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| December 16, 2017

Snarl's Facebook page has a grim roll call of victims of the "Croydon Cat Ripper", as the killer was... More ››

| December 15, 2017

Several hundred phone boxes now house cash machines, while others are being turned into free and ultrafast wifi booths... More ››

| December 11, 2017

Seventy people were killed in the fire, including a number of children, while a stillborn baby was additionally recorded... More ››

| December 10, 2017

The main jewel of the family's possessions was a £40 million oil palm plantation in Malaysia. More ››

| December 9, 2017

Fake restaurant becomes London's top-rated eatery More ››

| December 7, 2017

The study involved 17 areas spanning six countries, and required an overhaul of data from a similar study conducted... More ››

| December 3, 2017

Chief minister says Najib has pledged to restore the state’s rights under the agreement. More ››

| December 2, 2017

The British capital saw 454 acid attacks reported last year, up from 261 in 2015 and 166 the year... More ››

| December 1, 2017

Seven devoted fans watched every episode consecutively. More ››

| November 18, 2017

Ketua Pesuruhjaya SPRM, Dzulkifli Ahmad berkata, permohonan itu akan dilakukan menerusi Jabatan Peguam Negara. More ››

| November 18, 2017

Replacing traditional fuel with this mixture can reduce the carbon emissions from bus journeys by 10 to 15%, without... More ››

| November 17, 2017
selva-kumar-new11 (1)

Once dubbed Canada’s “worst serial rapist”, he is believed to be looking forward to build a new life and... More ››

| November 17, 2017

Lelaki yang satu masa dulu dilabel perogol bersiri 'paling merbahaya' di Kanada itu mahu membina kehidupan baharu. More ››

| November 10, 2017

Bar president George Varughese says harassment or intimidation amounts to contempt of the UK courts. More ››

| November 9, 2017

Former minister says PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang risks losing more by pursuing suit against Clare Rewcastle-Brown, when benefactors... More ››

| November 6, 2017

Since Abdul Hadi Awang and Clare Rewcastle Brown have filed their pleadings in London court, the PM's statement... More ››

| November 4, 2017

Police action follows reports filed by Attorney-General Apandi Ali against blogger who made allegations of corruption and collusion in... More ››

| October 27, 2017

Deputy chief commissioner says agency in the midst of collecting evidence from foreign parties allegedly involved in the purchase. More ››

| October 24, 2017

Pandan MP claims Felda is obliged to do so under Companies Act. More ››

| October 23, 2017

The new measure is part of an 875 million pound effort by the mayor’s office to address air pollution... More ››

| October 21, 2017

MH1 lands safely at Heathrow airport after it had already taken off for Kuala Lumpur. More ››

| October 19, 2017

Naib presiden PKR itu berharap kenyataannya hari ini akan mendapat perhatian pengurusan tertinggi Felda yang mendiamkan diri selama ini. More ››

| October 17, 2017

Kempen itu bagi meyakinkan orang ramai sistem pengangkutan awam London selamat untuk semua lapisan masyarakat. More ››

| October 12, 2017

Felda chairman rebuts Rafizi Ramli's claims it would hurt Felda and says 54 parties are interested in buying the... More ››

| October 11, 2017

DAP leader asks if London trip to gather evidence in the fight for Sarawak autonomy was a waste of... More ››

| October 10, 2017

Alex turut memiliki beberapa kereta mewah lain yang juga bersalut emas kerap dilihat di sekitar kota London. More ››

| October 10, 2017

Felda bakal mengalami kerugian RM38 juta memandangkan perkhidmatan pangsapuri servis itu tidak menjana keuntungan sejak 2014. More ››

| October 7, 2017

British media report a man has been detained after a car mounted the pavement outside the tourist attraction in... More ››

| September 28, 2017

Experts say vertical and urban farming could be ways not only of facing up to population growth but also... More ››

| September 27, 2017

In addition to being the most popular destination in 2016, Bangkok is forecast to become the most visited city... More ››

| September 25, 2017

Bekas menteri itu berkata 'Malaysia sebuah negara Islam tenat yang mengajarkan kamu perkara salah'. More ››

| September 25, 2017

Former minister says Malaysia is a 'sick Muslim country which teaches you the wrong things'. More ››

September 24, 2017

DBKL is giving support to the anti-social elements that want to dictate our lifestyles according to their religious beliefs.... More ››

| September 23, 2017

The petition calls on London Mayor Sadiq Khan to reverse the decision to withdraw Uber’s license to operate ride-hailing... More ››

| September 23, 2017

Greg Hands, government minister for London, tweets displeasure at move that he says could put 40,000 people out of... More ››

| September 22, 2017

It said Uber's "approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues... More ››

| September 16, 2017

Penerbangan MH3 yang dalam perjalanan ke Kuala Lumpur terpaksa berpatah balik ke London, selepas juruterbangnya dimaklumkan mengenai kecemasan perubatan... More ››

| September 16, 2017

Flight #MH3 flight bound for KL from London was forced to return to Heathrow Airport after the pilot was... More ››

| September 16, 2017

The team has found documents on the formation of Malaysia, including the minutes of meetings of the Inter-Governmental Committee... More ››

| September 15, 2017

The incident comes after a series of terror attacks that have rocked Britain this year, killing dozens of people... More ››

| September 15, 2017

Ia selepas lawatan 3 hari ke Amerika Syarikat More ››

| September 11, 2017

London was placed first, followed by New York, Hong Kong and Singapore in the Z/Yen global financial centers index... More ››

| August 26, 2017

No members of the royal family were present in the palace at the time. More ››

| August 25, 2017

He cites personal and professional reasons for resigning, some six weeks after first expressing his intention to quit. More ››

| August 24, 2017

Keperluan mendapatkan keterangan saksi luar negara menyebabkan siasatan kes pembelian hotel di London tidak dapat diselesaikan dalam waktu terdekat. More ››

| August 18, 2017

Pengarah Strategi Amanah, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad Dr memuji agensi itu menahan bekas pengerusi Felda itu More ››

| August 18, 2017

MACC is seeking to determine if the acquisition of the 3-star Grand Borneo Hotel was made in the same... More ››

| August 17, 2017

Transparency International-Malaysia chief Akhbar Satar says usage of public funds in such organisations requires highest level of corporate governance. More ››

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