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| October 27, 2017

Myanmar's Catholic leaders are concerned the pope, who expressed sympathy for the Rohingyas, could trigger further upheaval if he... More ››

| October 6, 2017

Experts said Bangladeshi Islamist extremist groups could exploit the situation and forge closer ties with Rohingya militants. More ››

| October 5, 2017

King Bhumibol died last October aged 88 and his body has laid in state in a gold hall at... More ››

| August 5, 2017

Office of defacto leader Aung San Suu Kyi says border police began operation in Out Nan Yar village arresting... More ››

| May 20, 2017

Nothing is comparable to aqidah, for if you do not possess aqidah, your faith in your religion is fragile,... More ››

| December 2, 2016

Would the Buddhists in Myanmar try to wipe out the Rohingya if they were Buddhists too? More ››

| June 16, 2014
abd malik

Jaipp officer, who took away a Buddhist woman's body, should have discussed the matter with his department director and... More ››

| October 17, 2013

The Kota Kinabalu High Court ruled that under the Federal Constitution, parents determined the religion of an underaged child... More ››

August 17, 2013

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said such an action would be taken against any permanent resident holder who insults... More ››

August 13, 2013
buddhist dalam surau

Johor police have received six reports on the Sedili Besar incidents and are investigating the matter. More ››

| October 22, 2011

I was amazed that in Tibet, a Buddhist stronghold, you can still find a Muslim community here. More ››