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January 31, 2015

Don't click on link or pay ransom: you'll only get more viruses, says government agency CyberSecurity Malaysia. More ››

July 16, 2012
A member of the public uses his tablet computer to film as Britain's Queen Elizabeth takes part in a walkabout from Windsor Castle to the Guildhall in Windsor

Designers and engineers are exploring new technologies that are the stuff of science fiction. More ››

May 17, 2012

Scientists make a "big jump forward" in brain-computer interface technology. More ››

| March 14, 2012

Seventy-one percent of official feedback oppose the Board of Computing Professionals Bill, but the government doesn't trust this result. More ››

| December 10, 2011

If passed, the Computing Professionals Bill 2011 will require Malaysia's IT workers to register, or be slapped with a... More ››

| January 22, 2011

Corporations and governments say they are concerned about the environment, but our writer has his doubts. More ››