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| October 24, 2017

All were students of SMK Pitas 2. More ››

| January 18, 2017

Seramai 185 mangsa banjir turut dipindahkan ke 3 pusat pemindahan di Kota Marudu. More ››

| January 4, 2017

Sabah Civil Defence Force director says Sungai Kebatasan and Sungai Bengkoka rose to the danger point this morning. More ››

| February 1, 2015
Monyet proboscis

Kajian mengenal pasti hutan bakau Pitas sebagai salah satu kawasan habitat banyak haiwan di seluruh Sabah. More ››

| January 30, 2014
Daniel John Jambun

The Sabah Islamic Affairs Department's endorsement of the contentious conversion-for-cash of 74 dirt-poor natives is against the Malaysia... More ››

| December 31, 2013
udang sabah

Meanwhile Sunlight Inno Seafood Sdn Bhd, which reportedly ignored a RM30,000 fine slapped on it by the Environment... More ››

| December 27, 2013

Some 1,600 hectares of a gazetted mangrove area is being hacked to make way for a shrimp industry in... More ››

| July 2, 2012

Angry land-grab victims of the Rungus, Kimaragang, Sonsogon and Sungei tribes in northern Sabah have pledged to defend their... More ››