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| November 29, 2017

The dynamic nature of the online markets and the ability of traffickers to evolve against efforts to shut them... More ››

| November 23, 2017

Padang Serai MP N Surendran says the government should introduce an amendment giving courts the power to decide on... More ››

| November 7, 2017

3 separate cases, all involving tourists arriving from Chennai, India, saw the smugglers with drug packets inside their carry-on... More ››

| September 21, 2017

Duterte did not refer to the allegations specifically but reiterated his statement from last year's election campaign that none... More ››

| September 11, 2017

Samantha Chong of National Legal Aid Foundation says lack of proper legal representation, especially for migrants, results in innocent... More ››

| September 9, 2017

Human Rights Watch issues this appeal after anti-death penalty activists who participated in a candlelight vigil were stopped from... More ››

| August 13, 2017

Many Nigerian drug couriers, including students in Malaysia and Thailand, are reportedly involved in the global cocaine, heroin and... More ››

| August 9, 2017

DAP MP welcomes government’s decision to abolish the death penalty for drug trafficking offences but wants it to go... More ››

| August 7, 2017

Minister Azalina Othman Said says other penalties such as jail terms will be allowed for consideration under the amendment... More ››

| July 27, 2017

Police also very concerned about drug abuse problems among school students in the state. More ››

July 20, 2017

Prabagaran died a victim of a system that was driven by its own relentless inner logic, a system that... More ››

| July 14, 2017

He was executed early this morning at Changi Prison. More ››

| July 13, 2017

NGO We Believe In Second Chances will hold vigil tonight after Singapore Court of Appeal dismissed Prabagaran’s application to... More ››

| July 7, 2017

N Surendran and Latheefa Koya say Singapore authorities cannot proceed with S Prabagaran's execution as there are proceedings pending... More ››

| June 30, 2017

Delivery man caught trafficking at MAS Cargo Complex, Penang International Airport. More ››

| June 2, 2017

Police say they seized drugs worth RM1.63 million, comprising 21kg of syabu hidden inside Chinese tea packets, 7,800 Eramin... More ››

| May 15, 2017

Deputy IGP does not rule out a reshuffle in the Bukit Aman Narcotics Department to facilitate ongoing investigations. More ››

| May 1, 2017

Arrest of two Malaysian drug kingpins last month comes after successful investigation and close monitoring by Thai cops. More ››

| March 14, 2017

Ecstasy pills are crushed, placed into 3-in-1 coffee sachets and sold for RM200 to RM300 at entertainment outlets in... More ››

| March 1, 2017

Lawyers defending Malaysian on Singapore death row want foreign minister to clarify country's stand if Malaysians travelling abroad run... More ››

| February 19, 2017

Judge didn't believe his story that he didn't know a black bag with him had more than a half... More ››

| February 17, 2017

Lawyers, N Surendran and Latheefa Koya, slam authorities for denying them access to client to discuss judicial review filed... More ››

| January 26, 2017

Muhammad Azhar Muhammad Zaini was charged with trafficking in 4,540g of cannabis by the roadside near a food stall. More ››

| January 18, 2017

Police say the explosives likely belong to a man serving time for a drug-related case. More ››

| December 27, 2016

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar says police monitoring situation after senior Thai police official claims syndicates using Penang... More ››

| December 9, 2016

Kedah police chief calls suspects a disgrace considering current Rohingya issue between Malaysia and Myanmar and urges migrants... More ››

| December 4, 2016

Police say Datuk Ong Teik Kwong was head of Gang 24, a crime gang involved in murder, extortion and... More ››

| November 21, 2016

The student was caught trafficking drugs worth RM23,450. More ››

| October 29, 2016

Malaysian ambassador confirms sports officer and a student held on Oct 20 and are being detained by police to... More ››

| August 7, 2016

27-year-old man arrives from Penang with 1kg of methamphetamine in packets wrapped in socks. More ››

| August 1, 2016

Subang Jaya district police chief says cannabis worth more than RM33,000, was seized during the raids. More ››

| July 26, 2016

Sarawannee Pisitsakunwong was charged with trafficking in 1,164.5gm of methamphetamine at the Bukit Kayu Hitam Immigration Complex. More ››

| August 8, 2015

Waythamoorthy calls for inquest into prisoner's death and action on Suhakam findings. More ››

| November 15, 2013
Yong Vui Kong

It calls for continued reforms in Singapore and debate in Malaysia on the death penalty More ››

| October 10, 2012
death penalty_file pix

Deputy Home Minister Abu Seman Yusop says there are 930 people on death row as of August, this year. More ››

| March 26, 2012
Yong Vui Kong

Malaysians convicted of drug crimes in Singapore are led to the hangman's noose, while citizens there are allegedly being... More ››

June 28, 2011

Defence counsel claims the evidence has been tampered with and wants a review of the case by the Federal... More ››

| June 15, 2011

Human rights lawyer M Ravi appeals to the Malaysian government to intervene on behalf of convicted drug trafficker Yong... More ››

| April 8, 2011
loh gwo burne

Kelana Jaya rep joins crusade to save Malaysian on death row More ››

January 15, 2011

PUTRAJAYA: The formal plea bargaining concept in criminal cases is expected to be implemented within three months, said Attorney-General... More ››