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| July 24, 2017

Lawyers for Liberty says in the past no action was taken in cases involving women activists Noor Farida Ariffin,... More ››

| July 24, 2017

Lawyers for Liberty says police must comply with the law and be fully accountable for every arrest and detention. More ››

| July 21, 2017

PAGE chairman Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim says it is up to children if they want to sing 'Despacito', which... More ››

| July 19, 2017

Lawyers for Liberty assist families over missing family members who were allegedly arrested by the police in Klang. More ››

| July 13, 2017

Lawyers for Liberty asks if the Kelantan government wants to inculcate among its people a behaviour where they cheer,... More ››

| July 10, 2017

Lawyers for Liberty executive director says judges, too, failed to resist the encroachment of the executive upon judicial independence. More ››

| May 12, 2017

Lawyers for Liberty joins chorus of those unhappy with the deportation of the trio to Turkey as they may... More ››

| May 8, 2017

Lawyers for Liberty says the programme should cover other segments affected by statelessness, like indigenous tribes, abandoned kids and... More ››

| May 5, 2017

Rights lawyer Eric Paulsen says it would be excessive to charge children under preventive laws. More ››

| March 30, 2017

Lawyers for Liberty says Sosma, which is meant to address genuine security offences, has instead been used by the... More ››

| March 17, 2017

Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen says applications for citizenship hampered by administration obstacles and burdensome requirements. More ››

| January 24, 2017

Bersih 2.0 and many other NGOs slam the department over the arrest of several Orang Asli and journalists. More ››

| January 24, 2017

Bersih 2.0 mendakwa jabatan perhutanan negeri melampaui bidang kuasanya, Suhakam menyeru pembaharuan perundangan dan LFL mengecam penahanan 2 wartawan. More ››

| December 6, 2016

Lawyers for Liberty berkata pihaknya dibebaskan dari dakwaan menggulingkan kerajaan pada 2012 More ››

| November 14, 2016

Lawyers for Liberty head Eric Paulsen questions government's classification of Auditor-General's 1MDB report as an offical secret. More ››

| November 5, 2016

Lawyers for Liberty chief says former minister Husni was acting in public interest and carrying out his duty as... More ››

| November 5, 2016

Eric berkata, menyalahgunakan kuasa polis sehingga ke institusi Parlimen yang sepatutnya selamat daripada sebarang penindasan menunjukkan ruang demokrasi sempit... More ››

| October 24, 2016

Lawyers for Liberty's Melissa Sasidaran says the government cannot go on a witch hunt. More ››

| September 28, 2016
Lawyers for Liberty

Malaysians take to social media to vent frustration over conviction of PKR vice-president under the Sedition Act, calling it... More ››

| September 24, 2016

NGOs lament that country still practises a punitive system as opposed to a rehabilitative one. More ››

September 4, 2016

721 inmates have died in Malaysian prisons between 2013-2016, said to be from diseases such as HIV, cancer, cardiac... More ››

| August 22, 2016

Lawyers for Liberty head Eric Paulsen wants authorities to work with organisers to facilitate peaceful assembly rather than work... More ››

| June 3, 2016

Sexual abuse of any person is not a private matter to be dealt with privately, but a matter of... More ››

| April 20, 2016

Human rights NGO says Attorney-General and IGP must take issues of state violence more seriously. More ››

| February 12, 2016

Suara Rakyat Malaysia says Sedition Act does not make sense in modern times. More ››

| February 9, 2016

LFL calls for attention to Anwar's health, says prison term a huge stain on Malaysia's reputation. More ››

| September 18, 2015

LFL demands that pending sedition cases be reviewed after the charge against Ali Tinju is dropped. More ››

| September 15, 2015

LFL demands urgent action against those who attacked a student leader and an LGBT rights advocate. More ››

| September 14, 2015

Eric Paulsen says rally organisers intend to inflame Malays against non-Malays. More ››

| February 24, 2015
judiciary eric paulsen

Eric Paulsen says the judiciary should not fear or resent public criticism no matter how “unjustified, intemperate and crude”... More ››

January 16, 2015

Dia sepatutnya tidak menggunakan debat sebagai peluang untuk menidakkan siasatan. More ››

January 12, 2015
Eric Paulsen

Penahanannya disahkan oleh Ketua Polis Negara. More ››

| January 12, 2015
Abdul Rani Kulup Abdullah

Islam tidak mengajar umat Islam untuk menjadi seorang ekstremis. Dia seharusnya kaji dahulu teks-teks dan isi khutbah Jumaat. More ››

| December 16, 2014
malaysian hudud

Implementing hudud in modern times is not only unrealistic but will produce the opposite result of Islamic justice and... More ››

| December 6, 2014
Chalkboard - Abortion

Lawyers For Liberty wants AG to review the prosecution and conviction of a Nepalese migrant worker for terminating her... More ››

October 20, 2014
friday prayez

Lawyers for Liberty opposes the plan to punish men who miss the Friday prayer three times in a row.... More ››

| October 8, 2014
lathefa koya bung mokhtar

PKR lawyer says tweet cannot be interpreted as a death threat by any stretch of the imagination. More ››

September 28, 2014

It accuses the authorities of bad faith in Ali Abd Jalil's case. More ››

| September 8, 2014

The government should consult with the Malaysia Bar and civil society to set up a Coroners' Court to supervise... More ››

August 20, 2014
Picture 6

The legal fraternity says the AG's sedition charge against Surendran could amount to contempt of court. More ››

| July 8, 2014

The DPA 1977 used to arrest and detain the homeless without a trial is heartless and mirrors the Internal... More ››

| June 19, 2014

The six-month suspension of the Padang Serai MP has dealt a serious blow to democracy, says Lawyers for Liberty. More ››

| June 5, 2014
n surendran

Lawyers for Liberty say police must investigate the BN bloggers who initiated the tweet. More ››

| April 14, 2014
Deputy Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar

Lawyers for Liberty calls for the IGP's resignation if he is unable to defend the rights of all Malaysians. More ››

| April 14, 2014

The family suspects foul play and wants to know how Harirajan died while in Kajang prison custody. More ››

| February 18, 2014
P Uthayakumar

The Sessions Court did not err in its ruling against Uthayakumar, says High Court judge Azman Husin. More ››

| January 13, 2014
Internal Security Act

Three NGO leaders are confident that the rakyat would say no to reintroducing the draconian law which was repealed... More ››

| November 16, 2013
eric pulsen

Lawyer for Liberty says Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia breached several standing orders in his decision to... More ››

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