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| October 17, 2017

Just ask the Sultan of Johor. More ››

| October 9, 2017

Hannah Yeoh says this shows decisions by the speaker and assembly cannot be subjected to civil or criminal proceedings... More ››

| August 7, 2017

Tunku Zain Al-’Abidin Tuanku Muhriz of IDEAS says it's important to educate youths to understand role of Malay rulers... More ››


Ramkarpal Singh says current system where MPs make laws is truly reflective of a democracy. More ››

| June 13, 2015

He should keep out of politics otherwise...we'll whack him, says Nazri about Tunku Mahkota More ››

| October 25, 2014
Ali Abdul Jalil

Activist Ali Abdul Jalil seeks political asylum in Sweden in a bid to escape sedition charges in Malaysia. More ››

September 12, 2014

Central to the current Pakatan Rakyat-Sultan crisis is the issue of citizenship and the exercise of power in a... More ››

August 28, 2014

PAS might be better off declaring it wants to get out of Pakatan and to implement its Islamist agenda... More ››

June 30, 2014
mahathir pc

The former prime minister says the new laws to replace the act will not be able to prevent all... More ››

| November 22, 2013
Wan Ji Wan Husin

A religious teacher claims that the monarchy system is never part of Islam. More ››

August 19, 2013

An ex-judge believes this would curb the mocking and belittling of the system. More ››

July 3, 2012
bersih montage

The government, a creature of the people, has forgotten that the citizens are also under the protection of the... More ››

May 28, 2012

The show will be at Buckingham next Monday. More ››

February 10, 2012

A recent spike in cases of lese majeste in Thailand has sparked intense discourse on the subject. More ››

June 22, 2011
King Mohammed

King Mohammed has taken a step forward to devolve some of his powers to Parliament but it may not... More ››

January 24, 2011

BN, Pakatan assemblymen trade heated exchanges at an emergency sitting of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly. More ››