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| September 22, 2017

African was too tough for five wardens at Bentong Prison. More ››

| August 13, 2017

Many Nigerian drug couriers, including students in Malaysia and Thailand, are reportedly involved in the global cocaine, heroin and... More ››

| April 11, 2017

Surendran, Latheefa Koya cite case of Aussie allowed access to lawyer, as proof of unfairness by Singapore in not... More ››

| March 14, 2017

Rames and Suthar Batumalai's family members asked to visit them in prison in view of new execution date set... More ››

| March 1, 2017

Lawyers defending Malaysian on Singapore death row want foreign minister to clarify country's stand if Malaysians travelling abroad run... More ››

| February 28, 2017

High Commissioner to Singapore also declines to reveal how many Malaysians are facing death penalty in island republic. More ››

| February 17, 2017

Lawyers, N Surendran and Latheefa Koya, slam authorities for denying them access to client to discuss judicial review filed... More ››

| February 6, 2017

It is unclear the basis for Putrajaya's objection and court has fixed March 7 to hear the matter, says... More ››

| February 3, 2017

Factory worker K Datchinamurthy wants to stop the execution from being carried out anytime now. More ››

| January 16, 2017

Lawyer N Surendran hopes both governments will act to save S Prabagaran's life before this case lands before... More ››

| January 9, 2017

The argument put forward by activist groups in Singapore, led by lawyer M Ravi, is that core elements involving... More ››

| October 13, 2016
Ramkarpal Singh

DAP lawmaker Ramkarpal Singh fears that one day, a judge would err in his judgment and send an innocent... More ››

| October 27, 2012

Death penalties have never proven to be a deterrent factor against crime, says Karpal and his son. More ››

| October 10, 2012
death penalty_file pix

Deputy Home Minister Abu Seman Yusop says there are 930 people on death row as of August, this year. More ››

| March 26, 2012
Yong Vui Kong

Malaysians convicted of drug crimes in Singapore are led to the hangman's noose, while citizens there are allegedly being... More ››

June 28, 2011

Defence counsel claims the evidence has been tampered with and wants a review of the case by the Federal... More ››

| June 15, 2011

Human rights lawyer M Ravi appeals to the Malaysian government to intervene on behalf of convicted drug trafficker Yong... More ››

| April 27, 2011
cheong chun yin

Singapore President gets a petition seeking clemency for death row inmate Cheong. More ››

| April 21, 2011

In a letter from Singapore’s death row, condemned drug mule Yong Vui Kong says he is resigned to his... More ››

| January 22, 2011

Convicted Sabahan Yong Vui Kong may have postponed his date with destiny but the hangman's noose is still hovering... More ››