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| May 15, 2017

The Penang wing of the Malay rights group lodges police reports against Vell Paari and organisers of the protest... More ››

and | October 22, 2016
Chinese, Indians

Mereka mahu bahagian yang adil, bukan umpan pilihan raya, kata ahli Parlimen DAP More ››

and | October 22, 2016
Chinese, Indians

MPs from DAP say the proposals are meant merely to attract voters from the two communities. More ››

| October 16, 2016

For three years, bus driver Mohana has been living with his injury and providing for his family because surgery... More ››

| June 27, 2016

It will help bring back the support of the Indian community to BN, says MIC deputy president. More ››

| June 24, 2016
S Vell Paari

S Vell Paari says Rafizi’s statement confirms there is leakage of information from MACC. More ››

| January 3, 2015

Pihak berkuasa perlu melihat perkara ini secara serius dan menyiasat kejadian ini. More ››

| April 29, 2014

Gerakan chief wants to meet PAS supremo Hadi Awang to discuss hudud. More ››

| March 19, 2014
S Vellpaari, G Palanivel, MIC

After being issued a show-cause letter for allegedly criticising the president, Vell Paari has now been made the strategic... More ››

| March 7, 2014
MIC Vell Pari

Former MIC strategic director S Vell Paari will be issued a show-cause letter for issuing statements against the party... More ››

| March 6, 2014
S Vellpaari, G Palanivel, MIC

Vell Paari has urged the Natural Resources and Environment Minister to be more proactive on the haze situation and... More ››

| March 4, 2014
vell paari palanivel haze

The environment minister, says an MIC man, should be appointed as the country's Special Envoy of Temples in India. More ››

| February 4, 2014
g palanivel_mic president

MIC president G Palanivel has come under fire again, this time for not fielding strong candidates in Penang and... More ››

and | August 27, 2013

At least 10 parents from the SK Seri Pristana decide to transfer their children out of the school... More ››

and | July 25, 2013

MIC sources claim that the appointment of S Sunther to the party's central working committee runs foul of... More ››

| July 23, 2013
Students 'forced' to take meals in toilet area

A primary school in Sungai Buloh cordons off its canteen area with red plastic tape, forcing its non Muslim... More ››

| July 17, 2013
Vell Paari

Sacked MIC central working committee member S Vell Paari says he will run for vice-president in upcoming party polls. More ››

and | July 17, 2013
S Vellpaari, G Palanivel, MIC

However, the son of former party supremo S Samy Vellu says he was not made aware of the decision... More ››

| July 12, 2013

Tamil and Chinese papers welcome the Young Journalists Club's proposal, but they call for government funding. More ››

| July 4, 2013
Najib cabinet May 2013

They must accept responsibility for the new conversion bill, says an Indian group. More ››

| June 26, 2013
Haze KL 2013

The haze situation in the country has improved with the highest API reading in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan at 158. More ››

| June 10, 2013
S Vellpaari, G Palanivel, MIC

Party uncertain about accepting other positions in the state government if it is not given the Speaker's chair More ››

| June 4, 2013

NGOs and other Indians leaders would postpone the proposed rally against deaths in custody pending response from the government. More ››

| June 3, 2013
Polis N Darmindran

WargaAman and S Vell Paari are considering holding a rally to drive home the point that custodial deaths cannot... More ››

| May 31, 2013
zahid polis

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says he wants those involved in the death of N Dhamendran to be suspended... More ››

| May 30, 2013
Polis N Darmindran

A MIC leader says while the police can act with speed against those who allegedly make seditious statements, it... More ››

| May 23, 2013
handcuff Polis

Why were the likes of Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Noordin and Ridhuan Tee Abdullah allowed to roam free despite making... More ››

| April 17, 2013
S Vell Paari

In a text message, S Vell Paari urges the MIC president to raise the matter with the BN... More ››

| March 5, 2013
c sivarraajh and p punithan

Party's youth wing wants police to investigate Ridhuan for plagiarism. More ››

| March 1, 2013
Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

An official at the Higher Education Ministry told FMT that investigations will be done once there is a... More ››

| February 27, 2013
Vell Paari dan Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali

Responding to Perkasa's stinging criticism, the MIC leader says that it is them and not him who is the... More ››

| February 27, 2013
ridhuan tee

Colleagues of the associate professor reveal how students have complained about the sensitive issues raised during his lectures. More ››

| February 25, 2013
S Vell Paari

WargaAMAN says he did right in calling for action against Ibrahim Ali and Ridhuan Tee. More ››

| February 25, 2013
g palanivel_mic

It is surely a sign of trouble when all the president's men fail to line up to show support... More ››

| February 23, 2013
KP Samy dan Vell Paari

MIC's strategy director comes under attack for issuing an ultimatum to party president through an open letter More ››

| February 22, 2013
BN mob at Malaysia Nanban

While the journalists' union refuses to speak out, Centre of Independent Journalism and MIC criticised PPP's move to ambush... More ››

| February 22, 2013
mic montage

In a scathing letter to G Palanivel, MIC leader S Vell Paari tells his president to push for action... More ››

| February 21, 2013
Bishop Paul Tan dan Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

Bishop Paul Tan criticises Ridhuan Tee Abdullah over his article which belittles Hindus and calls on the Muslim... More ››

| February 20, 2013
Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

The Muslim academic, who has drawn flak over his article, says that he is responsible for what he wrote. More ››

| February 19, 2013
tamil movie1

They appreciate his sensitivity to the feelings of those want to watch Vishwaroopam. More ››

| February 19, 2013
Hishammuddin vell paari ridhuan

MIC's S Vell Paari wants the home minister to act against the Muslim academic for hurting the feelings... More ››

| February 18, 2013
S Vell Paari

The NGO believes that Vell Paari is the right man for the job as opposed to S Murugesan or... More ››

February 18, 2013
ibrahim ali

By deporting Senator Nick Xenophon, the Malaysian authorities have given the impression that there is something to hide. More ››

February 10, 2013
Hishammuddin Hussein

So Dato Hisham, please stop beating around the bush and tell us frankly: is the movie Vishwaroopam going to... More ››

| February 8, 2013
sugumaran report

Contrary to PKR leader N Surendran's claim, MIC says the family of C Sugumaran had been given a letter... More ››

| February 8, 2013

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has brought level-headed Malaysians of all races closer together due to their disdain for him and... More ››

| February 6, 2013

The Perkasa patron says he would stop fuelling sentiments if others would. More ››

| February 3, 2013
mahathir mohamad

Seeing red over the former premier's call for Najib Tun Razak to quit if he does not secure a... More ››

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