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| November 14, 2017

CEO says aim is to increase overseas investment portfolio to 15% from present 12% as global returns are higher. More ››

| November 12, 2017

Socio-Economic Research Centre's Lee Heng Guie says policies and facilities should be focussed on catering to the needs of... More ››

| October 28, 2017

How will the prime minister deal with the country's ageing population whose EPF savings are insufficient for a decent... More ››

October 25, 2017

According to the EPF, 70% of members who withdraw their funds at age 55 use up their savings less... More ››

| September 7, 2017

Hamdan Mohd Hassan was arrested by MACC earlier this year over alleged abuse of power in an e-passport contract... More ››

| September 3, 2017

Khalid Abu Bakar, who has been with the police force for four decades, plans on picking up new culinary... More ››

| August 23, 2017

Noor Rashid Ibrahim assumes the IGP post next month. More ››

August 11, 2017

Pensioners are not familiar with using ATM cards to retrieve their pensions as they are used to doing so... More ››

| July 27, 2017

Stephen Moore to play one more season with Queensland Reds in 2018 after his international retirement. More ››

| July 13, 2017

Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz says benefits to the country are huge with Malaysia My Second Home contributing... More ››

| July 10, 2017

Hanipa Maidin calls on Raus Sharif to decline the extension of his term in office, claiming that it was... More ››

| July 9, 2017

Lawyer Jagjit Singh says the two men will assume the new roles to extend their respective tenures as chief... More ››

| June 26, 2017

Proposed move will undermine independence of judiciary and create uncertainty among judges regarding their career, says Abdul Hamid Mohamad. More ››

| June 5, 2017

An expert says most Malaysians risk financial problems when they retire. More ››

| April 9, 2017

I am hoping that Lin Dan and I can continue playing for a few more years, says Lee Chong... More ››

| March 30, 2017

Retired chief justice Zaki Azmi offers tips to judges on writing judgments and warns them against procrastinating. More ››

| March 30, 2017

The judges will have accumulated the legal experience and maturity by that age to deliver sound decisions, says Naran... More ››

| January 5, 2017

Website International Living praises Malaysia's street food, friendly people, interesting architecture as well as its four Unesco world heritage... More ››

| December 5, 2016

He also suggests doing away with judicial commissioners as they do not enjoy security of tenure and this can... More ››

| November 10, 2016

UUM Deputy Vice-Chancellor says financial planning for retirement is crucial because an urbanite retiree needs at least RM1,500 monthly... More ››

| September 21, 2016

Chief Justice, Court of Appeal president and Chief Judge of Malaya to serve another six months after hitting mandatory... More ››

September 1, 2016

If you are easily distracted or frustrated at work, dread Mondays and crave weekends, then it may be time... More ››

| August 26, 2016

He says there may be a split among Gua Musang Umno members if he quits. More ››

May 15, 2016

About 65% of EPF's 6.7 million contributors have less than RM50,000 savings, and can only last five years. More ››

| February 29, 2016

UniSza lecturer says it will be a waste if the knowledge of these professors is not passed to young... More ››

| January 30, 2016

EPF cut would drastically reduce workers savings and would be most felt by 80 percent of contributors More ››

October 31, 2015

Ismail says his ministry proposes to allow exceptions to retirement age of 65 More ››

March 7, 2015
Retirement planning

Civil services union points to higher retirement age in developed countries More ››

| January 10, 2015

While many young adults are planning an early retirement, the elderly are content to spend their golden years working. More ››

February 9, 2014
taib PBB

PBB and Sarawak BN component parties said they respect his decision and will support his chosen successor. More ››

July 23, 2012

Contributors can allocate money to a wide range of products under a new scheme. More ››

| July 18, 2012

Sarawak women have launched a Facebook petition against the federal government's decision to raise the age limit of EPF... More ››

June 26, 2012
Allen, Woody

The acclaimed filmmaker talks about movies, old age and the benefits of celebrity. More ››

| October 25, 2011
chua soi lek

MCA says the amendment will give the Director-General of Income Revenue Board too much power. More ››

| October 7, 2011
Budget 2011

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak brings good news to the country when he tabled Budget 2012 in Parliament. More ››

| May 30, 2011

Putting private sector employees to pasture at the age of 55 is equivalent to a brain drain. Trade unions... More ››