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| October 4, 2017

Some of the unclaimed funds date back 40 years. More ››

September 27, 2017

Writer calls for all leaders to guide the nation onto the right trajectory to remain progressive, modern, moderate and... More ››

August 21, 2017

Merdeka Day should be a reflection on how we want to live every day of our lives, not just... More ››

| July 23, 2017

Umno Youth chief says Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim of the opposition coalition are willing to betray their former... More ››

| November 30, 2016

Association for Orang Asli slams magistrate for allowing further detention of husbands and fathers, whom families depend on... More ››

| November 25, 2016

About 1,000 people, mostly Rohingya, march from Masjid Tabung Haji in Jalan Tun Razak to the embassy in Jalan... More ››

| November 24, 2016

He says reports on these projects were sent to the Sabah state secretary and heads of departments. More ››

| November 21, 2016

Training providers have been paid fees amounting to RM2.39 million under the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Scheme. More ››

| November 21, 2016

Deputy Minister wonders if Pasir Salak MP's childish outburst is an acknowledgment that those with the surname 'Kok' are... More ››

| November 21, 2016

Auditor-General discovers discrepancies in prices of teaching and learning equipment. More ››

| November 19, 2016

More than a million Malaysians living overseas remain concerned about developments at home, group says. More ››

| November 17, 2016

Academics warn against blind acceptance of religious teachings. More ››

| November 17, 2016

Steering committee member Jay Jay Dennis warns disallowing the Bersih 5 rally will tarnish Malaysia's reputation. More ››

| November 16, 2016

Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen says he is appalled by Monash's warning to its students that they... More ››

| November 11, 2016

Women, Family and Community Development deputy minister says family setting best for children to develop proper social skills and... More ››

| November 10, 2016

Dewan Rakyat Speaker claims former PM was among those responsible for repealing the Parliamentary Services Act 1963 in 1992... More ››

| November 10, 2016

PKR lawmaker Wong Chen says Donald Trump will dismantle TPPA and reduce focus on foreign policy as he looks... More ››

| November 10, 2016

Pakatan Harapan's first convention will see the coalition and its partners agreeing to straight fights against the BN. More ››


In the face of high obesity rates, proponents of good health are requesting that Malaysia follow USCF's footsteps... More ››

| November 10, 2016

Chandra Muzaffar gives three ways in which strong relations with China will benefit the country. More ››

| November 9, 2016

Former Umno divisional leader Khairuddin Abu Hassan says former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is much more relevant than... More ››

| November 9, 2016

Pakatan Harapan leaders indicate willingness to sacrifice traditional seats after Politweet warns three-cornered fights, coupled with the redelineation... More ››

| November 9, 2016
aziz bari

Aziz Bari: Investigate Salleh Keruak too for article on Mahathir-era bailouts. More ››

| November 8, 2016
Fahmi Fadzil

DAP lawmaker Zairil Khir Johari and PKR Communications Director Fahmi Fadzil say Jasa's forum in Sydney is a... More ››

| November 8, 2016

Conflicting statements from PAS leaders are making it hard for the DAP to work with the Islamist party, says... More ››

| November 8, 2016

In written reply to Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, Finance Ministry reveals Bank Negara investigated Joanne Yu and... More ››

| November 5, 2016

Saying there is nothing MPs can do even if they are dissatisfied with the budget, the Batu MP, nevertheless,... More ››

| November 4, 2016

Opposition MPs say too many questions left unanswered regarding City Hall's Budget 2017 draft. More ››

| November 3, 2016

Steven Sim offers three examples to prove that numbers trotted out by the PM in his Budget 2017 speech... More ››

| November 3, 2016

Khalid Abu Bakar says the increase in street crimes is because police are unable to be present at all... More ››

| October 31, 2016

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia vice-chancellor and economics professor Noor Azlan Ghazali says that capabilities are important in order for a... More ››

| October 30, 2016

Mahathir Mohamad supporter Kadir Jasin says Najib may not realise that he is killing the legacy of his father... More ››

| October 30, 2016

Mahathir loyalist says he will continue to help the party with the campaign to topple Najib and BN. More ››

| October 30, 2016

Ongkili says the issue is included in the party constitution and PBS is willing to co-sponsor a motion in... More ››

| October 29, 2016
Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj

Sungai Siput MP questions the value of privatised contracts to three consortiums since 1996 More ››

| October 29, 2016
Chef Wan

Celebrity cook Chef Wan says he was not aware and was invited at the last minute to be present... More ››

| October 24, 2016

Police only wanted to speak to one of the SIS staff members on a separate matter, says Executive Director... More ››

| October 24, 2016

The BN strategic communications director provides examples "proving" Bersih is not apolitical as it claims to be. More ››

| October 24, 2016

Rumah Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Batu Gajah says inmates had to be placed in pens at night as they... More ››

| October 23, 2016

Sepang OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Aziz Ali says report was completely fabricated. More ››

| October 23, 2016

Umno Youth deputy chief says keeping mum on corruption among members of the opposition proves Bersih 2.0 is nothing... More ››

| October 23, 2016

Perkasa president calls for financing and loan fund for commercial properties and business premises. More ››

| October 23, 2016

Tuanku Syed Faizzuddin receives his credentials for five-year term until December 2021. More ››

| October 23, 2016

Mahathir supporter says Red Shirts leader is a 'two-bit gangster' for wanting to spit on ex-premier's hand. More ››

| October 22, 2016

It’s not about how much is given in the Budget, it’s about how it’s being used, says Sarawak DAP... More ››

| October 19, 2016

The man is believed to have stolen his superiors' cars from Bukit Aman before selling them off in Selangor.... More ››

| October 19, 2016

A Pakistani national and his accomplice have been arrested. More ››

| October 14, 2016
Azizan Osman

Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh says the guidelines on the issue will be available in two months' time. More ››

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