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| June 20, 2012
Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad Ismail

The NGO blames Ahmad Fuad’s negligence for losses incurred during the Bersih rally. More ››

| May 22, 2012
Ambiga Protest

A group of petty traders are adamant on holding their night market protest outside S Ambiga's house. More ››

| May 5, 2012
Occupy Dataran Merdeka

Undaunted by last Saturday's Bersih 3.0 fracas and the events leading up to the rally, Occupy Dataran activists are... More ››

| May 3, 2012
bersih dataran

A lawyer points out that the Bersih 3.0 protesters did not violate a court order when they tore down... More ››

| April 27, 2012

There have been some noticeable differences between Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0, but what really can we expect to... More ››

| April 27, 2012
Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad Ismail

The KL mayor urges the public to stay away from Dataran Merdeka tomorrow and says 'security' issues will be... More ››

April 26, 2012

KL mayor uses a by-law to temporarily close the venue for the Saturday Bersih sit-in rally from tomorrow 6am... More ››

| April 26, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Mayor Ahmad Fuad Ismail seems to be caught in a dilemma and expressed his frustration to FMT... More ››

| April 25, 2012
Bersih DBKL

Bersih 3.0 and Kuala Lumpur Mayor are unable to reach an amicable settlement on the venue for the Saturday... More ››

| April 25, 2012

He also said that enough protesting had been done and the students should return to their books. More ››

| April 23, 2012
pc perkasa

Menurut Presiden Perkasa, jawatankuasa bertindak Bersih 2.0 sepatutnya bersyukur dengan keterbukaan kerajaan. More ››

and | April 19, 2012
students attacked in dataran merdeka

The students camping at Dataran Merdeka were set upon by some 50 to 60 men clad in black. The... More ››

| April 13, 2012
Dataran Merdeka

KL City Hall will make a decision over Dataran Merdeka after meeting with police next week. More ››

| January 19, 2012
Bandar Kuala Lumpur-20120119-00484

They speak of business losses and inconveniences to customers More ››

| December 21, 2011
sand mininng

Silted up flood retention pond poses a danger and affected Mutiara Bukit Jalil residents are dismayed over its legality More ››

| June 13, 2011

Residents of Bukit OUG condominium are worried hill slope development near their property is dangerous and want an... More ››

| May 13, 2011
kampung berembang demolition 2006

The Court of Appeal grants an ex-parte interim injunction to stop DBKL from demolishing the houses in Ladang Bukit... More ››

| April 23, 2011
Policereport against kl mayor n ft minister

We want the police to intervene on behalf of Bukit Jalil folk who have been at loggerheads with the... More ››

| March 24, 2011

Residents suspect that a LRT bridge will be built on the land now occupied by a Hindu cemetery. More ››

| March 11, 2011
bukit jalil

Two estate residents claimed they were assaulted by DBKL officers when they attempted to enter city hall. More ››

| March 3, 2011
bukit jalil people 1

Irate Bukit Jalil folk claim City Hall's latest notice of eviction is flawed and without proper legal basis. More ››

February 17, 2011

Jejantas RM10 juta setanding Singapura dan Hong Kong itu akan dibiayai sepenuhnya oleh KLCC Holdings - Datuk Bandar. More ››

| February 8, 2011

The opposition MP is seeking answers over the astronomical figures involved in the construction of walkways in the city,... More ››

| January 15, 2011
sara in bukit jalil 3

A deputy minister's visit to the Bukil Jalil estate turns ugly when the residents started to boo him. More ››

| January 14, 2011
k petaling 1

Penduduk Kg Petaling Bahagia kesal sikap membisu DBKL berhubung status sebidang tanah di perkampungan itu More ››