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| November 8, 2017

Abdul Rahman Dahlan says the project will be funded by a soft loan of RM4.53 billion from Exim Bank... More ››

| October 25, 2017

Senior ministers say budget unrealistic and factually wrong. More ››

| October 17, 2017

PKR treasurer-general Tan Yee Kew says the recorded growth in income for B40 households is mainly due to BR1M... More ››

| October 10, 2017

Minister says latest statistics prove wrong popular perception that income is stagnant or income increment does not match rising... More ››

| October 2, 2017

Salleh Said Keruak says Lim of late has developed a penchant for name calling while Rahman Dahlan says the... More ››

| October 2, 2017

DAP supremo says ministers Abdul Rahman Dahlan and Salleh Said Keruak seem to be competing to prove to Prime... More ››

| September 14, 2017

BN strategic communications director says EPF's move towards overseas investments and Malaysia Airline's plan to buy the Boeing planes... More ››

| August 25, 2017

Penang CM hits back at Rahman Dahlan for his remarks against both him and the state government. More ››

| August 8, 2017

Minister in the PM’s Department says an immediate audience will be sought with the Sultan of Johor over issues... More ››


Penang DCM tells Umno to stop politicising three roads project and let MACC conduct investigations and clarify everything that... More ››

| July 8, 2017

Rahman Dahlan berkata prestasi ekonomi Kedah tidak memberangsangkan sepanjang tempoh lebih 2 tahun Mukhriz mentadbir Kedah apabila rizab... More ››

| July 5, 2017

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department says Edra had in fact enabled 1MDB to drastically reform the nation's independent... More ››

| June 23, 2017

Zenith chairman says the company is willing to make another presentation to critics who allege the consultants of the... More ››

| June 13, 2017

Umno minister says he will continue defending the government and his party in the same style he has always... More ››

| May 20, 2017

Minister says party members are welcome to express interest in contesting parliamentary or state constituencies in GE14, but top... More ››

| May 10, 2017

A former Sabah education director lists hurdles in the way of Rahman Dahlan's proposal. More ››

| March 30, 2017

DAP veteran says if attacks against him are true, it would be in Umno/BN's best interests if he continued... More ››

| March 29, 2017

DAP veteran says Umno minister's post of BN communications director requires him to create 'strategic lies' about the opposition. More ››

| March 27, 2017

DAP MP Liew Chin Tong takes minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan to task over his claims that the opposition has... More ››

| March 26, 2017

DAP vice-chairperson says Rahman Dahlan should tell the prime minister to step down instead of targeting Lim Kit Siang. More ››

| March 25, 2017

Petronas has used its own funds to develop the project at this stage and Saudi Aramco is expected to... More ››

| March 25, 2017

Rahman yakin pada akhirnya tidak ada salah laku salah guna kuasa seperti yang didakwa oleh DAP. More ››

| March 23, 2017

Minister says for the 2009-2014 period, the income growth of this bottom 40% household income group grew almost 13%.... More ››

| March 23, 2017

Minister says debate with Penang CM under different circumstances as it was on topic that was under investigation, unlike... More ››

| March 23, 2017

Penang chief minister says he will support Pakatan Harapan's Dr Mahathir Mohamad in upcoming debate even if he is... More ››

| March 20, 2017

Datuk Rahman Dahlan berkata fakta pembangkang berterabur dan mungkin kenyataan seperti itu akan menyebabkan pelabur luar negara menuduh Malaysia... More ››

| March 20, 2017

Minister Rahman Dahlan warns that inaccurate statements could cause foreign investors to form a negative view of Malaysia. More ››

| March 6, 2017

Batu Kawan DAP grassroots leaders want anti-graft agency to investigate alleged abuse of power by a federal minister. More ››

| March 4, 2017

Monitoring mechanisms are in place to help authorities diagnose symptoms of failing housing projects, says house buyers association More ››

| March 4, 2017

House Buyers Association says not government’s job to save money for developers at expense of innocent buyers. More ››

| March 3, 2017

Why is the housing minister involved in an agreement between the developer and buyers, Penang Deputy Chief Minister II... More ››

| February 24, 2017

The Barisan Nasional strategic communications director calls statement by three opposition leaders ‘malicious’, adding that EPF has only RM200... More ››

| January 28, 2017

The opposition must recognise that it has become too comfortable with politicking instead of offering good policies. More ››

| January 26, 2017

When it comes to excessive politicking, the government is as guilty as the opposition, says an official of Ideas. More ››

| January 1, 2017

Some comments and actions displayed an embarrassing lack of awareness of political or social norms. More ››

| December 20, 2016

Ahli Parlimen Pandan itu berkata mengikut formula penetapan harga oleh kerajaan, harga pasaran RON95 akan meningkat kepada RM2.20 seliter... More ››

| December 18, 2016

The Barisan Nasional strategic communications director takes PKR lawmaker to task for misinforming the public regarding the cost of... More ››

| December 14, 2016

If Malaysiakini's Premesh Chandran is indeed a member of OSF's Malaysia Advisory Committee, then action must be taken against... More ››

| December 5, 2016

Minister says Muhyiddin Yassin and Shafie Apdal were not fired over their criticism of 1MDB, but because they criticised... More ››

| November 16, 2016

Mediation is over a suit brought by the minister over an article and video clip posted by news portal... More ››

| November 14, 2016

Beliau mendakwa Rafizi melakukan aksi murahan demi meraih sokongan politik peribadi dan sedar pelanggaran undang-undang yang serius semasa melakukannya. More ››

| November 14, 2016

BN Strategic Communications team says the PAS-proposed Lebuhraya Rakyat is being built by Putrajaya to link to the toll-free... More ››

| November 8, 2016

He says Malaysia Rail Link Sdn Bhd is backed by the finance ministry and rubbishes claims that the ECRL... More ››

| October 26, 2016
abdul rahman

The location of a business will no longer be a factor that determines success, says Rahman Dahlan. More ››

| October 24, 2016

Pengarah komunikasi strategik BN memberi beberapa contoh yang ‘membuktikan’ Bersih terlibat dengan politik. More ››

| October 24, 2016

The BN strategic communications director provides examples "proving" Bersih is not apolitical as it claims to be. More ››

| October 24, 2016

Lawyers for Liberty's Melissa Sasidaran says the government cannot go on a witch hunt. More ››

| October 24, 2016

There are legal procedures that must be complied with first before companies are blacklisted, says Rafizi Ramli. More ››

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