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| November 9, 2017

Sabah DAP secretary Chan Foong Hin says he is also concerned the loan for project will eventually be borne... More ››

| October 16, 2017

A survey by Cilisos.com uncovers foibles in electricity usage habits among Malaysians across the country and from various age... More ››

| September 26, 2017

Political analysts have called the initiative another move by the right-wing prime minister to bolster rural support ahead of... More ››

| August 7, 2017

Family member Jimmy Sidhu hopes Selangor MB will intervene and stop house from being demolished on Sept 20. More ››

| July 24, 2017

Situation made worse because Tenaga National Berhad has not given any reason for the frequent power failures. More ››

| July 17, 2017

The month-long Sabah Saidi 100 Lab was launched today to ensure that electricity interruption in minutes per customer is... More ››

| June 30, 2017

Minister Maximus Ongkili says the government will absorb rising costs of power supply caused by increasing gas prices. More ››

| November 27, 2016

The first outage was at 6.38pm yesterday and the other at 3.30am today. More ››

| October 28, 2016

Nothing should hinder anyone from helping to find ways to provide electricity supply to those in rural areas, says... More ››

| September 28, 2016

The Murum hydro-electric power dam is able to provide 944MW in power to industries, especially the Samalaju Industrial Park,... More ››

| July 13, 2016

Bank Negara Malaysia will likely leave its overnight policy rate unchanged when it meets today, says analyst. More ››

| April 21, 2016

Malaysian Consumers Movement says middle-income group has been hit by soaring charges due to more usage of fans and... More ››

April 20, 2016

Remote areas will get power supply through hybrid solar and micro hydro systems. More ››

| March 14, 2016

Bukit Tunggul village community leader also claims they were threatened by an “individual” from Jakoa and ordered to leave... More ››

| March 10, 2016

Sepang MP Hanipa Maidin is moved by plight of Orang Asli residents who live under such tough conditions. More ››

| March 9, 2016

These settlements in Dengkil have apparently been forgotten since independence. More ››

| February 6, 2016

Village committee says new route for controversial high-tension cables kept a secret for a year More ››

| August 1, 2015
Wan Ahmad Fayhsal, 1mdb

Researcher draws links between investment company and Malaysia's first nuclear power plant More ››

June 13, 2015

Any increase in costs to be absorbed by government, says energy minister. More ››

May 24, 2015

'It is amusing to see how 1MDB is being marketed or positioned as the saviour of the energy sector' More ››

April 11, 2015

Power demand growing at 3.1% a year until 2021, says minister More ››

| March 7, 2015
net metering ong

Serdang MP asks for all households and offices to sell solar power to TNB More ››

February 14, 2015

After Tenaga cuts electricity tariff, Guan Eng asked to explain. More ››

November 13, 2014

Federal government should provide special allocations for the 6,000 longhouses and villages in Sarawak. More ››

November 6, 2014

The decision was made to lessen the impact of the rationalisation of fuel subsidies and the uncertainty of fuel... More ››

| October 23, 2014
SESCO pencawang

CM's condition that a 20 per cent oil royalty must first be paid does not hold water. More ››

| March 9, 2014

The state should use the billions saved to solve the water shortage problem through innovative ways. More ››

January 23, 2014
Musa Aman

Chief Minister Musa Aman also took SESB to task over the recent statewide blackwide saying Sabahans had high expectations... More ››

| January 19, 2014
sabah kg tandup

With so few good roads connecting towns in Sabah, it would not take a military strategist to observe that... More ››

January 18, 2014
Maximus Ongkili

Sabah Electricity Board Sdn Bhd (SESB), which is still uncertain about what caused the outage, managed to restore power... More ››

| January 6, 2014
Jeffrey Kitingan

Everyone except the ruling Umno/BN government knows that the recent price hikes are caused by government policies in increasing... More ››

| January 1, 2014

Pakatan Rakyat has largely kept silent and a low profile over the series of price hikes announced by the... More ››

| December 24, 2013
najib santa hat

Local assemblyman Jeffrey Kitingan warned the federal government that taxes, tariff hikes and soaring prices of everyday items will... More ››

December 23, 2013
Mahadzir Khalid

Energy, Green Technology and Water Deputy Minister Mahdzir Khalid said small and medium-scale industries won't be imposed with the... More ››

| December 18, 2013
Jeffrey Kitingan

The deafening silence of BN parties and their leaders over the alarming revelations by Unicef of poor and... More ››

December 8, 2013

When asked why the subsidy gradualisation was being implemented after GE13, the prime minister said it was needed... More ››

| December 4, 2013
TNB meter

With the increase in electricity tariff next year, consumers should started using less power to reduce their bills. More ››

and | November 28, 2013
TNB meter

Pakatan MPs slam Putrajaya for proposing electricity tariff hike next year, citing it will burden the people further More ››

| November 27, 2013
Najib Malaysian

The price of everything has gone up since the general election but the prime minister is not listening to... More ››

| November 14, 2013

The government is optimistic that with the renewable energy option Sabahans will complain less about the energy woes affecting... More ››

| November 8, 2013
Loo Took Gee

Electricity could rise as much as 19%, from 33.5 sen/kWh to 40 sen sen/kWh, early next year when... More ››

November 5, 2013
Substation at Alam Mesra

Federal Minister Maximus Ongkili added that the aim was to tackle the components of electricity generation, transmission and... More ››

October 26, 2013
rumah panjang long house sarawak

The budget also provided RM20 million for the Rural Business Challenge programme aimed at encouraging the participation of rural... More ››

| September 2, 2013
Torstein  Dale Sjotveit

Why is Sarawak Energy Board CEO Torstein Dale Sjotveit being paid RM5 million a year to "oppress" Sarawakians,... More ››

| August 28, 2013
rafizi tnb meter

Party vice president Chua Jui Meng has launched an online campaign against the new digital meters. More ››

| August 22, 2013

An increase in the electricity tariff would galvanise the angry public, says MP. More ››

| July 31, 2013
essential goods  food and petrol

Chicken, electricity and maybe petrol prices on the way up. It will not be long before more Malaysians end... More ››

| July 23, 2013
Maximus Ongkili

A focused group has been formed under deputy Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Mahadzir Khalid to study, monitor... More ››

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