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Azmin must choose to be PR’s MB

September 28, 2014

He must be made to articulate and commit to policies and decisions as enunciated by the coalition.


azm1_c11771_c1177259_14922_129By T K Chua

With Azmin Ali now installed as Selangor’s Menteri Besar, numerous suggestions have been made on what he should do and how he should discharge his responsibilities. We have analysts, commentators and politicians all asking and even directing him to do the “right” things for the state and its people.

When Khalid Ibrahim first became MB, there were similar expectations. The people were generally supportive of him for trying to do the “right” things. He complained in Parliament that BN’s rule of Selangor saw the signing of an irrational water privatisation deal and said he was going to do something about it.

Something unfortunate must have happened after that. The PR leadership was not happy with him and neither were many people in Selangor. Many of the decisions made by Khalid did not seem to make logical sense or be in line with PR’s overarching policies.

Now we have Azmin helming the state. Like previous MBs, he is entrusted to deal with other institutions of government in the state, such as the monarchy, the civil service and the Islamic authority.

Instead of PR leaders making public statements on what he should do, Azmin must be made to articulate and commit to policies and decisions as enunciated by PR. This is a better way to hold him accountable and for him to defend policies and decisions.

It is better for PR leaders to advise him in private. A proper and mandatory mechanism must be established for the MB and the PR leadership to consult to prevent any policy mismatch or disagreement.

Sometimes we are misled by initial euphoria. Azmin is a new broom, PR has a new hope and the people have a fresh aspiration. But how long will this good feeling last?

There is nothing like setting up a proper mechanism to allow the state government and the political parties to consult, provide feedback and monitor major decisions. This should be done as soon as possible.

Ultimately, the government of the day must listen to the parties that control it. Azmin must choose to be PR’s MB, unlike Khalid Ibrahim.

T K Chua is an FMT reader.


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