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| December 13, 2017

Police suspicions confirmed after finding stab wounds on bodies. More ››

| December 12, 2017

The 54-year old suspect is alleged to have murdered the victim at an oil palm plantation. More ››

| December 8, 2017

Nagako Tomioka, chief priestess of Tomioka Hachimangū, was brutally murdered by her younger brother Shigenaga. More ››

| December 8, 2017

Both victims were said to have been attacked outside the factory where they worked. More ››

| December 8, 2017

The 16-year-old said he had taken RM4,000 and used it to treat his friends. More ››

| December 6, 2017

Family’s lawyer hopes the bully-murder case will be expedited. More ››

| December 1, 2017

Kenneth Franklin Shinzato was found guilty of raping and murdering Rina Shimabukuro. More ››

| December 1, 2017

Yendi Guadalupe Torres Castellanos was murdered in her car in Pánuco. More ››

| November 30, 2017

A police witness says the Vietnamese woman charged with the murder had the opportunity to get rid of the... More ››

| November 29, 2017

A witness says the vials contained Atropine which is an antidote for poisons including VX and insecticide. More ››

| November 29, 2017

Kenneth Branagh is brilliant as Hercule Poirot, the world famous Belgium detective with a keen eye and a helluva... More ››

| November 28, 2017

Dr Nur Suraya Jamalludin says this condition could cause wheezing. More ››

| November 28, 2017

At least nine people connected to the murders have been arrested. More ››

| November 24, 2017

The Supreme Court has sentenced Oscar Pistorius to 13 years and five months' jail, overturning his previous 'shockingly lenient'... More ››

| November 21, 2017

The Federal Court, in finding that a trial judge had acted as prosecutor and asked a prosecution witness incriminating... More ››

| November 20, 2017

Justice Azman Abdullah says the prosecution has established a prima facie case against all the accused. More ››

| November 18, 2017

Immigration Department DG says police have given them a detailed description of the murder suspect, known as Sharat... More ››

| November 17, 2017

High Court judge Azman Abdullah rules prosecution was unable to establish the motive for the murder of real estate... More ››

| November 16, 2017

15-year-old girl talks about the horrific moments when her parents and brother were killed by her father’s worker. More ››

| November 15, 2017

The 21-year-old has been charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code, which carries the mandatory death sentence upon... More ››

| November 15, 2017

Policeman says he was not well after he touched the T-shirt of Indonesian accused Siti Aisyah, which had traces... More ››

| November 15, 2017

Like his other victims, Shiraishi reportedly used social media to draw her in, telling her he could help her... More ››

| November 14, 2017

The coroner says there's evidence that demands police investigate persons, particular inmates or prison officers, involved in a drug... More ››

| November 8, 2017
Kevin Morais_law3

The 6 accused will find out if they have to enter their defence. More ››

| November 8, 2017

ASP Wan Azirul Nizam testifies that it raised some doubt, as he tells court that two N Koreans he... More ››

| November 6, 2017

Investigating officer says Special Branch info showed there was another North Korean who called himself 'James', but immigration has... More ››

| November 6, 2017

Neither the suspect’s identity nor any possible motive were disclosed by authorities, but law enforcement officials who were not... More ››

| November 1, 2017
waytha-1 (1)

The inquest into the death of S Shashikumar, who was in jail for stealing rice and sardine cans, ended... More ››

| November 1, 2017

Lawyer Americk Sidhu, who is appearing for A Santamil Selvi, says all defendants, with the exception of one, have... More ››

| October 31, 2017

South Korean report says two agents from North Korea's spy agency have been arrested and are being held in... More ››

| October 28, 2017

Tunku Alang Reza Tunku Ibrahim was one of two persons killed in a road accident in Mersing yesterday, say... More ››

| October 27, 2017

She was found guilty of committing the offence with her boyfriend. More ››

| October 26, 2017

klia2’s closed circuit TV recordings show images of alleged mastermind Hanamori and another two men, identified as Mr Chang... More ››

and | October 25, 2017

Investigating officer says the four men still at large used nicknames and the police do not have any other... More ››

| October 23, 2017

Car repossessor charged with murdering him and attempted murder of banker's wife. More ››

| October 13, 2017

Two other guards have also been charged with voluntarily causing hurt to Nik Muhammad Baihaqy Nik Mat and Muhammad... More ››

| October 12, 2017

One activist says the owner should have been told to pay a fine or take out a licence for... More ››

and | October 11, 2017

Investigating officer says the money is still kept in the safe of the Sepang police chief. More ››

| October 11, 2017

High Court judge Justice Azmi Ariffin proposes Oct 24 for visit after requests from lawyers to visit crime scene. More ››

| October 11, 2017

Judge dismisses their applications to stay their defence pending outcome of a striking-out suit. More ››

and | October 10, 2017

Investigating officer says it was as if the accused was carrying out an attack on the North Korean. More ››

| October 10, 2017

The video, first screened by Japanese TV, shows Kim Jong Nam being transported on a stretcher after he was... More ››

| October 10, 2017

Ali Arkady, 34, admitted to being pressured into hitting two suspects during a torture session to save his own... More ››

| October 4, 2017

Pathologist says he found drugs for high blood pressure, gout, diabetes and erectile dysfunction in Kim Jong Nam’s blood... More ››

| October 3, 2017

The incident happened at the same place where two other navy men had died after being assaulted. More ››

| October 2, 2017

Witness Juliana Idris says the man's hands were trembling when he made a complaint at the airport’s customer care... More ››

| October 1, 2017

The three Royal Malaysia Navy personnel, remanded for seven days, will assist in probe into the deaths of two... More ››

| October 1, 2017

Indonesian Asria Nur Hasan says Siti Aisyah told him before the incident she had got a job ‘shooting a... More ››

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