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| November 8, 2017

Bekas calon DAP Cameron Highlands mempersoalkan tanggungjawab kerajaan selepas menyaksikan nasib Orang Asli yang terpaksa meredah jalan uzur. More ››

| November 3, 2017

Former candidate for Cameron Highlands M Manogaran says he has been told by farmers that they fear similar operations... More ››

| October 24, 2017

M Manogaran says it will be a mistake to underestimate BN’s power in the area. More ››

May 23, 2017

After promising to construct a 300-bay parking lot to ease traffic congestion, the authorities have used the space to... More ››

| May 15, 2014
M Manogaran

He has proven his loyalty to DAP and the constituents want him, say civil society leaders. More ››

| May 14, 2014
Nga Kor Ming

Perak DAP remains tight-lipped amid speculation that newer, younger candidates could be named. More ››

| October 10, 2013
najib sri lanka

An ex-parliamentarian claims that the PM would not do so because human rights means little to the Putrajaya administration. More ››

| July 26, 2013
sri lanka

MPs and civil societies want the Malaysian government to scale back on its economic ties with Sri Lanka... More ››

| June 21, 2013

The Sri Muneswarar Kaliyaman Temple committee wants the FT minister to revoke an eviction order issued by the land... More ››

and | April 18, 2013
M Manogaran

DAP admits that M Manogaran is the underdog but hopes that he would be a giant killer in... More ››

| March 18, 2013
M Manogaran

M Manogaran says an officer ordered him to stop his ceramah or face attack by baton-wielding riot police. More ››

| March 15, 2013
M Manogaran

Three states hold the key and the time is ripe to move into Johor, Sabah and Sarawak, says... More ››

| March 4, 2013
M Manogaran ceramah disrupted

The Teluk Intan MP says the provocateurs should have been arrested. More ››

| February 26, 2013
DAP Five

Grassroots members say the party must sack the mastermind and his minions. More ››

| February 20, 2013
M Manogaran

The parliamentary caucus also wants Malaysia to boycott this year’s CHOGM. More ››

| December 7, 2012

DAP’s Manogaran says it is not mere perception of racial discrimination that makes Malaysians want to vote out the... More ››

| November 14, 2012

After 55 years of BN rule, do the Indian community want more of the same? More ››

| November 9, 2012

Opposition DAP is against MIC holding its Deepavali open house in Batu Caves and has criticised the party's attempt... More ››

| October 24, 2012
Indian businesses

Amanah Ikhtiar holds back more than 90% of RM100 allocated last year. More ››

| October 11, 2012
custodial death pc by pakatan

The police are accused of denying medical treatment to lorry driver P Chandran. More ››

| October 8, 2012
teluk intan

Management infighting has caused the half-done project to be abandoned. More ››

and | September 28, 2012

Opposition MPs strongly suggest that Budget 2013 is all about the general election. More ››

| September 13, 2012
karpal Singh

Grassroots leaders say Chua Soi Lek is harping on a non-issue. More ››

| September 11, 2012
Manogaran M Teluk Intan MP

Teluk Intan MP M Manogaran says a DAP candidate must not be a bankrupt, an alcoholic or a... More ››

| August 28, 2012
temple 1

The Sri Muneswarar Kaliyaman temple committee attempts to get a stay of execution on developer Hap Seng Sdn Bhd's... More ››

| June 28, 2012

An NGO leader claimed that Sri Gading MP Mohamad Aziz was working with the deputy prime minister to... More ››

| April 17, 2012
Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham

Ketiadaan kemudahan ikat jamin, pemalsuan saksi dan bukti merupakan antara perkara yang dibimbangi oleh Ahli Parlimen Beruas. More ››

| April 4, 2012
Najib Barisan Nasional

When it comes to the guessing game over the general election date, the nation's sixth prime minister is the... More ››

and | March 19, 2012
sri lankan tamil refugees

When it comes to atrocities committed in war, all the government seems to care about is Palestine, ignoring other... More ››

| March 5, 2012
sri lanka tamil

BN must condemn civil war abuses or lose support from Malaysian Indians, says DAP’s Manogaran. More ››

| February 2, 2012

The defence contractor failed to get a hearing for the RM480-million suit against the government. More ››

| December 6, 2011
Ramasamy P - DCM II & DAP Pg deputy chairman  (8)

Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy says Karpal Singh was not targeting him when he said certain DAP... More ››

| December 5, 2011
Karpal DAP

It’s the CEC, the party supreme decision-making body, which decides on candidates and seats, says the DAP national chairman. More ››

| November 4, 2011

Deputy finance minister Awang Adek Husin throws a lifeline to N Rajasekaran who was denied his insurance claims despite... More ››

| October 18, 2011

A bank employee alleges that a prominent local bank has refused to disburse his claims under permanent disability although... More ››

| October 17, 2011

What's the point of having hi-tech security features in the new MyKad, if you have corrupt officers issuing them? More ››

| October 10, 2011
anti hudu leaflets

Khalid Samad smells Umno’s involvement. More ››

| July 13, 2011
Teluk intan MP M manogaran and senator s ramakrishnan

The Teluk Intan MP will engage with New Delhi and Tamil Nadu in the interest of Sri Lankan Tamils. More ››

| July 3, 2011
sri lankan tamil refugees

Malaysian parliamentarians who visited Sri Lanka recently say no efforts have been made at reconciliation or improving the living... More ››

| June 22, 2011

Deputy Speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar disallows debate on Sri Lanka’s 'internal affairs'. More ››

| June 13, 2011
story kugan

The counsel for late Kugan's family questioned the impartiality of the MMC inquiry. More ››

and | May 23, 2011

DAP and MIC Indian leaders flay PSD for running its own kingdom in the distribution of scholarships to high... More ››

| April 19, 2011
banjir flood perak

BN sering melaung-laungkan bahawa mereka adalah pembela rakyat tetapi dalam isu yang kritikal ini mereka gagal ambil tindakan. More ››

| March 22, 2011

Instead of a quit BN dare over Interlok, secretary general S Murugesan invites DAP's Manogaran to work as a... More ››

| March 21, 2011

It should quit BN for failing to defend Interlok amendments, says M Manogaran. More ››

| March 16, 2011

With four months to go before SPM examinations, Bukit Gantang MP Nizar Jamaluddin is in disbelieve that Speaker Pandikar... More ››