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| September 26, 2017

Anti-graft agency act following month-long probe and prior arrest of alleged middleman, by nabbing brothers and top officials in... More ››

| September 5, 2017
felda kelapa sawit

Hussin Jalani says as a settler, he now owns property as well as three cars, and enjoys an average... More ››

| August 28, 2017

This is pending the settlers' appeal over their lawsuit against the company next month. More ››

| August 27, 2017

The anti-graft commission's chief commissioner says the committee will study the documents enclosed in the report lodged by the... More ››

| August 25, 2017

With Felda mired in problems, an NGO says the request for documents to qualify the settlers for the RM5,000... More ››

| August 15, 2017

Anak says individuals implicated in issues that raise questions about their integrity should not serve in government. More ››

| August 8, 2017

The minister in the PM’s Department says they will also catalyse infrastructure development in remote areas. More ››

| August 6, 2017

The settlers from Kampung Sokor have staged a peaceful protest against gold mining activities carried out without their consent... More ››

| August 1, 2017

Thamarai Holdings says settlers damaged property and disrupted the company's activities in disputed land. More ››

| July 27, 2017

About 70 settlers, involved in a land dispute with a private firm, submit memorandum to the IGP complaining the... More ››

| July 25, 2017

The group, which had yesterday blocked five lorries from carrying away rubber logs from the Negri Sembilan village, were... More ››


More joining blockade despite earlier arrest of 28 settlers, in an effort to block Thamrai Holdings from entering land... More ››

| July 4, 2017
shahrir-fgv (1)

The settlers want FGV to have good governance and focus on efforts to generate profits, says Felda chairman. More ››

| June 10, 2017

Settlers, who are mostly elderly people, claim agents are going from house to house, pressurising house owners to sign... More ››

| March 31, 2017

The 372 settlers have to pay RM472,000 in costs, which their lawyer describes as punitive. More ››

| November 30, 2016

Plaintiffs ordered to pay RM200,000 after court finds no conspiracy to cheat them. More ››

| November 14, 2016

A total of 140 settlers are suing two liquidators and a company over 4,700 acres of land in Bahau. More ››

| September 27, 2016

Felda Chairman Isa Abdul Samad says London remains an attractive investment destination despite Brexit. More ››

July 25, 2014

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections is disappointed that no payments will be made to settlers for Hari... More ››

| September 10, 2013
kampung bunga raya

Selangor Menteri Besar reminds developer Sinar Fadzilat that it cannot develop the Kampung Bunga Raya land without the... More ››

| July 30, 2012

A Felda settler earned RM607 in profit at the close of trading on June 28 as opposed to the... More ››

| June 28, 2012
Najib Felda

With less money on its plate, Felda will be forced to cut back on its corporate social responsibility towards... More ››

| June 20, 2012
natives dams montage

Thirty years on, native victims of the Batang Ai and Bakun dams are still waiting for compensations and lands... More ››

| June 12, 2012

Sabahans were first shortchanged in 1990 when Felda decided to stop opening settlers schemes in the Sabah but... More ››

| May 8, 2012
125 settlers

Settlers from two more schemes in Negeri Sembilan and Pahang have made a U-turn on their decision to support... More ››

April 29, 2012

The prime minister touts the plan as a new era for palm oil industry, but farmers have cried foul... More ››

| April 12, 2012

The Felda saga is unending and the latest group to cry foul involves some 340 settlers from Felda... More ››

| March 5, 2012
Felda and Omar Mustapha Ong

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's enthusiastic support of Felda Global Ventures' listing is anchored in the 'believe' that the... More ››

February 24, 2012

The listing of FGVH, aimed at giving the palm oil sector financial firepower, is running into fierce opposition from... More ››

| January 11, 2012

If an injunction by four Felda settlers had proceeded, it could have revealed Felda's extensive deals. More ››

| January 3, 2012

If the groundswell of settler and public opinion runs in the other direction, there can and should be a... More ››

| December 30, 2011

There would be no Felda Holdings and Felda Global Ventures if it was not for the settlers who toil... More ››

| June 27, 2011

The police report by the National Felda Settler Children’s Association (Anak) is to find where and how the RM... More ››

March 11, 2011
isa samad felda

Felda chairman says Mohd Isa Abdul Samad says he will continue to rebut opposition propaganda. More ››

| February 21, 2011
Kerdau Election

PAS believes it can edge out its rival in the Kerdau by-election this time around. More ››

| January 22, 2011
baru bian 1

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud appear to be playing 'silap mata' with Sarawakians... More ››

January 21, 2011
felda N copy

Felda settlers today are the third generation who are reaping their forefather’s and their own fruits of labour. More ››

| January 12, 2011

They accuse the management of behaving as if it owns the rubber trees that they planted and nurtured. More ››