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| July 19, 2017

Anwar says he will be transparent but warns that he will not be made a political tool. More ››

| July 13, 2017

After two years of slowing growth, declining investor sentiment and a corruption scandal involving a state-owned investment fund, Malaysia’s... More ››

| July 11, 2017

Bank Negara Malaysia's move to strictly apply policy on foreign ownership of insurance companies is good , says local... More ››

| July 7, 2017
najib mahathir

Perdana menteri berkata Dr Maahthir khuatir akan keterangan yang akan Anwar Ibrahim berikan kepada Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja ke atas... More ››

| July 7, 2017

Khalid Abu Bakar says besides needing to go through piles of documents to study each scheme, police are also... More ››

| July 7, 2017

An opinion piece in The Straits Times recounts events of the 1990s when Bank Negara was riding high in... More ››

| July 6, 2017

Former Bank Negara Malaysia governor declines to give any interviews to the media on current issues. More ››

| July 5, 2017

If confidence is restored, the former Bank Negara governor says, the ringgit will perform better, adding that it will... More ››

| July 3, 2017

Party’s vice-president Husam Musa says the company has already invited the public to invest in the project by selling... More ››

| July 3, 2017

Naib presiden Amanah itu berkata, orang ramai mungkin menjadi mangsa penipuan ekoran kelulusan konsesi 30 tahun kepada syarikat itu... More ››

| June 30, 2017

Cabinet decision to establish the Royal Commission of Inquiry made without any malicious or political intent, says minister. More ››

June 28, 2017

Instead of detariffication, which will penalise good drivers, Bank Negara should introduce the NFL scheme which will cost only... More ››

| June 28, 2017

Former Bank Negara assistant governor says Malaysia lost out in opportunity costs, following the US$10 billion forex losses in... More ››

| June 26, 2017

DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang supports RCI on forex scandal involving Bank Negara in early 1990s but questions... More ››

| June 25, 2017

Ahli Parlimen Klang Charles Santiago berkata, orang awam juga berhak untuk mengetahui sebab-sebab yang membawa kepada entiti-entiti terbabit didenda. More ››

| June 24, 2017

Bekas gabenor BNM, Zeti Akhtar Aziz berkata, siasatan kes 1MDB adalah tugas paling sukar ketika beliau mengetuai bank pusat... More ››

| June 24, 2017

Sidek Hassan yang mengetuai Pasukan Petugas Khas siasat kerugian forex pada 1980-an dan 1990-an mahu menutup isu itu. More ››

| June 24, 2017

Dr Mahathir, ex-finance minister Daim Zainuddin and former senior Bank Negara officials should be called to fill the narrative... More ››

| June 23, 2017

Sources say central bank sent letters on the issue last week to wholly owned insurers including the local units... More ››

June 23, 2017
mahathir-bnm-forex (1)

RCI on forex losses is meant to derail Mahathir, but whether he succeeds or not will depend on factors... More ››

| June 23, 2017

The companies are allegedly operating money games and pyramid schemes without authorisation or approval under the relevant laws and... More ››

| June 22, 2017

Penang CM asks if it will take another 25 years to form an RCI on 1MDB, following an inquiry... More ››

| June 22, 2017

Opposition leader says government should now agree to form a RCI to probe 1MDB in a bid to prove... More ››

| June 22, 2017

Haniff Khatri berkata keadilan asasi perlu diikuti dan bekas perdana menteri itu perlu didengari. More ››

| June 22, 2017

Kerajaan tidak sepatutnya menunggu lebih 20 tahun lagi untuk menubuhkan sebuah siasatan diraja ke atas 1MDB, kata pembangkang. More ››

| June 22, 2017

Central bank supports Royal Commission of Inquiry, saying it is paramount in preserving public confidence and maintaining a sound... More ››

| June 22, 2017

Kedua-dua pemimpin perlu mengambil iktibar daripada pengumuman penubuhan siasatan diraja itu. More ››

| June 21, 2017

This is to protect public interests by determining the extent to which the losses had affected national reserves. More ››

| June 19, 2017

Kata Solomon, tindakan RHB yang tidak sepatutnya dilakukan menunjukkan kelonggaran diberikan Bank Negara agar pihak bank boleh membuli pekerja-pekerja... More ››

| June 17, 2017

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man says Malaysian agencies are being humiliated by legal action in the US as they face... More ››

| June 16, 2017

DAP's Lim Lip Eng claims that police have refused to take action as the monetary transactions were mainly in... More ››

| June 3, 2017

Minister in charge of the Economic Planning Unit, Rahman Dahlan, praises Bank Negara Malaysia, saying its measures to curb... More ››

| June 2, 2017

Former PM calls on Apandi Ali to remove reports on 1MDB by Bank Negara, MACC and the auditor-general from... More ››

| May 31, 2017

Based on the SDDS format, the central bank says official reserve assets amounts to US$96.1 billion (RM411.6 billion), while... More ››

| May 26, 2017

Bank Negara governor Muhammad Ibrahim says revisions to support development of domestic expertise and capacity in core functions of... More ››

| May 23, 2017

With the inclusion of the two investment schemes run by a company with international investors, there are now 302... More ››

| May 22, 2017

This reflects the accelerated adoption of electronic fund transfers to displace cheques, says Bank Negara. More ››

| May 22, 2017

PayNet will serve as the operator of a shared payments infrastructure for wholesale and retail payment transactions in Malaysia. More ››

| May 22, 2017

They file police reports claiming to have been lured by the company’s 'gimmicky' events and promises of huge returns. More ››

| May 14, 2017

Dalam respons susulan senarai Peringatan Pengguna Kewangan BNM, MonSpace menerusi satu kenyataan diedarkan dalam 3 bahasa berkata, syarikat mereka... More ››

| May 12, 2017

Khalid Abu Bakar says they were caught during raids carried out at eight different locations in Penang. More ››

| May 5, 2017

Bank Negara Malaysia berkata ia tidak akan meminta maklumat peribadi atau penjelasan melalui SMS, panggilan telefon, e-mel, media sosial... More ››

| May 4, 2017

Pandan MP asks why Bank Negara did not act against the individual as withdrawing that much money in just... More ››

| May 4, 2017

DAP parliamentary leader says his statements in Parliament in early 1990s are public information and asks if a task... More ››

| May 4, 2017

Bank Negara orders all financial institutions to heighten vigilance in detecting accounts used by perpetrators of financial scams, and... More ››

| May 3, 2017

Investor takes to Facebook relating how she is yet to recover her RM2,170, and will file a complaint with... More ››

| May 3, 2017

Youths aged 20 to 29 made up more than half the number of those unemployed in 2016. More ››

| May 2, 2017

Investors are picking Malaysian stocks in view of increase in government spending ahead of possible general election later this... More ››

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