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| November 10, 2017

Mok Choy Lin sentenced to 2 months in prison for flying a drone over parliament. More ››

| September 27, 2017

Ansa news agency says the man became upset after seeing the young couple kissing in front of Islamic centre. More ››

September 26, 2017

Such practices as laundertte or other services for Muslims only is not right in a multi-racial and multi-religious country... More ››

September 13, 2017

PH should ensure that equality and respect for coalition partners prevails all the time, and impress upon Malaysians the... More ››

| September 7, 2017

PKR strategy director Sim Tze Tzin offers some advice ahead of the PM’s White House meeting next week, and... More ››

September 5, 2017

Many people point the finger at PAS as the culprits for the rift in the opposition. More ››

| August 30, 2017

There is a 3% increase compared with last year’s findings throughout the country. More ››

| August 27, 2017

The cosmetic surgeon was suspended last year for alleged botched surgeries. More ››

August 22, 2017

Cigarettes available in kiddie packs will only encourage sales and do nothing to help reduce smoking among Malaysians. More ››

August 21, 2017

Merdeka Day should be a reflection on how we want to live every day of our lives, not just... More ››

| August 6, 2017

Peguam aktivis Azhar Harun tindakan 'memesongkan' DEB membawa kepada kelahiran 2 kumpulan orang Melayu - golongan minoriti elit yang... More ››

| May 31, 2017

80 people killed and 350 others wounded in Wednesday morning's explosion in a diplomatic district in Kabul. More ››

| May 30, 2017

Home minister says 400 terrorists from within the country and overseas are in Marawi, Mindanao, fighting security forces there.... More ››

| May 30, 2017

Former minister says only a secular government that promotes a secular education system can stem the rise of radicalism... More ››

| April 20, 2017

Customs officers found two tubes containing methamphetamine weighing 14g that had been inserted in his anus. More ››

| April 14, 2017

James Lee, 69, says he was able to overcome 'cold air' affecting his chest following advice from professional sherpa... More ››

| April 1, 2017

Woman from Sungai Petani studying at institute of higher learning detained when she sought treatment at government hospital. More ››

| March 7, 2017

A relative of one of the 11 Malaysians now caught in the diplomatic standoff with North Korea says there... More ››

| December 31, 2016

The BN team did not factor in an important element, that it's more expensive to build underground, he says. More ››

| December 25, 2016

Lots of foreign workers join in church services in Malaysia, their second home. More ››

| December 13, 2016

Chemical engineering student in Australia is charged with withdrawing money deposited into her bank account by error and going... More ››

| December 2, 2016

Penang Umno delegate Shaik Hussein Mydin alleges the former deputy prime minister had racist views when he was... More ››

November 11, 2016

If race, religion, gender and creed is what drives one to pick one's government, then that is exactly the... More ››

| October 6, 2016

Ken Ong, a two-term councillor, hopes his background in engineering and business will help him run the city more... More ››

| September 8, 2016

He is accused of trafficking into Indonesia 11.3kg of crystal meth. More ››

| September 2, 2016

Malaysian Medical Association President John Chew says it is a disease which can be easily prevented by maintaining hygiene.... More ››

| August 29, 2016

24-year-old was travelling with three Taiwanese tourists when the vehicle they were in rolled over in Halls Creek, Western... More ››

| August 27, 2016
Zika viru

The 47-year-old woman was down with a fever, rash and conjunctivitis since Aug 25 and tested positive for Zika... More ››

| July 21, 2016

They will invest in seven sectors, including renewable energy and biodiesel, in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. More ››

| July 12, 2016

The 20-year-old kicked her in the spine and face while she was sleeping, affecting her vision. More ››

| July 7, 2016

According to Oriental Daily, the victim and her husband were involved in a Pyramid scheme in China. More ››

| July 6, 2016

Thai police say the dispute was over the purchase of land and the hired gun was arrested while hiding... More ››

| May 22, 2016

They were found hidden in secret compartment under back seat of car at Woodlands Checkpoint. More ››

| May 18, 2016
Photo credit: Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia’s Facebook page

Teo Kim Len is overjoyed at being recognised as a Malaysian as it means she can now travel to... More ››

May 17, 2016

Chinese national complaints of mistreatment by Thai police at hearing over attack in which five Malaysians among 20 killed... More ››

| May 12, 2016

The officer is caught on camera screaming at a Malaysian biker for allegedly throwing his passport at him at... More ››

| April 29, 2016

She was picked up in a raid by the Australian police in June last year and sentenced to a... More ››

April 28, 2016

The defending champion has already won a record eight world championships but has seen her game falter lately. More ››

April 12, 2016
FC Bari 1908

Italian newspapers claim the club's president and former referee, Gianluca Paparesta, confirmed reaching an agreement about the sale... More ››

April 4, 2016

Group that abducted four Malaysians off Ligitan Island yet to contact anyone. More ››

March 14, 2016

Umno Welfare Bureau Chairman Shamsul Anuar says many other news portals critical of government are still operating. More ››

February 23, 2016

SDMK will be one of its global suppliers of jigs for composite repair of aircraft rudders and elevators under... More ››

| February 16, 2016

Terrorism expert believes this could spell trouble for Southeast Asia as all IS directives will have to be obeyed... More ››

| April 29, 2015
pekerja malaysia

Nearly 40 Malaysian illegal workers, including an alleged ringleader, have been detained by Australian authorities More ››

| March 27, 2015

When we all stand up for each other no matter what our race, that's when we can proudly call... More ››

| February 25, 2015

Authorities found the animals in the Malaysian’s belongings during a routine inspection at the Woodlands Checkpoint. More ››

| February 23, 2014
Liow Tiong Lai

Liow says it is time for all citizens to call themselves Malaysian. More ››

March 3, 2012

A British judge told two men who pretended to help a Malaysian during the London riots to expect lengthy... More ››

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