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| July 24, 2017

Lawyers for Liberty says police must comply with the law and be fully accountable for every arrest and detention. More ››

| March 17, 2017

Eric Paulsen berkata, permohonan mendapat kewarganegaraan berdepan halangan pentadbiran dan keperluan membebankan. More ››

| February 25, 2017

Walaupun kajian menunjukkan tiada bukti hukuman mati mengurangkan kadar jenayah, kata peguam Eric Paulsen More ››

| January 24, 2017

Wakil NGO menggesa kerajaan Malaysia dan Wisma Putra mengheret Singapura ke ICJ kerana tidak menjalankan prosedur perbicaraan secara adil. More ››

| January 24, 2017

Lawyers for Liberty (LFL), Amnesty International Malaysia and Suaram say convict has constitutional right to life and want Malaysia... More ››

| November 14, 2016

Lawyers for Liberty head Eric Paulsen questions government's classification of Auditor-General's 1MDB report as an offical secret. More ››

| September 19, 2016

Criminal lawyer dismisses possibility of former Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim being placed under house arrest. More ››

| August 22, 2016

Lawyers for Liberty head Eric Paulsen wants authorities to work with organisers to facilitate peaceful assembly rather than work... More ››

| June 28, 2016
Eric Paulsen

Pihak berkuasa kesihatan awam perlu mengarahkan penyokong anti vaksin berhenti menyebarkan pandangan berbahaya dan tidak berasas mereka. More ››

| June 3, 2016

Sexual abuse of any person is not a private matter to be dealt with privately, but a matter of... More ››

| April 28, 2016

The Heat Malaysia journalist is being investigated by police in regards to her article on the Citizens' Declaration. More ››

| February 13, 2015

Eric Paulsen says our IGP should display more professionalism and respect the people’s right to “legitimate dissent”. More ››

| March 26, 2014
adenan satim

Sarawak state government chided for barring opposition leaders from entering the state More ››

| February 21, 2014

Lawyers say that Karpal Singh's conviction for sedition is misuse of the Sedition Act. More ››

| January 21, 2014
allah issue

A sincere open dialogue and a challenge of the Selangor state enactment is better way to resolve Allah issue. More ››

| December 28, 2013
The Heat

Online news agencies will be staging a protest on Jan 4 to highlight the plight of journalists and as... More ››

| December 23, 2013

Lawyers urges Attorney General to re-open the case and review the court of appeal's decision. More ››

| August 7, 2013

NGOs and the Bar Council say the National Harmony Act is just another name for the Sedition Act. More ››

and | May 22, 2013
N Darmindran custodial death

The family of N Darmindran were shocked to see him covered in bruises and his ears stapled. They suspect... More ››

| August 11, 2012

Lawyers for Liberty criticised a High Court judgment that sentenced a blogger to three months imprisonment for contempt of... More ››

| April 29, 2012

The lawyers were denied permission to see the detainees due to 'instructions from the top'. More ››

| June 10, 2011

LFL and PKR officials note inconsistencies between the police version of the Glenmarie shooting and the post mortem report. More ››