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| October 17, 2017

Malaysian Human Rights Commission chairman Razali Ismail calls for a human rights-based budget that also caters to the needs... More ››

| October 10, 2017

Penan headman tells Shinzo Abe the Sarawak company supplying wood for Tokyo's new national stadium for the 2020 Olympics... More ››

| April 20, 2017

Organisers say the forum, to be held this Sunday, will focus on empowering Sarawakian rights, not partisan politics. More ››

| March 17, 2017

For decades they have been locked in bitter battles with logging, palm oil and mining companies that have been... More ››

| March 7, 2017

Siti Kasim says Washington’s annual human rights report is an outdated view of Orang Asli land rights issue, adding... More ››

| January 13, 2017
(From right holding paper) Suhakam commissioner Lok Yim Pheng, Mengek Ahcai and Jengkeng Jani.

Human rights body says it will investigate Orang Asli villagers’ claim that Johor government and a developer are trespassing... More ››

| January 6, 2017

Sarawak activist says it is time to vote out complacent Dayak lawmakers who have done nothing except take care... More ››

| December 21, 2016

The state government needs only to table an amendment to the Land Code to expressly provide for the legality... More ››

| November 29, 2016

Atama Katama is among a new breed of indigenous activists, reaching out to young people through art, film and... More ››

| October 14, 2016

It urges the dismantling of any blockade leading to Orang Asli settlements and asks Kelantan to halt all logging... More ››

| September 28, 2016

DAP assemblywoman Violet Yong says if not monitored, the federal affordable housing programme could erode the state's rights regarding... More ››

| August 9, 2016

Saying it hasn’t heard anything since the formation of the committee, an Orang Asal NGO hands over memorandum to... More ››

| July 17, 2016

Sarawak CID chief says the suspect fled abroad on June 23, two days after Kayong was shot dead at... More ››

April 24, 2016

Talks to be held on request by Sungai Asap longhouse dwellers who were resettled 60km from dam site. More ››

| July 11, 2015

Court orders developer to negotiate new compensation deal More ››

| March 8, 2015
lim kit siang_sabah_land_300

People of Sabah must benefit from federalism, not just BN chiefs, says Kit Siang More ››

| November 25, 2013
Tijah Yop Chopil

The Orang Asli throughout the country are awakening to the loss of their lands and rights and demand that... More ››

| August 11, 2013
Orang Asli

The Malaysian aboriginal community is unhappy that Suhakam's National Inquiry Report, which it wants tabled in Parliament, is now... More ››

| July 29, 2012
Jeffrey at the demo with the people  in Pinangah

The Sabah government is yet to fully respond to the people’s grievances on NCR land grabs. More ››

July 13, 2012

A palm oil company brought jobs to remote villages – and headache to the Indonesian authorities. More ››

| March 21, 2012
Sabah Flag

Will the Sabah allow a motion to amend the State Land Ordinance 1931 as its interpretation has caused an... More ››

| November 16, 2011
kuala koh COAR

Bar Council Committe on Orang Asli Rights calls for more lawyers to join its fight for the Orang Asli... More ››

| October 3, 2011

After a period of silence controversial online radio station Radio Free Sarawak expects to continue its campaign to address... More ››

| May 19, 2011
Jannie Lasimbang

Suhakam to release findings by June next year. More ››