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| October 13, 2017

Police say they traced the Penang chief minister’s information officer following reports lodged against him, and made the arrest... More ››

| September 28, 2017

Author says his release was 'greatly facilitated' by the contact of former Turkish president Abdullah Gul with Malaysian royalty. More ››

| August 18, 2017

Johor crown prince says Malays will only turn to the royal institution when they're 'stuck and desperate'. More ››

| August 10, 2017

Police say suspect was picked up at medal presentation ceremony. More ››

| June 11, 2017

Abang Johari Openg says company will collaborate with Petronas which is agreeable to the proposal to conduct joint explorations... More ››

| April 19, 2017

Sarawak DAP leader Chong Chieng Jen says BN backbencher chairman should have saved his stern words demanding oil royalty... More ››

| March 15, 2017

PAS challenges premier to resolve grievances to prove that he is different from a former leader who wanted to... More ››

| March 7, 2017

'Thank God we got them in the nick of time,' says top cop. More ››

| February 9, 2017

It's time social media users learn from the mistakes of others. More ››

| October 13, 2016
najib bon

Siamese community in Malaysia also conveys its deep sympathies, saying the late King would be remembered as a true... More ››

| October 13, 2016

Singer says he married at a mosque named after his forefather in Southern Thailand. More ››

| October 8, 2016
Istana Alam Shah

After taking his oath at Istana Alam Shah, the prince must leave the state for seven days. More ››

| June 17, 2016

Johore Bar Committee says Johor lawyers always prepared to defend critics of royalty, and if none were available, the... More ››

| June 11, 2016

After the death of her son, Sultan's consort says nasty comments from the public no longer affect her. More ››

May 27, 2016

More than 15 years of dispute over payment of royalties to singers, musicians due to multiple bodies managing payments... More ››

| May 12, 2016

The Tunku Mahkota of Johor claimed on Wednesday that his phone was being tapped and his movements were monitored... More ››

May 5, 2016
Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd

He is detained in Bandar Indera Mahkota, Pahang, for using Facebook to make the comments. More ››

April 28, 2016

The state government is now making money from the Bakun dam, which is the biggest in Southeast Asia. More ››

January 9, 2016

Police cyber squads ordered to go after 'those who abuse social media' More ››

December 6, 2015

Johor prince's remains interred next to tomb of Sultan Iskandar in royal mausoleum. More ››

November 29, 2015

Brother of Kedah sultan and heir to the throne dies of old age at 86 More ››

| August 22, 2015

Crown prince tries to stake out central role of influence in midst of jostling for national leadership More ››

| August 2, 2015

Johor football team page features group photogaph under a slogan about leaders and leadership More ››

| May 2, 2015

Book published to mark enthronement of Perak's 35th ruler More ››

| April 12, 2015

Resolutions adopted on two full dress ceremonial days, and punishment for offenders. More ››

April 11, 2015

Culture and customs take pride of place in May ceremonies for 35th Sultan of Perak. More ››

| April 4, 2015
Yang di- Pertuan Agong

Menteri Besar and state secretary both say Sultan Abdul Halim in good health. More ››

| March 22, 2015

May not get a good rest tonight...I want everything to be perfect, no room for mistakes. More ››

March 21, 2015
Sultan Johor_iram tabal_300

Water from 10 rivers in Johor sprinkled on royal couple ahead of coronation. More ››

| March 15, 2015
Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar_diet_300

'Excited' ruler takes lots of fruit and veg to prepare for once-in-lifetime event. More ››

| November 24, 2014

DAP’s Tony Pua says all CAA’s revelations that embarrassed the country must be investigated and its business approvals withdrawn. More ››

| August 27, 2014

At the same time, Sarawak wants to participate in the oil and gas industry, “not just stand and stare”. More ››

| April 25, 2014
Musa Aman Pelantar Minyak

Will he make Sabahans grateful and happy or will he please his Putrajaya masters? More ››

| April 23, 2014
Najib Musa Aman Taib Mahmud

It is understood that Sarawak's Taib Mahmud-mentored regime is also seeking to swap royalties for a stake in the... More ››

| March 31, 2014
Najib Petronas Borneo

When premier Najib lifted the Emergency proclaimation on Nov 23, 2011, three governing laws ceased to have any... More ››

| March 31, 2014
Maijol Mahap

Umno youth leaders conspicuously missing from line-up of Sabah BN youth leaders demand for better oil deal for state More ››

| February 2, 2014
Jeffrey Kitingan

With the disclosure, Jeffrey Kitingan has put all six federal ministers and four deputies from Sabah in an awkward... More ››

| August 23, 2013

Has Senior Sarawak Minister James Masing 'misread' the law and agreement between the state and Petronas on oil royalty? More ››

| July 9, 2013

With new oil fields opening and bigger productions, it is vital that the Sabah government push for better returns... More ››

| June 20, 2013
jeffrey kitingan

Opposition assemblyman Jeffrey Kitingan's takeway from the first post GE13 assembly sitting was that the DUN had lost its... More ››

June 9, 2013

A law lecturer says there is no need for a new Treason Act because existing laws were adequate... More ››

April 2, 2013
najib razak

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak says such a move will affect the national oil company's ability to invest... More ››

| October 17, 2012
oil drill

It is highly unlikely that the current BN regime will give Sabahans the 20% oil royalty it is demanding,... More ››

| September 25, 2012

Production sharing terms with oil companies the government liases with comes first, Najib said. More ››

| August 27, 2012
taib petronas

Why is Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, who has been silent about the 5% oil royalty for the past 30... More ››

| August 26, 2012
Petronas Sabah

Sabah opposition has described PBS' soon-to-be tabled resolution as a 'face-saving gimmick' for Joseph Pairin Kitingan who co-signed the... More ››

August 22, 2012
musa aman1

Chief Ministers Musa Aman and Taib Mahmud believe that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak will listen to their... More ››

| June 20, 2012

In 1993 it was Umno which mobilised the whole nation into a frenzy demanding to do a King Philip... More ››

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