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| March 7, 2017

Sabah party leader says Pakatan Harapan can't even agree on who will be prime minister, so how will they... More ››

| February 7, 2017

Yong Teck Lee dismisses existing Sabah Rights Review Committee as an 'afterthought' by the state government, handicapped by its... More ››

| October 13, 2016

Hoping for one-on-one fights against Sabah BN, state opposition coalition advises PKR, DAP to stay away. More ››

| March 18, 2016

Party's Deputy President Melanie Chia says federal government must also give Sabah more resources and powers to resolve various... More ››

| March 7, 2016

SAPP deputy chairman Melanie Chia says a better alternative is to recall and reissue MyKads. More ››

| January 15, 2015
Amde Sidik

“We find the most stupid authority and the most stupid people to run the school,” says its deputy president. More ››

| September 29, 2014

DAP Sabah juga perlu membuat pengumuman awam mengenai sumbangan sebanyak RM200,000 yang diterima daripada DAP Pulau Pinang. More ››

| September 18, 2014
PDRM logo

PIPPA plans to hold another forum soon and says the police’ questioning of them will not dampen their enthusiasm. More ››

June 18, 2014

It can't be implemented here because the multi-ethnic and multi-religious background of Sabah is different from those in the... More ››

| January 19, 2014
Melanie Chia

SAPP may have been washed-out in GE13 but its still retained its dignity unlike peninsular opposition Pakatan Rakyat which... More ››

| January 19, 2014
anwar yong teck lee

Former Sabah chief minister Yong Teck Lee also took Anwar Ibrahim to task for not heeding warnings about defections... More ››

| January 17, 2014
Jeffry Umno ROS

History and federal-run ROS’ recent decisions in regards to SUPP and LDP show that it is vital that Sarawak... More ››

| January 16, 2014
yong teck lee

SAPP leader is not convinced with the explanation given by the police on the recent shooting spree in... More ››

| January 3, 2014
yong teck lee

SAPP began championing the idea of state autonomy when the party left the Barisan Nasional coalition government in 2008. More ››

| October 27, 2013
yong teck lee

Former Sabah CM Yong Teck Lee said Budget2014 is the price "Sabahans and other Malaysians pay for voting this... More ››

| October 18, 2013
Joseph Lakai

Joseph Lakai, a senior member of SAPP, released after a grilling by authorities over his political comments on Facebook. More ››

and | August 21, 2013
Hospital Kerajaan

Sarawak and Sabah which gave Putrajaya to Najib Tun Razak deserves the federal government's absolute attention, claim the opposition. More ››

| May 19, 2013

SAPP president Yong Teck Lee said the authorities should clear his name over allegations linking him to the Lahad... More ››

| May 15, 2013

STAR and SAPP's failures in the May 5 general election had more to do with their own sense of... More ››

| May 15, 2013
Melanie Chia

SAPP women’s wing chief Melanie Chia claims that although the election is over, the rumours have not stopped and... More ››

| May 14, 2013
yong teck lee

Did SAPP leaders misread the general electorates’ mood for genral overhaul in state and national level politics? More ››

| May 4, 2013
yong teck lee

Last Wednesday's gate-crashing of a DAP ceramah in Luyang constituency by SAPP chief Yong Teck Lee is a sign... More ››

May 2, 2013
yong teck lee dan jeffrey kitingan

Sabah DAP's 'red army' flown in from Peninsular Malaysia are allegedly maligning SAPP and its president Yong Teck Lee... More ››

April 29, 2013
yong teck lee

We know of powerful vested interest groups which are desperate to ensure the opposition and SAPP’s defeat. More ››

| April 27, 2013
yong teck lee

As far as SAPP is concerned, neither Sabah PKR and its NGO allies - PPPS and APS –... More ››

| April 24, 2013

Sabah opposition SAPP is hoping that Tawau voters will not bow to pressure such as their license being revoked... More ››

| April 24, 2013
Election Sabah

A shift is taking place in Sabah which favours PKR for parliamentary seats and local parties for state constituencies. More ››

| April 23, 2013
Yong Teck Lee dan SAPP

Likas SAPP candidate Yong Teck Lee is expecting 'intimidation, bribery and lies' to surface in the coming days to... More ››

| April 18, 2013
Election Sabah

It will be an uphill task for Tawau incumbent Chua Soon Bui, from SAPP, who won the seat... More ››

| April 17, 2013
yong teck lee

Former Sabah chief minister Yong Teck Lee said the Sabah Constitution prevented Pakatan Rakyat from forming the state government,... More ››

| April 17, 2013
Silam Salleh Salbi

Will more Sabah incumbents who were dropped seek to contest? More ››

| April 16, 2013
pairin kitingan

The selection of PBS candidates for the 13th general election left observers surprised and supporters disappointed. More ››

| April 16, 2013
anwar sabah

Sabah Pakatan Rakyat is yet to consolidate its list of candidates as it toys with STAR and SAPP. More ››

| April 13, 2013
anwar yong teck lee

Hoping to capitalise on voter discontent in the state, the opposition leader now tells Sabah PR leaders to... More ››

| April 10, 2013
Election Sabah

STAR and SAPP have reminded Sabah DAP and Sabahans that voting for Pakatan would be a case of... More ››

| April 9, 2013

Sabah Barisan Nasional coalition leaders are lobbying hard to take Sepanggar parliamentary seat from Umno's grasp and be... More ››

April 9, 2013
Election Sabah

The multiple U-turns and what some would call deceptions, have only served to make Sabahans suspicious of the... More ››

| April 8, 2013
yong teck lee

According to a former Sabah CM, the federal government is on the wrong track in dealing with the Lahad... More ››

| April 5, 2013
Election Sabah

Having spread their wings to Sabah, it is now only a matter of time before Umno, MCA, Gerakan and... More ››

| April 4, 2013
Yong Teck Lee

Former Sabah chief minister Yong Teck Lee believes KL politicians are 'shrewd and manipulative' and have no qualms about... More ››

| April 3, 2013
Election Sabah

Sabah is seen as the 'real' battleground for BN in the 13th general election where Najib Tun Razak... More ››

| April 3, 2013
penduduk lahad datu

Army General Zulkefli Mohd Zin has declared that the Ops Daulat operations in Lahad Datu has entered its 'stablisation... More ››

| April 2, 2013
pakatan sabah barisan

Former Sabah chief minister Yong Teck Lee will reveal for the first time today the behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing... More ››

| March 29, 2013
Anwar Ibrahim

Why is Anwar Ibrahim insisting that Pakatan Rakyat contest in both state and parliament seats when the coalition had... More ››

| March 26, 2013
Sabah Election

Sabah Pakatan will not engage in any more talk with local parties and will focus instead on solidifying its... More ››

| March 22, 2013

Sabahans can no longer rely on Malaya for welfare and must stand up and be counted, says SAPP More ››

| March 20, 2013
musa aman1

The last five years have seen huge areas in Kota Belud that were traditionally planted with padi left... More ››

| March 11, 2013
Yong Teck Lee

The on-going security crisis is a "slap in the face of Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein" who had earlier... More ››

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