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| November 16, 2017

Mohan juga pernah pegang jawatan Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda MIC Kebangsaan bagi 2009 hingga 2013 manakala. More ››

February 1, 2015

Former Youth chief says party rivals not told of meetings with branch leaders. More ››

| December 25, 2014
MIC kecoh

Beliau menabur fitnah tidak berasas dengan menggelar kami berkelakuan seperti samseng pada hari mesyuarat tergempar itu. More ››

| May 2, 2014
t mohan

MIC party president comes under fire for delaying the naming of candidates for the vacant senate posts. More ››

| March 17, 2014
t mohan

Former MIC Youth chief says the MIC central working committee cannot decide not to hold a re-election. More ››

| January 25, 2014

Fed-up with the silence from party leadership, disgruntled leaders are making a beeline to the Registrar of Societies to... More ››

| January 24, 2014
g palanivel

As party men pressure for the MIC treasurer general's removal, Karpal Singh calls for his criminal prosecution. More ››

| December 26, 2013
perhimpunan agung MIC

While the former MIC sec-gen said complaints regarding party poll irregularities would be heard by party's election steering committee,... More ››

| December 23, 2013

Former MIC Youth chief wants a representative from the MACC and the Registrar of Societies in establishing an independent... More ››

| December 15, 2013

A disgruntled delegate lodges police report in regards to irregularities during party polls More ››

| December 13, 2013

A group of MIC leaders are planning a “huge” protest outside the party headquarters soon, as the MIC leadership... More ››

| December 4, 2013

MIC's former Youth chief questions irregularities in recounts during the MIC party polls and wants a re-election to save... More ››

| November 26, 2013
MIC election

The MIC leadership has suspended results of the MIC Youth polls held on Nov 16 pending investigations. More ››

| November 22, 2013

MIC leaders and Indian-based NGOs are peeved by Shahidan's reply in parliament that there is no necessity for a... More ››

| November 18, 2013

Management won't allow rites within condo compound, says ex-youth chief T Mohan. More ››

and | November 16, 2013
dr s subramaniam mic logo

The MIC vice presidency race will see eight people vying for the three spots available, while 88 members would... More ››

| November 11, 2013
t mohan

MIC Youth to stage protest at PM’s office if KL City Hall fails to rebuild the 100 year... More ››

| October 17, 2013
t mohan budget 2014

The PM must allocate sufficient funds in Budget 2014 to help wean Indian youths from crime and gangsterism, say... More ››

| October 12, 2013
Masyarakat India

Menjadi masyarakat minoriti, belia India kerap diasing atau dipinggir daripada pembangunan nasional oleh kerajaan menyebabkan mereka aktif dalam... More ››

| September 14, 2013
T Mohan

The contest for the post of Youth chief is expected to be a straight fight between the incumbent... More ››

| September 7, 2013
gobi t mohan

MIC youth chief T Mohan shot back at MyWatch adviser S Gobi Krishnan for accusing him of being... More ››

| September 2, 2013
t mohan

Federal Territory Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor should be blamed for the demolition of part of a temple in... More ››

and | July 25, 2013

Deputy Education Minister Kamalanathan should further investigate and punish those responsible for the SK Seri Pristana controversy, and not... More ››

| July 24, 2013
p kamalanathan

An attempt by parents and citizens to confront the principal of SK Seri Pristana in Sungai Buloh seeking an... More ››

| May 17, 2013
n ganesan

Hindraf advisor N Ganesan says that Waythamoorthy's cabinet appointment is the prerogative of the prime minister. More ››

and | May 16, 2013
p waythamoorthy 1

Brother Uthaya calls him the “latest Indian mandore” and the “new Samy Vellu”. More ››

| April 26, 2013
T Mohan

Four of five candidates in Seri Andalas are likely to draw opposition votes, making it easier for BN's T... More ››

and | April 20, 2013
g palanivel_mic

MIC president G Palanivel himself will be facing a five-way fight against DAP, Berjasa and two independent candidates for... More ››

| March 14, 2013
T Mohan Surendran

MIC Youth chief T Mohan was also lying when he said the party had paid for A Kugan's autopsy,... More ››

| March 13, 2013
n surendran fmt interview 02

MIC says the Form 61, which PKR claims is needed for a second post-mortem to be conducted on C... More ››

| February 27, 2013

The PPP chief, while telling MIC to stay out of their spat with Nanban, questions the party chief's credibility... More ››

| February 22, 2013
Ahmad Mydin Sikandar Batcha

If PPP was unhappy, it could have taken legal action instead of storming the premises, says Nanban director Ahmad... More ››

| February 8, 2013
sugumaran report

Contrary to PKR leader N Surendran's claim, MIC says the family of C Sugumaran had been given a letter... More ››

| February 6, 2013
T Mohan

MIC Youth chief T Mohan claims that the Selangor government is planning to build a fully residential Tamil school... More ››

| February 4, 2013
T Mohan

Ia sudah dua minggu, di mana mendiang sudah sepatutnya diberikan upacara terakhir tetapi pemimpin-pemimpin ... More ››

| January 22, 2013
t mohan and xavier

The MIC Youth also says that the Selangor exco member is trying to divert attention in order to avoid... More ››

| January 21, 2013
xavier jayakumar

A Selangor exco member claims that the Public Complaints Bureau instructed the municipal council to issue a summons to... More ››

| January 15, 2013
T Mohan

MIC Youth says the low Indian turnout for the opposition rally on Saturday was because Indians have lost confidence... More ››

January 11, 2013

Kerajaan negeri enggan mendengar pendapat pihak yang lebih arif mengenai industri perawatan dan pembekalan air. More ››

| December 18, 2012
S Padnmanagan

The RM100 million allocated to partially-aided Tamil schools is managed by the Education Ministry and not MIC. More ››

| December 17, 2012
MIC wants willing families to adopt abused boy

The police have wrapped up investigations on the matter and are awaiting reply from the Attorney-General's Chambers. More ››

| December 14, 2012
S Manikavasagam

The Kapar MP claims that MIC wants to create a rift between him and other PKR leaders over the... More ››

| December 13, 2012
S Manikavasagam

PKR MP S Manikavasagam is caught on video ranting about the Selangor MB and an exco over the demolition... More ››

| December 13, 2012
chua jui meng

According to MIC Youth chief T Mohan, it was the PKR vice-president who intimidated 'one of my boys'. More ››

| December 7, 2012
tample protest

MIC Youth marched to the Selangor state secretariat building over the demolition of a shrine, demanding that both the... More ››

November 25, 2012

The main body's annual general meeting however will proceed on Dec 9 at the Putra World Trade Centre. More ››

| October 8, 2012
T Mohan

MIC youth chief Mohan says offering higher positions would encourage more youths to join PDRM, and address the issue... More ››

| October 5, 2012
Politicians and gangsters

An anonymous letter implicates a minister, Umno and MIC Youth chiefs of having links with gangsters. More ››

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