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| November 16, 2017

Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali questions motive of lawyer in attempting to create a link between the NGO and the... More ››

September 29, 2017

Writer says that Christian phraseology does not often translate well in non-church settings and sometimes can give rise to... More ››

| September 25, 2017

Police report filed against Selangor speaker over autobiography by Muslim NGOs who question her call for 'Christians to come... More ››


Center for Religion and Society director Sivin Kit says religious leaders often don't want to be seen as 'compromising'... More ››

July 3, 2017

When abstracted from social reality, all religions can be presented as too lofty to shed light on the real... More ››

| June 26, 2017

Susanna Liew says all she knows about her husband’s abduction was from the media despite several announcements by police... More ››

| June 9, 2017
selva-kumar-new11 (1)

Earlier reports said Selva Kumar Subbiah had converted to Judaism while in prison, but a source says he did... More ››

| March 9, 2017

Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism says teachers of religion who incite hatred and contempt... More ››

| August 22, 2016

Throwing Namewee in jail not the best way to deal with such problems, says Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism,... More ››

| May 4, 2016

Sarawak chief minister pledges to introduce a clear policy on inter-religious disputes such as the case of Rooney Rebit,... More ››

| March 25, 2016

Association of Churches Sarawak express relief that court upheld freedom of religion as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. More ››

| January 26, 2016
baru bain

Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian says the PAS president's comments show he does not have wisdom or foresight. More ››

| January 23, 2016

PAS president's provocative statement seeks to ignite religious flames and create hatred, says church leader. More ››

| January 19, 2016

PAS president's statement that Christian missionaries were baiting for converts with money is true, says Sarawak PAS commissioner. More ››

| January 18, 2016

He alleges that missionaries use money as bait to win converts from among the underprivileged. More ››

| January 11, 2016

Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri says Christians have always had a good relationship with Muslims as their religion also promotes humility,... More ››

| June 13, 2015
Ariff Sabri

Raub MP lambasts talk of DAP as party of Christian evangelists. More ››

| May 30, 2015

Organiser aims to be catalyst for citizens, through love and not through confrontation or consultation More ››

| April 26, 2015

First service since protest passes peacefully, Anglicans and others show support More ››

| April 25, 2015
azmin janji

Selangor menteri besar says state government has given undertaking to protect all faiths. More ››

| April 21, 2015

We no longer live in the harmonious Malaysia of our fathers and the fathers before them. More ››

| April 19, 2015

Group gathers outside during Sunday service, says cross a challenge to Islam. More ››

| March 27, 2015
Conversion, Islam, Christianity

The father of the Sarawakian girl has lodged a police report against two Kelantanese teachers. More ››

| March 5, 2015
Jesus booklets, muslim upset

The booklets contain information contradictory to the teachings of Islam and used the word "Allah". More ››

| February 21, 2015

Parents get to take all four children out of Kinarut after CNY holidays. More ››

| February 6, 2015
kitab kristian

A police report says the books are in Malay and in comic form. More ››

| January 18, 2015
salleh keruak_sabah pendatang_300

Sabah political leader says better to focus on the issues of illegal immigrants and Muslim extremist instead of breakup... More ››

| January 14, 2015
kpop agenda

K-ristian agenda? Western subversive agenda? Let's talk sense for once. More ››

| January 12, 2015
kpop isma

Isma carries an article on its website saying Christianity is to blame for the molestation of young Muslims girls... More ››

| June 19, 2014
Ng Moon Hing400

BSM insists the 321 copies of the confiscated books be returned without further delay. More ››

| May 8, 2014
Chandra Muzaffar, Ahmad Farouk Musa, UiTM

1Malaysia Foundation director, Chandra Muzaffar, says the seminar was conducted in a manner contrary to the Islamic faith. More ››

April 17, 2014

Political leaders sing praises for Karpal and his never ending struggle for justice. More ››

February 6, 2014
allah issue

Hissing at each other over religion isn't bringing any good to anyone, nor does it indicate a healthy future... More ››

| January 15, 2014
Jeffrey Kitingan

Assemblyman Jeffrey Kitingan said the gag order showed that the PM and his federal cabinet are unable to stand... More ››

| January 4, 2014

Warning Prime Minister Najib Razak of religious animosity between Muslims and Christians having reached "fever pitch", two ex-ministers are... More ››

| January 4, 2014

Jeffrey Kitingan noted that Sarawak BN leaders had been braver and were backed by Chief Minister Taib Mahmud's stand... More ››

| January 4, 2014
Christopher Leong

The raid on the Bible Society of Malaysia violates Article 11(3) of the Federal Constitution, says Bar Council president... More ››

January 4, 2014
Police chief Mohd Shukri Dahlan

Selangor police also said that they had recorded statements from 10 individuals in their investigation into an statement... More ››

| January 3, 2014
Chua Jui Meng Dr Zul

Umno is using this issue as a diversion, but it is a case of ‘out of the frying... More ››

| January 3, 2014
alkitab dan bible

The Association of Churches in Sarawak has described the raid and actions of the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais)... More ››

| January 3, 2014

It wishes that the 1988 enactment will be rescinded but mindful of realities, it hopes authorities would stick to... More ››

January 2, 2014
dr mahathir mohamad

He claimed that churches and Christians in peninsular Malaysia ‘never’ used the term ‘Allah’ in the past and it... More ››

| December 26, 2013
Sarawak Christmas

There's a big difference between 'tolerance' and 'aceptance' and in Christian-majority Sarawak, Muslims are accepting Christmas and its... More ››

| October 17, 2013
allah decision

The 'Allah' judgment means the rest of the Islamic world is all wrong. Wow, what a moment – Jakim/Umno... More ››

| October 16, 2013
jeffrey kitingan

Bingkor assemblyman Jeffrey Kitingan feels the latest decision leaves no other possibility than a probable break-up of Malaysia if... More ››

August 23, 2013
Holy Bible

The three-member Court of Appeal panel unanimously dismissed the Catholic Church's application to strike out the government's appeal. More ››

| August 15, 2013

The page has been successful in using religion to divide Malaysians, with many users using Islam and Christianity as... More ››

August 11, 2013
joseph kurup

Religious and political leaders should engage with one another at the highest levels and to implement national transformation policies and... More ››

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