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| November 17, 2017

The deputy chief minister says the state government has formed a task force to propose amicable and practical solutions... More ››

| November 7, 2017

Baru Bian says the refusal to legally recognise age-old land rights concepts of ‘pemakai menoa’ and ‘pulau galau’ has... More ››

| June 19, 2017

Coalition of nine Dayak NGOs also criticise silence from Sarawak state government over court ruling in Bill Kayong murder... More ››

| June 14, 2017

38 civil society organisations say the acquittal of three suspects in the murder shows that police, prosecution and, by... More ››

| April 8, 2017

Abang Johari Openg menggesa pentadbirannya melindungi hak harta Melayu seperti Tanah Hak Adat Bumiputera yang digunakan untuk melindungi tanah... More ››

| April 8, 2017

Abang Johari Openg calls for his administration to protect Malay property rights similar to how Native Customary Rights used... More ››

| April 7, 2017

The Sarawak pro-autonomy advocacy group says the forum will feature expert speakers who will also speak on several other... More ››

| April 1, 2017

Opposition leaders paying Abang Johari a courtesy call leave with the assurance that the deputy chief minister is looking... More ››

| March 15, 2017

Federal Court allows appeal by state government and four timber companies. More ››

| February 9, 2017

Sarawak Chief Minister Abang Johari Openg says state government will study in depth the land issues related to pemakai... More ››

| January 10, 2017

Baram PKR chief calls for Sarawak government to have political will for total reform to ensure a just society... More ››

| January 9, 2017

Only a Dayak would be able to understand the culture of the natives, their Adat, customs and traditions, especially... More ››

| January 6, 2017

Sarawak activist says it is time to vote out complacent Dayak lawmakers who have done nothing except take care... More ››

| December 21, 2016

The state government needs only to table an amendment to the Land Code to expressly provide for the legality... More ››

| December 5, 2016

The state government said a daily had misreported the issuance of temporary land-clearing licences as logging licences. More ››

| October 8, 2016

Pemilik tanah yang terlibat dalam projek Empangan Baleh diminta bersikap lebih realistik dalam menilai harga tanah mereka. More ››

| September 5, 2016

It was alleged that Ahmad Zubair failed to act on the award of NCR lands in Sarawak to two... More ››

| July 6, 2016

Mazlan berkata, siasatan juga menjurus kepada aspek berkaitan tanah NCR, pembabitan mangsa dengan badan-badan bukan kerajaan dan perkara serta... More ››

June 23, 2016

Miri Police Chief ACP Junaidi Bujang says those making reports of extortions or criminal acts of violence often could... More ››

| May 4, 2016

Minister says PM is giving CM his full backing and Adenan should be given another five years to further... More ››

| May 1, 2016
baru bian

Pengerusi Perhubungan PKR Sarawak berkata duit tidak menyelesaikan masalah sekiranya kerajaan tidak pedulikan hak Orang Asal More ››

| February 24, 2016

Second Minister of Resource Planning and Environment says this is proof the state recognises the importance of Native Customary... More ››

| March 25, 2015
rumah panjang_samseng_miri_300

A company involved in the land dispute is using gangsters to harass and intimidate the Orang Asal into submission. More ››

| January 12, 2015

Court quashes land alienation by Sabah government, saying they failed to give sufficient notice to natives claiming native customary... More ››

| November 5, 2014
sabah land scam

Sabah Lands and Surveys Department (LSD) denies its staff are involved as middlemen in running land scams. More ››

| October 24, 2014
palm oil logging

Using Orang Asal as nominees, public companies do not show these shady transactions in their annual reports. More ››

| September 27, 2014
Screen shot 2014-09-27 at 10.43.10 AM

The Sabah Government should not expect the poor villagers affected to engage lawyers and take the matter to Court. More ››

| September 25, 2014

Douglas Uggah says the party will keep championing important causes so that the people can live a better quality... More ››

| August 22, 2014

MPOB yang memerintahkan kilang memberhentikan penerimaan buah tandan segar (FFB) dari ladang-ladang yang diragui. More ››

| August 13, 2014

Pemilik tanah berkata tanah NCR telah diwujudkan oleh nenek moyang mereka sejak dahulu lagi bahkan sebelum Rajah Putih datang... More ››

| August 7, 2014

Boustead Pelita Kanowit Sdn Bhd did not contravene the Land Code and the joint venture has been declared “Native”... More ››

| July 10, 2014

The Chief Minister is unaware of rulings in the courts that NCR land includes 'pemakai menua', 'pulau galau' and... More ››

| June 25, 2014

Penduduk dibenarkan untuk kembali ke tanah asal mereka More ››

January 18, 2014
Richard Malanjum

Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak also said there was a need to familiarize the legal fraternity with ... More ››

| December 21, 2013
native land sarawak

The Court of Appeal again confirmed that the ‘pemakai menoa’ and ‘pulau galau’ land groups fall under native customary... More ››

November 14, 2013

It urged the state government to 'appropriate legal action' against illegal loggers. More ››

| November 4, 2013
Arrested villagers (2)

A villager's 9-year-old son was among those arrested for allegedly stealing oil palm from a company which encroached into... More ››

| October 8, 2013
gun shooting

Saya memuji pasukan polis negeri Sarawak di atas tindakan pantas mereka untuk menahan pihak pekerja sebuah syarikat perladangan di... More ››

| September 18, 2013

Despite the government’s decades long ‘development policies’, bulk of Sarawak is still without clean treated water, road and electricity. More ››

| September 1, 2013
YB Baru bian (1)

As such the best solution for Dayaks seeking a solution following the recent federal court ruling is to approach... More ››

| August 26, 2013
Rubber market news - Daily update rubber price, rubber market news

In fact Risda state director Wahid Marican Mohamad Daud Marican is "unsure" if Baram comes under its jurisdiction. More ››

| August 15, 2013
fmt montaj Daniel Tajem

Dayaks should take a page from the works of the Treaty of Waitangi Tribunal which deals with native Maori... More ››

| August 11, 2013
Orang Asli

The Malaysian aboriginal community is unhappy that Suhakam's National Inquiry Report, which it wants tabled in Parliament, is now... More ››

| August 6, 2013
mahkamah putrajaya

The Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry says the ‘tungkus asi’ adat referred to in the July 11... More ››

| July 26, 2013
protest baram

Komuniti di Kampung Long Panai Tutoh di Baram mendakwa tanah adat mereka di cerobohi Syarikat Pusaka KTS Forest walaupun... More ››

| July 25, 2013
YB Baru bian (3)

Will vocal Sarawak Barisan Nasional leaders support a motion to amend the state Land Code involving NCR land if... More ››

| July 18, 2013
NCR land

Land development practices currently taking place in Sarawak warrants amendment to laws governing native customary rights land, say... More ››

| July 17, 2013
sarawak dayak ladang kelapa sawit

The Dayak community, especially the Ibans, is told to welcome a Federal Court decision which recognises the existence... More ››

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