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August 13, 2017

Passing the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) (Amendment) Act 2017 without the crucial Section 88A(1) is a sad story... More ››

August 10, 2017

It is time minister Azalina Othman Said advise cabinet task force members to be 'jantan' enough to defend helpless... More ››

| August 10, 2017

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's proposal to enhance powers of Shariah courts has been moved to the next sitting... More ››

| January 20, 2017

Shariah law expert says federal constitution does not differentiate between civil, criminal or shariah courts, hence ruling on... More ››

| November 20, 2016

Presiden gerakan Melayu itu menentang sikap cuvanis DAP, bukan kerana ia dipimpin orang Cina More ››

| November 20, 2016

Malay rights group president says he opposes DAP because the party is chauvinistic, not because it is headed by... More ››

| October 16, 2016

Karpal Singh's son says leader should 'stop playing court jester' and stand up to Umno More ››

| September 26, 2016

Ahmad Azizuddin, who married Pamella Maree Regan in 2012, filed the divorce on Feb 3 this year, but has... More ››

June 5, 2016

Is it a Hudud Bill or not? Of course it is. Why are you afraid to call a spade... More ››

| June 4, 2016

Annuar Musa urges component parties to cool down and not threaten to leave the coalition. More ››

| June 4, 2016

Former minister says the alliance is dangerous for multiracial Malaysia and hopes it will not succeed. More ››

| June 4, 2016

DAP veteran asks if MCA ministers gave tacit consent for Azalina to fast-track bill. More ››

| May 30, 2016

Controversial preacher wonders if some Muslins are still blind to the plans devised by the enemies of Islam. More ››

May 29, 2016

No new laws will be introduced, says Selangor BN chief, dismissing claims that amendments will affect non-Muslims. More ››

| April 29, 2016

He says police can easily trace Ridhuan Abdullah using his mobile phone. More ››

| March 24, 2016

When Parliament's intention is clear, the court must enforce its meaning and not try to find another meaning to... More ››

| March 10, 2016
Shahnaz Majid34

Taib’s former daughter-in-law intends to use part of the money to help marginalised groups, like single mothers and victims... More ››

March 1, 2016

PAS is still waiting for consent from the Conference of Rulers before tabling private member’s bill to pave the... More ››

| February 25, 2016

Youth deputy chief Andy Yong wants inter-faith custody battles to be resolved permanently at the next Parliamentary session. More ››

| February 23, 2016
ti lian ker

MCA's Ti Lian Ker says it is good to see someone offering to see justice done, but stresses that... More ››

| January 17, 2016

This issue will not go away and we will not be appeased by political statements, says lawyer. More ››

| January 10, 2016

Subramaniam says 2009 plans hit roadblock, whole Cabinet now eager to move forward. More ››

| March 14, 2015
pas hudud2

State will press on with amendments, amidst uncertainty about changes to federal law. More ››

March 11, 2015

An analyst suggests deducting the salaries of ex-husbands who are either late with their alimony payments or fail to... More ››

| August 26, 2014

Her lawyer said the case had to be struck out as his client was a Christian and the Syariah... More ››

| July 9, 2014

AG files preliminary objection against Dr. Kassim Ahmad's application for a judicial review. More ››

| July 8, 2014

Indonesian Christian woman wants her khalwat conviction dropped before retrial at the lower syariah court. More ››

| June 26, 2014

Abdul Gani Patail seeks to intervene because the cases have become a 'constitutional' issue. More ››

| June 20, 2014
muslim conver300x200

The people who hold office have continually broken our trust in them. More ››

| June 17, 2014
M Manogaran

All non-Muslim marriages are registered under civil law and any divorce or custody of the children must be decided... More ››

| May 20, 2014
Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin

Charge of preaching without credentials against the ex-Perlis mufti thrown out and Judge Shaiful Azli reprimands the Islamic department... More ››

| April 18, 2014

Deepa's mother is disappointed with an ustaz, whom she knows well, for not seeking Deepa's consent in the conversion... More ››

| April 17, 2014
Mohd Sofi Yusof 2

Mohd Sofi Yusof says Pusat Dakwah Islamiah Negeri Sembilan is practically teaching people how to abuse Islam. More ››

| April 15, 2014
Mohd Sofi Yusof

Mohd Sofi also criticises the IGP as an irresponsible person for refusing to act against Izwan's abduction of his... More ››

| April 14, 2014

The law must be clear to ensure that the Syariah Court cannot have jurisdiction to convert minors without the... More ››

| April 14, 2014
Deputy Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar

Lawyers for Liberty calls for the IGP's resignation if he is unable to defend the rights of all Malaysians. More ››

| April 11, 2014
mahkamah syariah file pix

Ex-president of the Syariah Lawyers Association Mohamad Buruk says two parallel legal systems have put the police in a... More ››

| April 11, 2014
Izwan Viran Abdullah

Malacca PKR vice president G Rajendran says that the police must uphold the law on S Deepa's son... More ››

| November 15, 2013

Legal experts share their views on a divorce petition filed on grounds of adultery whereby the extramarital affair is... More ››

| October 19, 2013
hanif katri

Faith of a child, however, cannot be determined by the National Registration Department, says a lawyer. More ››

| October 7, 2013
Borders book store dan buku 'Allah, Liberty and Love'.

Borders regrets Jawi's insincerity in the withdrawal application as well as the Syariah Court’s decision in refusing to drop... More ››

October 6, 2013
Syariah Law

Tun Hamid Omar also suggested that hearing of civil cases be jointly presided by civil and syariah courts judges... More ››

| August 20, 2013

Borders bookstore wants Jawi to drop criminal charges against its staff in the Syariah court and respect the written... More ››

June 18, 2013
Mahkamah Putrajaya

The writer says that the husband who converted to Islam and the Syariah Court have no power to take... More ››

| November 18, 2012
mahkamah syariah file pix

Ahmad Farouk Musa says Syariah Courts can't even resolve simple matters within their jurisdiction. More ››

| October 17, 2012

The Malaysian AIDS Council supports the four transgenders who challenged a dress ban on Muslim men dressing as women. More ››

February 15, 2011

Religious enforcement officers raid budget hotels and public parks to curb 'vice activities. More ››