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| October 4, 2017

Star president Jeffrey Kitingan recounts his detention under ISA during Mahathir’s time, saying the former premier knew of Sabahans’... More ››

| February 3, 2015

It may be possible to have a confederation of the Borneo states and Malaysia in line with the spirit... More ››

| September 28, 2013

Veteran leaders in Sabah should explain why, among others, the position and rights of the indigenous people is not... More ››

| September 24, 2013
jeffrey kitingan

He said the claims for the restoration of Sabah rights and autonomy do not mean cessation, or being... More ››

and | September 12, 2013
harris salleh

Meanwhile Majid Khan, who was Donald Stephen's special assistant in 1963 claimed Lee Kuan Yew had a "major influence"... More ››

| February 6, 2013
Yong Teck Lee dan SAPP

In recent weeks SAPP president Yong Teck Lee has been heard accusing BN and Pakatan Rakyat of trying to... More ››

| July 16, 2012
jeffrey kitingan

Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan's latest comment is a reflection of his lack of understanding of Sabah's history,... More ››

| June 15, 2012
najib salleh

Was State Legislative Assembly Speaker Salleh Keruak 'directed' by 'party bosses' to comment on the 20-point document 'to gain... More ››

| June 14, 2012
malaysian asli

One fact stands out in Sabah and Sarawak – grassroots politicians on both sides of the political divide are... More ››

| May 29, 2012
salleh said keruak

Irrespective of whether or not the contents of Malaysia Agreement were incorporated into the federal constitution, the documents still... More ››