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| October 5, 2017

The prince pushed for a stop to overfishing by ending "perverse" government subsidies and promoting investments in sustainable ocean... More ››

| September 30, 2017

Wildlife Director Augustine Tuuga says his staff are working around the clock dealing with the issue of elephant herds... More ››

| September 29, 2017

However, assistant tourism minister Pang Nyuk Ming is cautious over possible strain on Sabah’s marine resources and the slow... More ››

| September 28, 2017

Sabah Wildlife Department suspects sea gypsies are responsible for poaching activities but is continuing its probe. More ››

| September 27, 2017

Sabah Wildlife Department officers are en route to the site and will issue a full report once the investigation... More ››

| September 20, 2017

Report says only a fraction of Kerala's demand for sand is being met from domestic sources, which has resulted... More ››

| September 15, 2017

Swapping cars for bikes is a cheaper, more environmentally friendly way of getting around and could also do wonders... More ››

| September 13, 2017

WWF-Malaysia says inadequate turtle protection laws in the peninsula lead to a high demand for turtle eggs there, which... More ››

| September 12, 2017

The authorities, who have identified the culprits and their modus operandi, aim to put an end to such activities. More ››

| September 12, 2017

Wan Junaidi reacts to an allegation about the use of Sarawak wood for the Olympic stadium in Tokyo. More ››

August 29, 2017

Source reduction and composting are some of the ways people can manage food waste better. More ››

| August 28, 2017

Minister Wan Junaidi says director-general of Department of Land and Mines can take action by not granting the land... More ››

| August 25, 2017

Department director Sam Mannan responds to Warisan's claims that Sabah government entered into a lopsided logging deal and addresses... More ››

| August 10, 2017

NGOs say East-Coast Rail Link will traverse Central Forest Spine which is home to sensitive and inter-connected ecosystems, and... More ››

| August 9, 2017

Sports minister allays fears that games will be affected by haze but says Jakarta still needs to take precautions. More ››

and | August 9, 2017
Anthony Tan Kee Huat, executive director of the Centre for Environment, Technology and Development Malaysia (Cetdem).

The Indian states in question say they want to conserve their natural resources, but what about Malaysia's own resources,... More ››

| August 8, 2017

Ecotourism hotelier calls for local and foreign tourists to be mindful of the environment, especially during holidays and trips. More ››

| July 30, 2017

The global NGO has been working to bring about zero deforestation, eliminate haze and protest against ecologically unsustainable oil... More ››

| July 25, 2017

Probe finds RM4,000 deposited into account of a company belonging to the suspect. More ››

| July 19, 2017

Architect says 10% green ratio requirement insufficient as green spaces are vital to any development from an environmental as... More ››

| July 14, 2017

Alberto Gomes says Malaysian children should be exposed to the culture and lifestyles of the indigenous community to eradicate... More ››

| July 14, 2017

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar orders departments under him to carry out an urgent audit... More ››

| June 27, 2017

Ecotourism & Conservation Society of Malaysia (Ecomy) says mining should not be carried out at the risk of public... More ››

and | June 21, 2017

Kepong MP says he is still reachable by phone despite DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng's claim that he had... More ››

| June 20, 2017

Society not motivated enough to be environment-friendly due to lack of awareness and education, says environmentalist. More ››

June 5, 2017

Malaysian Nature Society wants to provide professional advice to allied agencies to help minimise impact of the construction and... More ››

| May 29, 2017

The mixed-development project has yet to obtain approval from the Department of Environment, report says. More ››

May 25, 2017

Why do we need to spend RM1 billion to buy an incinerator when present sanitary landfills can solve all... More ››

| May 18, 2017

It is the most-used cooking oil and is in everything from pizza dough to ice cream, shampoo, soaps and... More ››


EcoMy CEO Andrew Sebastian praises the state government for acting to conserve Pulau Sembilan. More ››

| April 4, 2017

Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman urged to deny that the Sabah government allowed 250,000 acres of forest to be... More ››

| April 4, 2017

Graft-busters form information-sharing network with experts and activists to prevent environmental degradation facilitated by graft and power abuse. More ››

| March 31, 2017

Mary Ann Ooi Suan Kim explains how her passion for the environment led to her involvement in green entrepreneurial... More ››

March 7, 2017

If you're worried about the legacy you're leaving behind, do your part now to reduce, reuse and recycle. More ››

| March 6, 2017

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu says it has successfully released a million turtle hatchlings over the last two decades. More ››

| February 8, 2017

No tender loving care for Penang over the past nine years under opposition rule, says Penang Gerakan vice-chairman Oh... More ››

| January 25, 2017

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Jaafar says penalty will curb illegal encroachment on government land and widespread deforestation. More ››

| January 17, 2017

Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, taking a swipe at the proposal by Tengku Adnan to ban the use of small... More ››

| January 16, 2017

Gerakan's Jason Loo is too impatient to wait for the Penang government to rehabilitate Bukit Relau. More ››

| January 4, 2017

A meeting is to be held this evening to discuss the next course of action to keep the oil... More ››

| January 4, 2017

Selangor Customs director Hamzah Sundang says cases of ivory smuggling are becoming rampant with 15 cases reported at KLIA... More ››

| December 30, 2016

Sharifah Fareena says her mother's arrest shows that freedom of speech and expression are not accepted in Malaysia. More ››

| December 28, 2016

It 'reminds' Penang to wait until new environment study methods are ready before any reclamation work is carried out... More ››

| December 25, 2016

Its leader Raja Bahrin Shah responds to recent arrests of activists. More ››

| December 23, 2016

Sabrina Syed is prepared to pay a heavy price as she is a lover of the environment, says Peka... More ››

| December 23, 2016

Erosion at existing bauxite mines may lead to pollution of river and drinking water, says Kuantan MP. More ››

| December 23, 2016

Lawyer Siti Kasim highlights incompetence of police in handling the case involving senior officials of pro-environment NGO, Peka. More ››

| December 17, 2016
Penang Fishermen's Association Nazri Ahmad (centre) says the community is unclear about their future in the Penang South Reclamation project.

Penang fishermen not convinced by Penang South Reclamation EIA report that states their livelihood will not be affected. More ››

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