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| October 20, 2017

Asean Today says such a scenario is not possible as Malaysia is divided along ethnoreligious lines, and those in... More ››

| October 10, 2017

Parti Cinta Sabah says it views the Chinese in Sabah and Sarawak as part of one big family and... More ››

| October 3, 2017

He says Mat Taib's recent statement shows his party is out of date and desperate to cling on to... More ››

| December 8, 2014

The message of moderation makes its way into the public sphere with a bang, but will it make an... More ››

| September 27, 2014
Ariff Sabri-Raub

Ariff Sabri blames politicians in power for the shortcomings of the Malays. More ››

June 18, 2014

Surely but slowly bigots and extremists in our midst are desecrating our freedom. More ››

| May 1, 2014
perhimpunan agung umno1

Sloth, greed, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony and pride plague us all but seems difficult for Umno to eradicate or... More ››

| December 3, 2013
Umno Malaysian

Affirmative policies that favour one race is no longer tenable and given the excesses of the past and the... More ››

| October 21, 2013
Umno Malaysian

The Malays want Umno to be more responsible and more accountable for what they do – whether for the... More ››

| October 18, 2013
Masyarakat Cina UMNO

The race for vice-presidency in Umno has open wide a can of worms and ill feelings harboured far too... More ››

| October 17, 2013
allah decision

The 'Allah' judgment means the rest of the Islamic world is all wrong. Wow, what a moment – Jakim/Umno... More ››

| October 17, 2013

The entire 'Allah' episode was all about Putrajaya vs the Catholic Church...the Herald was merely collateral damage More ››

| October 10, 2013
najib zahid ali rustam

What is causing Umno leaders such insecurity that makes them desperate enough to want to spill blood among... More ››

| September 14, 2013
Masyarakat Cina UMNO

The Umno-led BN government is simply doing what it has said it will do – in private and by... More ››

July 31, 2013
umno canteen

The party should respond to the true yearnings of the people or the end is nigh. More ››

| May 17, 2013

The most important concern of the Chinese is fairness in the system – especially in education, business and the... More ››

| July 20, 2012
Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

Controversial columnist Ridhuan Tee says upholding Islam meant defending the Malay race as a whole. More ››

| July 20, 2012
zahid hamidi

However, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi claims that the concept is not one of unchallenged dominance of the Malays. More ››

| July 9, 2012

Malays have suffered the most not at the hands of the Chinese or any non-Malays but at the hands... More ››

| July 5, 2012
ibrahim ali perkasa

We should take lightly the misperception that Perkasa is a violent bully, employing strong-armed tactics and misbehaving.. We should,... More ››

| May 13, 2012

Umno used the May 13, 1969 racial riots to remind the Chinese and non-Malays not to question 'Ketuanan Melayu'... More ››

| March 7, 2012
bn spr

The ruling coalition has four distinct methods of winning the general election and this includes cheating. More ››

| January 28, 2012
hang tuah umno org melayu

Only the rakyat can put a stop to all these unethical abuse of cards in the coming 13th general... More ››

| January 27, 2012
Election SPR Edt

Why would the Malays give their votes to Pakatan when they know that Pakatan is committed to dismantling Ketuanan... More ››

| January 3, 2012
umno general assembly

The interest of Malays can be fought on any political platform other than Umno's. More ››

| January 2, 2012
1Malaysia Najib

According to Wikipedia, the 1Malaysia concept aimed to re-kindle 'ethnic harmony' but the opposite seems to be in place... More ››

| December 27, 2011

Even the Malays are now fed up and revolted by Umno's lies, deceit and hypocrisy. More ››

| November 26, 2011
tun dr mahathir

The former prime minister is still harping on the over used line that the 'Malay struggle' is far from... More ››

| July 26, 2011
Azmi Sharom UM (2)

Law lecturer Azmi Sharom sees great relevance in the message behind the class action. More ››

| May 4, 2011
najib malaysian

Najib is screaming himself hoarse on Malay unity instead of calling for the general election to secure his own... More ››

May 3, 2011
ibrahim ali rela

The mind of Perkasa is 'corrupted by the spirit of zeal and bigotry'. More ››

| April 26, 2011

MIC says Perkasa has the right to defend the Malays, but it must not cross the boundaries of civility,... More ››

| April 13, 2011

The history syllabus is bent on marginalising the contributions of other races, claims a Gerakan politician. More ››

| April 12, 2011
Sarawak Election-Najib

The prime minister's decision to take up temporary residence in Sarawak is an unprecedented move by any prime minister... More ››

| February 2, 2011
p waythamoorthy 1

The series will begin with a protest against Interlok at KLCC on Feb 27, says Hindraf chairman P Waytha... More ››

February 1, 2011

The prime minister thinks that Malays are divided because of the different political ideologies advocated by three Malay factions. More ››