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| December 5, 2017

Death rates among those hospitalized for opioids have leapt from 0.43% to 2.02%. More ››

| October 26, 2017

Drugs were in two bundles under the seat of the man's motorcycle. More ››

| October 23, 2017

Crystal meth, 'yaba' overtakes opium-based drugs, as UN representative says drug manufacturers generating about US$30-US$35 bil a year. More ››

| August 23, 2017

Pasangan yang terbabit dalam kegiatan itu sejak setahun lepas, menjadikan rumah sewa mereka sebagai makmal memproses dadah. More ››

| August 13, 2017

Many Nigerian drug couriers, including students in Malaysia and Thailand, are reportedly involved in the global cocaine, heroin and... More ››

| July 15, 2017

They say the practice is inhumane and morbid, while being insensitive to the grief and anguish one has to... More ››

| May 1, 2017

Arrest of two Malaysian drug kingpins last month comes after successful investigation and close monitoring by Thai cops. More ››

| March 22, 2017

A Malaysian was also arrested after police had waited for his car for three days. More ››

| December 22, 2016

Motorcyclist's attempt to smuggle drugs worth RM195,000 foiled by Singapore immigration authorities. More ››

| August 2, 2016

Authorities have found ketum juice sellers in Terengganu lacing their drinks with heroin and morphine to get their customers... More ››

| April 30, 2015
maryy jane tembak

Traffickers trick unwitting Filipina would-be-maid into carrying suitcase of heroin to Yogyakarta. More ››

| February 11, 2014
Bukit Aman Narcotics CID Director Noor Rashid Ibrahim

STING uncovers drug laboratories operated by an international drug expert and another by local underworld group More ››

August 27, 2013

Between January and July this year, police police seized drugs worth RM185.71 million (5.35 tonnes) following 100,649 arrests nationwide. More ››

August 20, 2012

The duo were caught by customs officials at the Melbourne Airport. More ››

February 23, 2012
To match Insight MYANMAR-INDIA/

India appears ill-placed on the ground to exploit the opening in Myanmar after decades of isolation under military rule. More ››

February 20, 2012
To match Special Report MYANMAR/OPIUM

By Andrew RC Marshall TAR PU VILLAGE( Myanmar ): In Myanmar’s new war on drugs, meet the weapon of... More ››

May 12, 2011

Two Malaysians were charged with importing heroin into Australia and could be jailed for life. More ››