shield to protect their turf against the masses. Mention treason and all must maintain the silence of the grave. This is a clever ploy to put a lid on dissent and stop popular protests from gaining momentum. But it is unlikely to work. The citizens will keep knocking on the doors of the citadel that has come to represent an enemy of the people. The government, and not the monarchy, is the target on their cross hairs.

The king’s subjects are no longer happy with the government. They are denied “a fair opporturnity in the race of life”, with many living in want while the politicos continue to fatten themselves on all the milk and honey in the land. When the people protest, they are beaten down cold-bloodedly. The government, a creature of the people, has forgotten that the citizens are also under the protection of the monarchy. It was not too long ago that the king had stepped in to defuse rising tension over a planned rally last year. The king had listened to the people. An attack on the people is an attack on the monarchy. And that is high treason.

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