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| March 20, 2017

IGP says authorities in Port Klang had seized 250kg of the equipment, manufactured by Glocom, identified as running... More ››

| March 9, 2017

The UN report had identified Glocom as a front company run by North Korean intelligence agents that sells battlefield... More ››

| February 21, 2017

The United States, Russia, China, France and Germany are the world's top five arms traders. More ››

| September 7, 2016
Police Chief ACP Nik Ros Azhan

The 25-year-old victim broke both arms in the attack. More ››

| August 19, 2016

Security forces personnel are stationed at border areas to combat the smuggling of persons, firearms and drugs. More ››

May 5, 2012
najib razak baginda altantuya

What is not known to Malaysians is that another French company was named alongside the now infamous Perimeker in... More ››