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| December 16, 2017

The royal decree stipulates that the law on driving will be "equal" for both men and women. More ››

| December 11, 2017

Public cinemas would be allowed in the conservative kingdom and the first cinemas were likely to open early next... More ››

| December 9, 2017

Umno youth chief says announcement to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital came from Donald Trump himself, so it was... More ››

| December 8, 2017

The five countries of the UN Security Council will attempt to persuade Saudi Arabia and Iran to remain out... More ››

| December 8, 2017

Hiba Tawaji was the headline act in Saudi Arabia's first women-only concert. More ››

| December 7, 2017

Gathering at the US embassy is like barking up the wrong tree, says IRF chief who questions Muslims' silence... More ››

| December 5, 2017

Saleh's death could mark a major turning point in a conflict that has left thousands dead, led to one... More ››

| December 4, 2017

For months, Saleh has hinted that he was unhappy with the growing power of the Huthi rebels -- "militias",... More ››

| December 2, 2017

Redzuan Kushairi says Malaysia should step back from setting up King Salman Centre for International Peace in Putrajaya. More ››

| December 1, 2017

But Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed stays tight-lipped on further details. More ››

| December 1, 2017

USM's Ahmad Fauzi says Saudi Arabia's Salafism may rub onto ordinary Malays. More ››

| November 30, 2017

Hezbollah's recent increase in strength has caused its foes, such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United States, to... More ››

| November 29, 2017

Prince Miteb, once seen as a contender to the throne, is the most high-profile royal to be released so... More ››

| November 29, 2017

The government describes him an asset in anti-terror programmes but rejects his stand on Saudi Arabia, says an Amanah... More ››

| November 29, 2017

Juan Antonio Pizzi has been hired as the head coach of the Saudi Arabia national football team. More ››

| November 29, 2017

Citing comments by Saudi crown prince in the New York Times on 'restoring Islam to its moderate origins', Art... More ››

| November 29, 2017

While the global fight against terrorism is often associated with drone strikes and torture, the philosophy that underpins the... More ››

| November 28, 2017

Questioning rationale of sending armed forces to join Saudi coalition in mid-east conflict, NPA chief questions under whose authority... More ››

| November 27, 2017

Dua nama sama, tetapi berbeza, kata penganjur. More ››

| November 27, 2017

Shaikh Rashid Al-Zahrani presented his paper praising Saudi ulama's role in promoting moderation, but organisers deny he is the... More ››

| November 27, 2017

Social activist Marina Mahathir makes light of criticism by Umno Youth leader over her remarks on 'spread of Arab... More ››

| November 26, 2017

Prince Mohammed said the 40 countries were sending a "clear signal" that they would "work together to support the... More ››

| November 26, 2017

Fathul Bari Mat Jahaya says the way Marina Mahathir presents herself to the public also does not reflect true... More ››

| November 25, 2017

Asia Times report also says Prime Minister Najib Razak is using his relationship with the Saudi Arabian royalty to... More ››

and | November 23, 2017

The accusation by Riyadh and its allies has to do with regional power play in the Middle East, says... More ››

| November 23, 2017

The United States has claimed that it had persuaded Saudi Arabia to ease its blockade of Yemen More ››

| November 23, 2017

IUMS is the latest to be added on the so-called 'terror list'. More ››

| November 21, 2017

The government's National Cyber Security Centre says that the attack sought to infiltrate computers using email phishing techniques. More ››

| November 17, 2017

One businessman had tens of millions of Saudi riyals withdrawn from his account after he signed, while a former... More ››

| November 16, 2017

Israel's army confirmed the contents of the interview, which was rare as Israel and Saudi Arabia have no official... More ››

| November 16, 2017

The deputy foreign minister denies there will be any fallout from having the King Salman Centre for International Peace... More ››

| November 15, 2017

Kuala Terengganu MP Raja Bahrin fears Malaysia’s involvement in the King Salman Centre for International Peace will make it... More ››

| November 12, 2017

Experts believe the risk of a direct military clash is low, but why have tensions escalated now and how... More ››

| November 10, 2017

Tabung Haji Properties says it obtained all required regulatory approvals in Malaysia and Australia for its projects in Sydney. More ››

| November 8, 2017

His comments came after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman accused Iran of delivering missiles to Yemeni rebels for... More ››

| November 7, 2017

The purge underscores an unprecedented restructuring of the kingdom as Prince Mohammed steps up a dramatic reform drive for... More ››

| November 6, 2017

Saudi forces on Saturday intercepted and destroyed the ballistic missile near Riyadh's international airport after it was reportedly fired... More ››

| November 6, 2017

A no-fly list has been drawn up and security forces in some Saudi airports were barring owners of private... More ››

| November 6, 2017

The missile was the first aimed by the Shiite rebels at the heart of the Saudi capital, underscoring the... More ››

| November 5, 2017

In tandem with reforms, Prince Mohammed has been shoring up power and over the summer carried out a wave... More ››

| November 5, 2017

Following the arrest of dozens of figures including princes, ministers and a top business tycoon, here is a look... More ››

| November 5, 2017

King Salman also appointed two new ministers on Saturday to key security and economic posts, removing one of the... More ››

| November 5, 2017

The missile was destroyed near Riyadh's King Khaled international airport, which was functioning normally. More ››

| November 5, 2017

The crackdown was reported immediately after a new anti-corruption commission, headed by powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was... More ››

| November 3, 2017

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan says there are certain terms that must be fulfilled by... More ››

| November 2, 2017

UN member-states were "highly alarmed" by the outbreak of violence and "further alarmed by the disproportionate use of force... More ››

| October 29, 2017

The projects, unprecedented in their scale and ambition, could create funding pressures at a time when the government faces... More ››

| October 25, 2017

Minister in PM's Dept Jamil Khir Baharom says government will notify next-of-kin of victims, only after receiving official statement... More ››

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